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Mirror Magick – The Top 5 Key Facts You Should Know

Hi, my loves and welcome to WiccaNow. Recently I’ve been sharing a few of my favourite spells and recipes with you, like this healing spell, this easy love spell, my favourite Ostara recipes, this recipe for banishing salt and this full moon money spell. While writing up the last post, I realised that there is a vital ingredient of the spell which could probably be explained more, namely mirrors and mirror magick. 

There is a lot of superstition around mirrors, right? We’ve all heard the old wives tale that if you break a mirror you’ll get seven years bad luck. What about saying the word “Candyman” 5x into a mirror and a malevolent spirit appears to murder you? There are also superstitions that if a mirror is broken it means that someone in the household is going to die. Are any of these example true? No, absolutely not!

breaking mirror not bad luck in mirror magick
Breaking a mirror is annoying (glass everywhere grrrr) but other then that, nothing bad is going to happen!

There may be the odd case where a mirror has broken and not too long after someone has passed away. Are those two connected? I highly doubt it. Mirrors are broken every day and people die every day, it’s only natural that at some point those two will coincide.

The same goes for luck, if you believe you’re unlucky, you’ll be unlucky. If you believe you’re always unlucky then you end up manifesting that in your life. Or at least, you’ll notice the situations where you’re luck hasn’t been amazing more so than the situations where you’ve had good luck. It’s often a matter of perspective.

Anyway, back to topic! Mirror magick is something that many witches use on a regular basis. Mirrors are useful as energy amplifiers, they can be used for protection, they can be charged with a particular energy, they can be used for scrying and they are wonderful when used for banishing magick. On top of this, they are also great if you are trying to do any magick to do with self-improvement or moving past obstacles in your life. 

My Top 5 Uses For Mirrors In Magickal Practice

mirror magick uses
This is a great way to use your mirror for magick! Look at your reflection, love yourself and tell yourself how awesome you are. You’ll slowly notice how your feeling towards your own reflection changes with praise rather than criticism.

Mirror Magick Use #1 Trapping Energy by Charging Mirrors

Using mirrors as a tool in your magickal practise is wonderful. They can be used to “trap” the energy of any situation that you find particularly powerful. If you love the sound of the waves and the ocean, you can take a mirror with you next time you go to the beach and leave it close to the waves. It’ll absorb that powerful natural energy and then you can use the mirror in spell work at a later date. Awesome right?

the beach summer GIF
Does the sea give you strength? Take a couple of mirrors with you next time you go and capture some of that powerful energy to use in your spell work later

Mirrors are often used in moon magick too. It’s not really surprising that the two are so closely tied to each other given that mirrors are often round and look a little like the moon in the right light. Place a few mirrors out next time there is a full moon to charge them. If you want to use them for a particular purpose, consider using a symbol in order to charge them for that purpose. 

For example, you might want to charge a mirror with the power of the moon in order to provide you with protection. Simply draw a protection symbol onto the mirror before the full moon, then place it in the moonlight to charge overnight. When you want to use the protection of the charged mirror, simply place it in the spot you want to be protected, or place the object you want protected onto it, and away you go!

If you’re in a pinch and really need to perform a spell, but need the moon to be in a specific phase for this spell to be effective, you can use mirror magick to help you out. Draw a representation of the moon phase you need to use on a mirror which you’ve already charged in the moonlight and it’ll work as a replacement for the moon phase you needed to use. Handy right?

mirror magick let the moon charge your mirrors

Mirror Magick Use #2 Amplifying

Mirrors, like crystals, can help to amplify the power of your spell. Next time you’re casting a spell, add a small mirror on your altar (or wherever you’re casting your spell from) and see if it increases the success of your spell. You know how, if kept in a certain position in a room where the sun hits it, a mirror can focus the sunlight so strongly that it can burn the house down? This is also how a mirror works in magick. 

Just like a mirror can amplify light, it can increase the strength and potential of any energy that’s directed at it. Set up a mirror (even better, a charged mirror) so it reflects the ingredients of your spell or ritual and complete the spell as normal. For an extra-strong spell, why not also add a crystal which corresponds to the kind of spell your casting? This is the ultimate way to increase the success rate of your spellwork. 

mirror magick amplification with mirrors and crystals

Mirror Magick Use #3 Scrying and Accessing Other Realms

A mirror normally shows us our reflection but when used in the right way it can also be a way of accessing messages or visions of the future that we wouldn’t normally be able to connect with. Scrying is an ancient form of divinatory magick which is often used as a form of fortune-telling. Many people who are looking for personal guidance or inspiration will turn to some form of divination (whether this be tarot readings, rune stones or scrying with a mirror) when they are wondering what the next step in their lives might be. 

Fortune Teller Tarot GIF by Amenti Oracle: Feather Heart Deck and Guidebook

Traditionally, a lot of scrying was done with water, the Ancient Celts even practised this form of divination. Mirror scrying is an evolution of water scrying, with historical practitioners like the famous John Dee, using highly polished silver, brass, mercury or obsidian.

Scrying with mirrors can be particularly powerful due to the idea that your reflection is the manifestation of your soul (also why Dracula can’t see himself, since he doesn’t have one). When seeing your reflection, if you are in tune enough with your own self, you can ask your soul questions regarding your inner development or you could ask your soul to open a window to another realm or dimension. 

Many scrying mirrors are actually black because looking at yourself intently can be very distracting. I mean, hello pimple on my chin, when did you get there? And what’s up stray eyebrow hair that I really need to pluck RIGHT NOW  (maybe this is just me haha). To avoid unnecessary distractions, a black painted mirror can be used in place of a normal mirror. Some people even go so far as using special obsidian mirrors for scrying, combining both crystal and mirror magick. 

use a black mirror for scrying during mirror magick
A black mirror is the best option for scrying as you won’t be distracted by your own features, leaving you open to interpret the things that appear in the mirror.

In order to scry, set up your mirror on a table facing you at a slight angle so that you can’t see your direct reflection (distracting!). You can buy great mirror stands for this. Focus super strongly on a middle point in the mirror and let all other feelings slide away until you have a completely clear and distraction-free mind. Your goal is to enter a trance-like state. This takes a lot of practice, scrying could almost be seen as a form of meditation.

While holding your focus, take note of what kind of things are entering the peripheries of your thinking. While you may not see anything in the mirror directly, allowing the mirror to open a channel for you means that whatever swims around the edges of your consciousness at this point is open to interpretation as the answer to whatever you were looking to find. 

Did you know the famous prophesier Nostradamus used to scry as one of his main forms of divination? He used the precursor of the mirror and did most of his prophesying using a bowl of water filled with particular herbs (and I suspect potentially some psychedelics). 

psychedelic animation GIF by Phazed
Entering a natural trance-like state has been likened to taking psychedelics. Isn’t it amazing what you can train your brain to do if you train it enough?

Mirror Magick Use #4 Banishing 

Mirrors, as reflective surfaces and magickal conductors, are often used in banishing spells. 

Too often, banishing magick is used if you feel like you’re being hounded by a certain person or feel like someone is directing negative energy at you. In this case, many people will choose to use a mirror to reflect these bad vibes back at the person who sent them. I don’t believe in the old “an eye for an eye” mantra, so I would always prefer to deflect magick away from myself and NOT return it to the original sender but it’s each to their own in terms of magickal ethics. 

While saying this, banishing magick can be a wonderful tool when applied to bad habits, negative thoughts about yourself or about others. I suffer from anxiety and one way of using mirror magick is to use this simple ritual to banish the anxiety from my life. I find it really helpful. You can use this ritual for anything you want to get rid of, be it anxiety, a habit or negativity you feel has entered into your life.

A Simple Banishing Ritual Using Mirror Magick

Take a small mirror and write what you want to banish on the back of it, for me, this would be “anxiety”. Now say

“Anxiety (insert what you want to banish here instead of anxiety) you’ve caused me pain, I banish you, now stay away. Mirror help to reflect my plight, and keep anxiety (swap out anxiety again) out of sight”.

Keep the mirror close to your person in order to protect yourself from whatever it is that you’re banishing. 

holding anxiety at bay using mirror magick
Use mirror magick to help keep that dark cloud of anxiety (and other things) at bay in order to free your mind.

Mirror Magick Use #5 Defence

Mirrors are an absolutely wonderful defensive tool which can help keep you and all your loved ones safe. They deflect any negative or malevolent spirits and intentions what have been sent your way. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that most old mirrors were made from silver and that this is where the myth that Dracula doesn’t have a reflection comes from? Vampires are allegedly allergic to silver, and as most mirrors were made from silver, a vampire wouldn’t have been able to go near it, let alone see it’s reflection in it. Apparently there are multiple reasons speaking to the no reflection thing, the lack of soul being the other main reason. 

By placing mirrors in areas where you feel you need the most protection, you’ll be repelling any negative energy trying to infiltrate your home. For added strength to your protection charm, draw a protection symbol with permanent marker onto your mirrors before you place them and add a protective crystal in front of your mirror.

mirror GIF
This will be the bad vibes trying to get in and failing (except the bad vibes won’t be nearly this cute).

So my loves, I hope this helps you start your own journey of mirror magick, it can truly be a wonderful tool in your magickal practice. If you’ve got any questions feel free to connect with us on Instagram!

Until next time,

Blessed Be,