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My Protection Jar Spell for the Ultimate Feeling of Safety

Hi, my loves and welcome to WiccaNow. Recently I’ve been covering some topics around Wiccan and Witchy altars, like these posts on common altar decorations, how to set up your own altar, a post on witch wands, this one on basic witch supplies and most recently an in-depth post of mirror magick. Continuing on from mirror magick, I want to share something that I find really useful to have around the house, namely a protection jar. 

Jar spells are a long-lasting and pretty way to continuously have magick around you. I’ve already shared one post on how to make a honey jar spell for love, so if you’re in the mood, check it out! 

protection jar spell spinning bottle
Charge a jar with magickal energy in order to keep a protective blanket around you and your home.

How Jar Spells Work

Jar spells work by combining a set of ingredients, infusing those ingredients with your intention and then sealing the magick into the jar. Jar spells can be constantly re-charged and re-activated, which is one of the reasons they are extremely popular amongst witches. For example, if you follow this protection jar spell then all you need to do to re-activate it is to take the jar, think about what protection you need, infuse the jar with this intention and away you go, jar spell activated!

Another reason that jar spells are so popular is because they are really pretty to look at. I love seeing mine when I come in the door, filled with my favourite protection herbs and crystals. I feel safe knowing that my front door is magickally protected and that nothing malevolent is able to come through it. Having this tangible magick right in front of me when I enter my home makes me feel extremely secure and protected. 

Most jar spells also work really well when combined with mirror magick and also with candle magick. Using candle magick to seal your jar is a great way of solidifying your intent for your protection jar and using mirror magick is an excellent way of amplifying the power of the spell.

If you really want to make this a super-strong protection jar spell, consider making it on the full moon and charging a mirror while you work so that you’re really taking advantage of all the extra power around you at this point in the moon cycle. When you’ve finished making your protection jar, you can either place the mirror on the lid in order to reflect away bad vibes, or you can place the mirror in the jar to amplify the power of the ingredients you’ve added to your jar (or you can do both for an extra boost). So, lets get into it!

Protection Jar Spell

A few notes for this Protection Jar Spell

  • If you haven’t cast a spell before, consider checking out our spell casting 101 before you start so you’re familiar with the basics. 
  • This is a fun spell that could be completed in a group setting. It’s a relatively easy jar spell and might be a great way to introduce some of your curious friends to your witchy ways. Spells like this don’t require you to focus TOO intently so are ok for groups. I wouldn’t suggest introducing your friends to witchcraft with a spell that requires them to focus super intently on something in order for it to manifest because you might intimidate them. A tangible spell like this would be a much more gentle and fun place to start! If they are a bit sceptical and think that chanting during a spell is weird, you can also choose to leave out the chant at the end, or you can say it in your head instead.
  • Make sure that you have all the ingredients you need before you start your spell. It’s really frustrating to be ½ through a spell and then have to stop everything to search through your cupboards for an ingredient you are missing. Double-check what you have and what you need before you start to avoid this.
annoyed gif
This is how you feel when you realise you’ve forgotten to get some ingredients halfway through this protection jar spell.
  • While it may seem like there are a lot of ingredients for this spell, a lot of them are common kitchen ingredients so should be easy to find. As with most spells, these recipes are extremely customizable;e and if you don’t like the idea of an ingredient, feel free to swap it out! This is something that you should enjoy making and looking at so definitely don’t add things just because the recipe says so if you don’t like them.
  • I like to use candles to finish my jar spells, but you really don’t have to. It can be a little annoying if you want to open them to add something else because if the candle has dripped wax on the lid (not all of them drip, in which case it’s easy) then you don’t want to disturb that wax.. Having said that though, it’s totally ok to gently remove the wax from a previous candle if you want to add something. Just light another candle on the lid when you’ve added your extra ingredient and let it burn down completely while making sure not to disturb any wax drippings when it’s burned down completely.
  • All the herbs in this protection jar spell can be customised to suit you. While I’ll almost always add rosemary and sage as a base ingredient this isn’t strictly necessary and everything in the ingredient list below can be swapped or added to if you like. 
  • If you don’t have access to dried herbs right now, you can also use essential oils. Simply add more salt to the jar or more crystals and add drops of each oil to the contents of the jar. I like to use multiples of 3 drips of each oil. 
  • I like to use enough ingredients to fill my jar completely. You don’t have to at all, but I think layering everything is super pretty and having a full jar seems so generous which to me increases its protective power.
protection love GIF by Chippy the Dog
If anyone tries to send you negative energy, you’re protection jar will whoop their asses out the door.

Ingredients for my Protection Jar Spell

  • 1 clear glass jar with a lid, I like to use a relatively small one of 100-200mL
  • Dried sage
  • Dried rosemary
  • 6 dried star anise (multiples of 3 are good, so use 6,9,12 etc if you want to fill the jar more). 
  • 9 dried juniper berries – see above for amounts
  • 3 acorns
  • Sea salt
  • A small piece of tourmaline or another protection crystal. You can also use crystal chips here if you prefer a completely layered look. 
  • A piece of silver wire, chain or a silver necklace. 
  • Choose some other protective herbs if you want. If you need protection from bad luck in finance add basil. If you need protection and healing add aloe vera. If you need home protection add some cacti spine. If you want protection in love use cardamom. There are endless possibilities so I strongly suggest finding herbs that speak to you to add to your protection jar! Check out my botanical witchipedia or herbs for protection in order to customise the herbs you add to your protection jar spell. 
  • A small mirror
  • A white beeswax candle
  • A lighter or matches
  • A permanent marker (if you want to add a protection symbol, which I do). 
protection jar spell ingredients

Protection Jar Spell Method

  1. Gather all your ingredients together and find a space where you can have a few minutes of quiet. 
  2. If you have a smudge stick on hand, now is a great time to cleanse your space and your ingredients of any lingering negativity. If you don’t have one, also totally fine! I add sage to the jar for this very reason. 
  3. Take your jar and use the marker to add 1 or more protection symbols onto the glass. If you have a square jar you can add a symbol to each side or just stick to the one, up to you! 
  4. Add a layer of salt to the bottom of your jar. 
  5. Add your tourmaline or crystal (if you’re using one).
  6. If your mirror is small enough to fit into your jar add it now.
  7. Add a layer of dried rosemary.
  8. Add your acorns.
  9. Add a layer of dried sage.
  10. Add your juniper berries.
  11. Here I’ll often add another layer of dried herbs. The last jar I made I added lavender, but you could add whatever you want here to fit to the protection you’re looking for.
  12. Add your star anise.
  13. Add another layer of salt to finish. 
  14. Close the lid of your jar tightly. 
  15. Wrap your silver wire around your jar. You can do this in any way that feels right for you. Sometimes I’ll wrap it directly under the lid of the jar, and sometimes I’ll wrap it all around the jar in a criss-cross pattern or in a spiral towards the base. It depends on how much wire I have on hand and how decorative I’m feeling. 
  16. Light your candle.
  17. If your mirror is a little too large to fit into your jar, attach it to the top of your lid with a drop of candle wax.
  18. Put a drop of wax onto the mirror and attach your candle. 
protection jar spell set up
  1. Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths. 
  2. Open your eyes and focus on the candle flame.
  3. Focus as strongly as you can on a feeling of protection. Think back to a point when you felt absolutely safe and calm. Try to sink into this feeling completely. Let this feeling of protection wrap around you like the snuggliest, warmest softest blanket you’ve ever had on.
  4. Once you’ve entered this feeling of total protection, beam that feeling toward your jar. Fill that jar to the brim with this feeling. Imagine the feelings of protection as a bright light which you’re directing into the jar. Once you’ve completely stuffed the jar with this protective light say: 

“Herbs and crystals, imbue this jar with your protective magick. Salt shield me and my home from unwelcome energies. Mirror aid me with my protective spell, defend me and amplify my magickal protective powers. Candle wield your transformative power, and turn all negativity around me into protective energy. So Mote it Be.”

  1. Allow your candle to burn down to nothing and try not to distrub any wax drops on the jar. Always make sure you supervise the candle and keep any pets, children and loose clothing away fro the flames. FIRE SAFETY ALWAYS.
  2. Place your jar near your entrance door, or wherever you feel like you need protection. You can make more than one jar simultaneously if you want one in multiple rooms. 
  3. To re-charge your jar, simply hold it in your cupped hands and try to enter this feeling of protectiveness you conjured when you made it. Do this as often as you like or when you feel the need for extra protection.  
  4. Place your jar out into the light of the full moon to give it an extra boost, or else light another candle over it and repeat steps 19-23 in order to powerfully boost this protective jars magick. 
banish negative energy gif
Once this jar is in your home, say goodbye to bad vibes and negativity.

Watch Us Make A Simplified Version of this Protection Jar Spell

This simple protection jar spell is a wonderful charm to keep in your bag or on your person for strong personal protection.

I hope this helps you feel a warm cocoon of safety around you my loves!

Until next time,

Blessed Be,

Amaria xx

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