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8 Alluring Ingredients For Love Spells To Help Seal The Deal

Hi, my loves and welcome to WiccaNow. Recently I’ve been posting a lot about common witch supplies, like this post on altar decorations, the one on witch wands, a guide to basic witch supplies, an explanation of mirror magick and most recently this post on how to make a protection jar. Today I want to cover something that lots of people have asked me about, namely, what the most common ingredients for love spells are.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but everything in witchcraft is very fluid in terms of what you absolutely need. You can cast a powerful spell with no ingredients or you can cast an equally powerful spell with a myriad of complicated steps and supplies. Personally, I always like to have a few ingredients and tools involved when I cast a spell. I’m a very hands-on person, and I find I can focus better and cast more powerful spells if I have something tangible to work with. 

ingredients for love spells #1 rose gif

As I said, you don’t NEED to have any ingredients at all for your love spells, but if you plan on casting a few, it might be a good idea to have a little love spell kit in your home so that you’re always ready to cast a spell if you want/need to. Most love spells will have relatively similar ingredients and trust me, they aren’t hard to find or expensive. 

Below is a guide to 8 common ingredients for love spells. Stock up on a few to make yourself a kick-ass love spell kit and you’ll always be ready to call love into your life. 

If you want to try out some love spells, check out this post on love spells that work, this easy love spell, our guide to the do’s and don’ts of casting a love spell, this moonlit love spell and this potent spell to attract new love.

My Top 8 Ingredients For Love Spells

Ingredients for Love Spells #1 Rose

illustrated rose against pink background for ingredients for love spells #1 rose

This has to be the most common and well know ingredient in love spells right? I think almost every love spell I’ve come across will have some form of rose in it. 

Roses have been used for centuries to symbolise love and affection. Did you know that hanging a rose from the ceiling is meant to create a “cone of secrecy”? This means that everything that occurs under the rose won’t be discovered by anyone else. Pretty handy when dealing with affairs of the heart right? 

A rose is associated with all the love deities, including Aphrodite, Eros and Adonis. Rose will enhance your intuition (it works particularly well with female intuition, sorry boys) and it attracts love, luck and health. 

While rose petals are probably the most common ingredient for love spells, you can actually use all parts of the rose. Rosehips are particularly good for luck in love while also welcoming positive energies into your life. Rose essential oil can be used in the same way that rose petals are used in a love spell and is a much more compact to store. I almost always have a small bottle of rose oil in my house, just in case I need to draw some love to me! Also it smells amazing in a diffuser and promotes self-love so it’s awesome if you need a relaxing bath. 

While I’ve listed rose because it’s the most common ingredient for love spells there are a lot of really great herbs and plants out there that you can also use. Check out these posts on herbs for love, herbs for love spells and herbs for self-love if you need some inspiration.

Ingredients for Love Spells #2 Rose Quartz

ingredients for love spells #2 rose quartz on pink background

I’m an absolute crystal lover and there is no crystal more commonly associated with love spells than rose quartz! Did you know that rose quartz is the crystal of unconditional love? 

Rose quartz stimulates the heart chakra, is closely associated with both the moon and the sun (you can read this to mean that it’s associated strongly with both the male and female energies) and helps to soothe the spirit which in turn allows love to flow. This beautiful crystal promotes compassion and peace. 

Fun Fact: Rose quartz beads have been found which date back to as early as 7000BC and the writings from early American cultures call rose quartz the “love stone”.

pink motion GIF by Not Flipper

Rose quartz is used to remove energetic blockages in the body, which is sometimes the biggest obstacle for finding love. There are a lot of people who subconsciously believe that they aren’t worthy of love, meaning that they aren’t open to the possibility of finding it. Working with rose quartz can help to remove those blockages and let you open your heart to love again. 

If you are looking to build a witchy love spell kit, definitely consider adding rose quartz or another love crystal like garnet, ruby or emerald. 

Ingredients for Love Spells #3 Pink or Red Candle

ingredients for love spells #3 pink and red candles against watercolour background

Candle magick is one of the oldest (and most often used) forms of magick out there. They help to cleanse the space where you are spell casting and they bring a powerful transformative energy with them. 

Candles harness the element of fire, which is the ultimate element of transformation. Think about how flames can transform matter from one state to another. Solid wax turns to liquid, wood turns to ash and oxygen turns to carbon dioxide. This same process can happen magickally when you use a candle in your spellwork. Burn a candle when you feel negative energy around you and you can turn that negativity into positive energy. Burn a candle in a love spell and you may just turn a lack of loving energy into loving energy. 

In love spells, it’s very common to use certain colours of candles in spells. Most commonly pink or red candles. Both these colours will help to transform your intention into reality when applied to a love spell. 

candles gif

A red candle is usually used if the love spell relates to a more passionate version of love. If you are looking for a new lover, for example, you would use a red candle in order to invoke a passionate and fiery love to appear. 

A pink candle is used more for romantic love. Burn a pink candle when you want to call soft, gentle love to you. This is a candle more often used for people looking for a long-term partner or for a lasting friendship. 

Adding a few pink and red candles to your love spell kit is always a great idea, however, if you want to keep it simple it’s always possible to substitute a coloured candle for a white candle. I always keep a small stash of white beeswax tapers at home so I’m ready to perform candle magick. 

Ingredients for Love Spells #4 Honey or Sugar

ingredients for love spell #4 honey or sugar

While this may seem like a strange choice, honey and sugar are both really common ingredients for love spells! Both are used as sweetening agents in the spells and work to draw sweetness and love to you. Sugar or honey in a love spell work by “sweetening” a persons feelings towards you. This doesn’t always have to be linked to romantic love and you can use a sweetener in order to improve your relationship with a boss, a sibling, a parent or a friend. 

You don’t actually have to use sugar or honey specifically. Any kind of sweetener works wonderfully here, although I would stay away from chemically produced sweeteners if you can. Coconut sugar, molasses, stevia (use actual plant leaves if you can find them!) and maple syrup are all good options to keep on hand as ingredients for love spells. If you want to try your hand at a love spell using a sweetness, check out this honey jar spell for love.

Ingredients for Love Spells #5 Red or Pink Silk

Ingredients for love spells #5 red or pink silk

Silk is a great magickal tool to keep around as it acts as a “magickal insulator” of sorts. It helps to contain the magickal energy of whatever is held inside it, and also prevents external energies entering. This means that if you cast a love spell and then wrap the ingredients in red or pink silk, you’ll be calling love energies to your ingredients with the colour, preventing anything getting in and interfering with the magical energies of your ingredients and also making sure that the energies don’t dissipate to nothingness.

If you can find it, wild silk is the most ethical (it’s sourced by collecting wild silk cocoons where the silkworm has already hatched) and as such brings an extra nice loving energy with it.

Ingredients for Love Spells #6 A Pin

ingredients for love spells #6 a pin on purple and pink background

Don’t worry, a pin isn’t for any kind of voodoo doll action! A pin is super useful to keep in your kit of love spell ingredients because love spells often call for a symbol, name or emotion to be carved into a candle. While you could use a knife for this, I’ve found that it’s much much easier to use a large pin. 

My spell kit includes a long hat pin which I found at a vintage market here in Berlin. It felt like it had really good energy so I’ve been using it in spell work ever since.  Maybe the pin was used when someone fell in love or had been having the best time in their lives and somehow the pin captured that and you could feel it as soon as you picked it up. It’s the perfect length and thickness to inscribe with and it’s a vital magickal tool for me.

While I was lucky and found a great pin, you could use any kind of pin that you wanted. If you have a soft candle even a bamboo skewer would work perfectly! Pick an object which feels good to you, and which has a fine enough point to easily write on a candle with for your love spell kit. 

Ingredients for Love Spells #7 Pen and Paper

ingredients for love spells #7 pen and paper on pink background

A special pen and some really high-quality paper are another great thing to keep in your supply kit! Many love spells call for a name or petition to be written on paper, and while it’s not strictly necessary to have a special pen and good paper for this, I think it adds power to the spell as you are intentionally setting aside something valuable to be used for only one purpose. 

Magick, like anything, can be easily confused or mislead when there are too many inputs. If you’ve been writing on a pad of paper all day and then you use that same pad to write your love spell petition on think about how much interference is already on that piece of paper. All of what you’ve written over the day is imprinted (both physically and energetically) onto the paper and those thoughts and feelings could impact the way your love spell works. It’s much better to use paper and a pen set aside just for spellwork rather than using your everyday implements. 

For spells, I often like to use a fountain pen when writing anything. This isn’t something I use in my day to day life (waaaay too messy!) but when writing a petition I always feel like a fountain pen brings much more strength to your intention. You have to be so careful with them to make sure you don’t smudge the ink or write illegibly, and this process makes you consider what you’re writing and how you’re writing it more than you would with an easy to use ballpoint pen.

fountain pen gif
Writing with a fountain pen feel really magickal.

Ingredients for Love Spells #8 Your Favourite Perfume

ingredients for love spells #8 favourite perfume on pink background

This is the last common ingredient for love spells on the list! Your favourite perfume is something that could be taken as a metaphorical version of you. If you love the scent and wear it often then if you add it to your love spells it’s like adding the essence of yourself and your energy to the spell. 

I don’t think a lot of people realise how much impact scent has on us. Did you know that a certain scent can bring back a memory of something much more vividly than a photo can? Did you know that you’ll be attracted to certain people because of their smell, and that the person who smells so amazing to you might smell terrible to someone else?

Scent is an extremely personal thing, much like love. By adding a scent that you love to your love spell, you are adding an intimate part of yourself to your spell and as such increasing it’s power. 

valentines day perfume GIF by MSLK Design

So my loves, I hope this gives you some inspiration for a basic kit of ingredients for love spells! As always, do everything with the clearest and strongest of intentions and things will manifest in your life whether you have the right ingredients or not. 

Until next time, 

Blessed Be,

Amaria xx