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Our 9 Favourite Magickal Herbs for Love

Hello, my magical explorers and welcome to WiccaNow. I’ve been reading a lot about magical herbs and healing herbs recently and today I wanted to continue down that path and talk about herbs for love. Because who doesn’t want to know more about increasing the love in your life? Below is an easy guide to common love herbs, along with some medicinal benefits for each.

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Your Guide to Magical Herbs for Love

A word of warning: Please remember to always be careful when using herbs and plant. Never consume something you aren’t 100% sure about.

Herbs for Love #1 Acorn

herbs for love #1 acorn botanical drawing
I’ve always loved the potential that acorns hold. You leave them on the ground for what seems like 5 minutes and all of a sudden they have sprouted a root and a leaf

Acorns can be used in all sorts of different ways. While technically they would fall under nuts for love not herbs for love, they are wonderful and so deserve a spot here. They are a symbol of fertility, security, abundance and growth. As oak trees are fast-growing, acorns will grow quickly and turn into a huge tree before you know it. It’s roots extend into the earth in a mirror to its branches over the earth. It represents strength, stability and the amazing ability of humans to take a tiny seed of an idea and to turn it into a strong and deep concept. 

If you want to know if someone is your true love, take two acorn caps and name them after yourself and your lover. Float the caps in a bowl of water. If the two caps are drawn to each other and connect, then you are with your true love. If the acorn caps float apart than the relationship is not true love. Remember that this is not definitive, relationships are by nature constantly changing so don’t be disheartened if the result is not what you were expecting. 

Soaking acorns in water removes the tannins in them. The resulting water is good against minor burns and rashes as it has antiseptic and anti-viral properties. 

Other Magical Uses: Carry an acorn in your pocket to prevent loneliness and pain and to bring luck and youthfulness. Protects against lightning strikes if kept on your windowsill. Attracts faeries. When planted during a waxing moon, wealth will be drawn to you.

squirrel eating an acorn
Bonus fun fact: Squirrels are really helpful for regenerating oak forests. They love to eat acorns but will forget to recover up to 74% of their stored nuts, resulting in many oak trees growing.

Herbs for Love #2 Caraway

botanical drawing of herb for love #2 caraway
Caraway is a pretty plant, isn’t it? Also delicious for cooking with.

This lovely tasting herb is often used in love spells and charms. It incites passion while providing protection. If you chew the seeds before a date it should help to ensure the creation of a loving relationship (plus your breath will smell nice). Bake a cake with caraway and it is meant to inspire lust. It also helps to mildly stimulate digestion. 

Other Magical Uses: Wards off the Evil Eye, brings good health, ensures fidelity and improves memory.

Herbs for Love #3 Catnip

botanical drawing of herbs for love #3 catnip
Catnip is part of the mint family and is actually quite delicious

I’m putting this one under herbs for love because, if you have an animal, you have to love it. And cats LOVE catnip. Sew some catnip into a pouch and attach it to a string to play with your feline familiar, they’ll go crazy for it! 

Catnip is great to treat colds, as it can relieve aching bones and lower fevers. It can also get rid of headaches and can also relieve anxiety. The best way to use it is to drink it in tea form, which some people prefer when it’s cool as the flavour seems to develop more when cooled. Dry the leaves and add 2tsp of dried catnip (leaves and flowers both work) to 1 cup boiling water. Lemon can be nice if you feel like a bit more of a kick.

Catnip is a relaxant, so maybe best not to drink this in the morning unless you want to go back to sleep! Catnip is a diuretic, which is great if you have a problem with water retention but drinking it right before bed might make you have to get up a lot to pee. 

Don’t drink this if you are pregnant, however, as it can cause uterine contractions which you don’t want as this can lead to early labour. 

Other Magical Uses: Beauty, Love, Happiness, attracts good spirits, luck

Cat saying I love you after getting herbs for love catnip
This is how your cat will feel about you when you give it some catnip…

Herbs for Love #4 Coriander

herbs for love #4 coriander botanical illustration
Coriander may seem like an odd choice for a love herb, but give it a try and you’ll see why we’ve added it!

Coriander is a very dividing herb in terms of flavour, some people love it, and some people think it tastes like stink bugs and hate it. 

Coriander is used for protection and also as a potent love spell. If your partner is willing and consenting, mix some ground coriander seeds into some slightly warmed wine and drink it together to attune your souls. You can also use coriander in love charms and sachets

This herb is known for having antiseptic and antifungal properties. It can help with skin complaints such as eczema. Coriander also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Something I just learned, which I’m excited about, is that coriander has anti-histamine properties. I get strong allergies in spring which I have been trying to fix without pharmaceuticals. Next spring I’m going to try eating a lot of coriander, hopefully, it helps!

Other Magical Uses: Peace, Protection of the home, longevity

bunches of coriander
I’m a huge coriander fan. It’s so delicious and fresh plus it has great health benefits. As a bonus, it can bring you great love. What’s not to love?

Herbs for Love #5 Hibiscus

Herbs for love #5 hibiscus botanical drawing
Such a pretty flower if you ask me. I always connect them with warmth and sun, which is definitely a good connotation for a love herb

Hibiscus us a wonderful healing herb. It is great for the heart and can reduce high blood pressure by up to 15 points. It helps with high cholesterol and fights infections. This beautiful flower will also help with milk production for breastfeeding mothers. Along with the aforementioned medicinal properties, hibiscus can reduce fever and help with kidney problems. All around a great medicinal herb.

The magical properties of Hibiscus are also varied but mostly the flowers are used for love potions. Always use the reddest flowers you can find in your spell work as these will be the most effective. Hibiscus is considered as an aphrodisiac, so if you feel like having an amorous evening with your consenting partner, you can burn some flowers as incense. In order to attract love to your being, make a small pouch and fill it with dried hibiscus. Carry this pouch on your person as a love charm. 

Other Magical Uses: Freedom, Harmony and  Independence. Enhance your powers of divination with the use of Hibiscus. You could have a bath with hibiscus oil or flowers in it to harness its psychic powers. Sleeping with a hibiscus under your pillow will increase the likelihood of vivid and prophetic dreams.

sloths eating hibiscus flowers
These sloths are getting ready for an amorous evening

Herbs for Love #6 Jasmine

botanical drawing of magical herbs for love #6 jasmine
Delicate and beautiful, just like the beginning s of love

The joy Jasmine brings is plentiful. Just the smell calms me and makes me happy. Jasmin is used to attract emotional love, whether this is from a friend or a lover. You can use Jasmin to heighten your spiritual side and to increase your sensuality.  Combine Holly and Jasmine together to make a potent love charm which will attract a passionate affair. In order to make this love charm, put pink quartz, jasmine, bay leaf and a red thread into a pouch and carry it on you at all times. 

If you want to make a delicious spread that will also increase the love people feel for you, add a few jasmine blossoms to a jar of honey. This fragrant flower is often used to help heal a broken heart. To relieve heartache, have a warm shower (or bath) and hold jasmine blossoms in your hand. Let the water run through them and over your body. Focus on your loss and let the energies of the jasmine soothe you while allowing the water to wash away the feeling of loss you are experiencing. 

Other Magical Uses: Prophetic dreams are encouraged to flow if you sleep with Jasmine under your pillow. Cleanse any magical crystals by passing them through jasmine incense or letting them sit overnight in a bowl of jasmine flowers. Inspires feelings of inner beauty and confidence. Helps to open your third eye. Call faeries into your home by making an offering of Jasmine to them. Jasmin flowers will bring prosperity if you burn them (dried obviously).

ingredients for a love charm including with rose quartz lavender and bay leaf
Combine all these ingredients to make a powerful (and sweet-smelling) love charm

Herbs for Love #7 Lavender

magical herbs for love #7  lavender botanical drawing
Isn’t lavender just one of the best herbs for love? The scent rocks, it’s super pretty, it dries well and is just a good all-rounder

Another great smelling herb, Lavender (follow the link for a post dedicated to lavender) attracts love and sex and will provide you with feelings of happiness. I find it extremely calming and love to add lavender oil to my diffuser in the evenings to promote a restful nights sleep. Burning lavender stems will strengthen pure love between two people. As well as this, it will also sharpen the mind and encourage fertility. 

I’m a huge lavender fan. You can make small pouches stuffed with dried lavender to keep with your folded clothes. Not only does it stop them from smelling musty, but it will also help deter any moths and other bugs. The calming effect means it’s great as a tool to destress yourself if you are feeling anxiety. The sweet-smelling flowers can also relieve muscle tension and ease headaches and is also quite antiseptic. I’ve often used lavender oil to soothe burns. 

Other Magical Uses: Lavender is used to ward off malevolent spirits and will protect you from the evil eye. Purification. Longevity. Helps to clear your mind. Can stimulate your immune system

lavender field in France at twilight
Aren’t Lavender fields just magical? Another of my favourite herbs for love

Herbs for Love #8 Patchouli

Herbs for love #8 patchouli botanical drawing
What a pretty plant Patchouli is!

Another dividing herb for many people due to its strong scent. Patchouli is wonderful at attracting love and sensuality. It increases feelings of desire and lust and wearing it on your body will attract earthly pleasures.

If you are trying to increase your chances of conception, patchouli could aid you in this desire. Take a bath and add some patchouli oil. When you feel relaxed and calm, gently sit up and pour some patchouli water over your head. Cleanly envision what you want, in this case, a child. Imagine your arms filled with a little one and sink back into the bath while holding onto this vision of a newborn. Try and enter a very calm state, thinking only about the child you wish to conceive. When the water has cooled, allow yourself to air dry and then massage yourself with patchouli oil or lotion. 

Other Magical Uses: Attracts money and prosperity. Aids spiritual growth. Evokes feelings of nostalgia and relaxation.

pregnant woman in herbs of love bath
This could be you (if you want it to be), with the help of some magical patchouli

Herbs for Love #9 Rose

herbs for love #9 wild rose botanical drawing
These wonderful wild roses are my absolute favourite. They have thorns for days so if you see them, be aware they will try their hardest to protect themselves and you’ll probably come away with a scratch or two if you try to harvest them!

Roses have become the ultimate flower of love. They have been used for centuries to symbolise romantic love and affection. Hanging a rose from the ceiling means that everything which occurs beneath it should be kept absolutely secret. This is a good thing to do if you would like to keep a romantic tryst quiet. White roses are thought to bring security and future happiness to newly wedded couples. This is why they are often included in wedding bouquets and in pocket holes. Red roses are often used as an ingredient in love spells. 

Rosehips are an incredible medicinal resource. They are full of vitamin C and make a great tea to ward off colds and flues during the winter. If you harvest and dry them, make sure to wear gloves when you cut them open. The seeds inside the hips are incredibly itchy and you can make a potent itching powder with it. This was always a favourite game of kids when I was growing up, open a rosehip and throw it down someone’s shirt, unpleasantly itchy is all I can say!

String rosehips onto a thread and wear it like you would a beaded bracelet to encourage luck in love. As well as all of this, rosehips will encourage helpful and friendly spirits to move into your home. 

To make a wonderful treatment for nausea, add rose petals to honey and take as needed. This will help with sore throats too. 

Other Magical Uses: Brings luck. Enhances psychic abilities. Can protect you if worn on your person. Wards off the evil eye. Divination.

rose flowering timelapse
Not only are many parts of a rose useful, but they are also stunning to look at and have a beautiful scent if you find ones that aren’t over-bred

So my beauties, that brings us to the end of our easy guide for magical herbs for love. I hope you found what you were searching for! Remember that love is multi-faceted and comes in many forms. Romantic love doesn’t always have to take centre stage. 

dog loves owner gif
Doesn’t everybody want to be loved like this? Dogs are the best…

I’ll leave you with a prayer for love, say it whenever you want to feel warm and fuzzy.

O Gracious Goddess,

Oh Gracious God,

Lend Me Health, Strength and Love,

Assist Me with Challenges Ahead,

Share Your Divine Wisdom,

Teach Me to Respect All Things

Remind Me that the Greatest Power of All is Love

So Mote it Be

Until next time my lovelies,

Blessed Be

Amaria xoxo

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