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Our Top 8 Herbs for Self Love

Hello my magical beauties, and welcome to WiccaNow! We’ve talked about herbs for protection, money herbs, and herbs for love, but I feel we would be remiss if we didn’t talk a little about the most important herbs of all, herbs for self-love.

valentines day love GIF by
Self love is one of the most important things you can focus on. Let these magical herbs for self love help you along the way.

All too often, we are taught to believe that the only true love we are meant to pursue is of the romantic kind. Hollywood and the worlds media portrays this as the be-all-end-all of life and unfortunately, this often makes us forget that in order to be fulfilled in a romantic relationship, we first have to be fulfilled in ourselves.

Herbs for self-love are a great tool we can use in order to introduce ourselves to the importance of self-care and being kind to ourselves. By taking the time to read this blog post, you are acknowledging that maybe you need to look after yourself a little more, and I just want to congratulate you on that vital step! 

Now, don’t get me wrong and think I’m an expert at nurturing the relationship I have with myself. I’m the worst at putting myself first and can often be incredibly self-critical and harsh. However, I am slowly trying to adjust my behaviours so that I am a little kinder to myself. A little self-appreciation goes a long way and I have found that herbs for self love really help!

If you are interested in the herbal realm, maybe you’re a blossoming green witch, then check out these posts on healing herbs, one on herbs for love spells and individual posts about lavendercinnamon and rosemary.

Plants and Herbs for Self Love illustrated herbs on a purple and bue watercolour background

Your easy Guide to My Top 7 Herbs for Self Love

Let me take you through my top herbs for self-love. They’ll help you relax, let go of negativity and learn to be happy in your own skin. Embrace your power and thrive my loves!

A word of warning: Please remember to always be careful when using herbs and plant. Never consume something you aren’t 100% sure about. I am not a medical professional and don’t claim to be! The medicinal benefits of these herbs for self love should not be taken over the advice of a trained doctor.

Herbs for Self Love #1 Hyacinth

herbs for self love #1 hyacinth botanical drawing
These are some of the most delicious smelling flowers I can think of. Hyacinths make any room smell amazing and bring calm and positivity with them

I don’t know about you, but for me, hyacinths just have the most amazing and calming scent. On top of this, they are associated with rebirth. I always think that rebirth fits to self-love because sometimes we have to change the way we do things, in a metaphorical rebirth, in order for our self love journey to begin. Hyacinth is so closely associated with rebirth because there is a Greek myth in which Apollo accidentally killed a young boy named Hyacinthus. Where Hyacinthus was killed, and where his blood seeped into the ground, a beautiful flower emerged. This is the flower we now know as a Hyacinth. 

Hyacinth will also help to attract love and good fortune while bringing about peace of mind which in turn gives way to peaceful sleep. All things very helpful when trying to find ways to love yourself more. It also helps to replace negative energies with positive ones, which we could all use from time to time. Keep a single flower stem next to your bed, or else use a little essential oil and burn it over your favourite candle or use a diffuser. 

Hyacinth will help you to treat your eczema while also being antibacterial and antifungal. The beans of a hyacinth plant have many health benefits. They can lower cholesterol, induce lactation, help to regulate periods and digestion. 

Other Magical Uses: Playfulness and Games.

Hyacinths really are some of my favourite flowers. The scent is just so amazing! Tip: if you buy them, it’s best not to trim the ends (counterintuitive I know) because they’ll die much faster.

Herbs for Self Love #2 Leek

herbs for self love #2 leek botanical illustration

Leek has similar magical properties to the rest of the allium family. I’ve used it as one of our herbs for self love because it provides positive energy, love and protection. It also helps to release impurities. When you have mean thoughts about yourself, you can use leek to try and expel those thoughts and replace them with positive, loving energies. Cook some leeks down slowly in butter, and as you eat them, strongly set your intent to self-love and kindness. The consumption of the leek will help to protect you from the return of negative thoughts, while simultaneously releasing the bad energy created by the negative thoughts in the first place. 

Plant leek around your home in order to protect yourself from negativity and to provide you with a safe haven. 

Leek is great for your eyesight as it is high in vitamin A. It will also help to prevent cataracts. It’s high in antioxidants, which can slow down the ageing process. Leek contains allicin, which has antiviral and antifungal properties. Once you have eaten leek, the allicin will turn into sulfenic acid in your stomach. This should help to keep your stomach healthy as it neutralises infection-causing bacteria. 

Other Magical Uses: Purification and expulsion of malevolent spirits.

cuddle leek GIF
Leek should help you feel as good at this cat feels!

Herbs for Self Love #3 Lemon

herbs for love #3 botanical drawing of lemon

Lemons are the perfect magical herb to help you purify and cleanse yourself, something I think is a wonderful act of self love and care. Run yourself a bath, add some lemon slices (and if you want, a hint of vanilla) and take a good long soak. You’ll come out feeling calm and relaxed, and hopefully, all your negative thoughts or feelings have been washed away.

Lemon can also help to remove any blockages you might be feeling. Maybe you can’t enter into a good work-flow, maybe you’re having trouble connecting with a friend, or maybe you are having trouble connecting with yourself. In order to remove the blockages, mix salt and lemon rind together to make a body scrub. Vigorously scrub yourself all over with this mixture, while thinking clearly about what blockage in your life you want to remove. Once you have scrubbed yourself down, have a shower. As the salty water drains away from you, imagine the blockage leaving your body and new and revitalised energy flooding into it. 

If you feel like your house needs to be cleansed of negative energies, use lemon. Place small bowls filled with salt and lemon slices around your home to absorb the negative energies. Leave them for 3 days, then bury the salt and lemon away from your house or throw them away into running water, preferably a stream or river.

Herbs for self love lemon cleansing charm
Ingredients to cleanse your home of negative energy.

Lemons have many wonderful medicinal uses. Drink some lemon water in the morning before breakfast to wake up your body and kickstart your metabolism. Use lemon juice to naturally lighten your hair, just squeeze some juice onto your head before you head into the sun (warning, it’ll get sticky). Cleopatra is thought to have used lemon wedges to prevent wrinkles. Lemon is also great when combined with honey to help ward off colds and sore throats. Personally I love to add ginger to this mix too for a really potent anti-sickness tea. Be careful with excessive lemon consumption as it can erode the enamel on your teeth. 

Other Magical Uses: Beauty Spells and Anti-ageing spells. Spiritual opening. Love Spells. Lemon can help ward off the evil eye and spells cast with harmful intent.

baby eating lemon gif
Hopefully lemon doesn’t make you react like this!

Herbs for Self Love #4 Lemon Balm

herbs for love #4 lemon balm botanical drawing
Lemon balm, a great calming herb for self-love, is also known as melissa sometimes

Lemon balm is a wonderfully soothing herb. It promotes confidence and brings good vibrations with it. Imagine lemon balm enveloping you in a calm and friendly hug and providing you with support when you need it. 

One of my favourite things about lemon balm is it’s connection to bees. I’m a huge bee lover, and I think that they are one of the most amazing and useful insects on the planet. The Ancient Greeks used to grow lemon balm near their beehives to encourage the bees not to swarm as the bees enjoyed the plant and were more likely to stay if it was near. If the beehive had to be moved, or a new swarm was introduced to an unused hive, the hive would be rubbed in lemon balm in order to make the bees feel more at home. Isn’t that a lovely connection?

bumblebee with its head in a lemon balm flower
This bumblebee is having the time of its life with its head stuck down one of its favourite types of flowers, lemon balm!

This herb is often used in magic and spells which provide healing, love and prosperity which is why I think it’s a wonderful herb for self-love. The scent alone is well known for driving away melancholy. If you are feeling a little sad or lost, take a bath with some lemon balm leaves or oil in it and relax as the lemon balm eases you out of your depression. 

Lemon balm is closely associated with the moon and is considered sacred to the Goddess Dianna. It is often planted in her temples and used at alters by Wiccans who worship her. It’s often used as a magical tool to help balance our emotions, helping us to experience our feelings while not becoming too pre-occupied and wrapped up in them. It is particularly good at protecting us from heartbreak, so drink some lemon balm tea if you are having love troubles. 

moon goddess GIF
Lemon balm is associated with the Goddess Diana. I wonder if Dianic Witches use it a lot in their ritual work?

If you are feeling upset, make a calming tee with lemon balm and drink it while thinking about something that makes you feel happy. If you want to prepare for ritual work, drinking lemon balm tea is a great way to balance and calm yourself so that you bring the right energies to your work. 

Because lemon balm is a plant that can grow in both sun and shade, and also grows well in a variety of different pH and water levels, it is considered a plant of versatility. It teaches us that we can thrive in any situation, we just have to learn to adapt and accept our current environment.  Carry lemon balm on your person if you are having a hard time, in order to help you identify where your main problems are coming from and to help you deal with them. If these problems are making you anxious, carrying lemon balm will also help to calm you down and make you feel more level. 

Medicinally, lemon balm is slightly antibacterial and makes a great mouthwash. It also improves the appearance of the skin and can reduce fine lines. While it is calming, it by no means dulls your mind and will actually give you a little mental boost. It can help to improve your memory and problem-solving abilities. Over-all, it’s a great herb to boost your mental health while also supporting your physical brain by protecting it from free radicals due to its high antioxidant content. 

Other Magical Uses: Fertility, Love and animal healing. Plant it around your home for protection. Increases your psychic abilities. 

lemon balm leaves on black background
Just looking at this makes me feel calmer already .

Herbs for Self Love #5 Papaya 

herbs for love #5 papaya botanical drawing
Papaya trees are fast-growing, but not particularly strong. Handle them with care!

A rather exotic addition to the list of herbs for self love, but it’s delicious and super helpful so it has to be included! Papaya is used for love and protection, and everyone can always use more of those 2 things. 

Papaya has been used in the Carribean for magical purposes for a long time. If you feel like you are missing something and you want to fill this hole, papaya trees can help. You need a papaya tree to complete this ritual which might be tricky to find if you are in Europe.

Take a cloth and tie it around the stem of the papaya tree. While you are tying the cloth, think about what need you have and how you would like to fill it. Leave the cloth for 7 days, then untie it and wrap it around a fresh papaya leaf. Leave the leaf in the cloth in the sun until it is completely dried. Light a ceremonial flame, and send your cloth and papaya leaf up to the gods by burning it. While doing this, really visualise what it is that you need. If your visualisation and intent are strong enough your needs should be met soon enough. 

Hang a papaya branch in your doorway to keep malevolent spirits out. Papaya leaves will also help to reverse hexes and jinxes or ill-intentioned magic. Mix dried leaves with mandrake and burn this mixture if you feel like you have been weighed down by negative energies stemming from someone else. 

Papaya is good at intensifying existing relationships. If you want to increase the feelings of love someone has for you, serve them fresh papaya. If you want to increase your feelings of self love, eat some fresh papaya while thinking a nice thought about yourself. 

cup open papaya with seedsshowing
Treat yo’ self with another of our wonderful and delicious herbs for self love, Papaya!

Papaya has a lot of health benefits, but one of the best ones is that it is wonderful at ridding your body of parasites. Eating papaya seeds can kill harmful bacteria like Salmonella and E.coli. Isn’t that amazing? Papaya leaves and seed extracts are even being used to treat Dengue Fever. Papaya can also help to purify the liver and is great as an anti-inflammatory which can help reduce symptoms of arthritis and swelling.  

I love to collect papaya seeds so that I can dry them. They are surprisingly spicy, so I like to use them instead of peppercorns when I’m cooking. Just make sure they are completely dry then put them in a pepper grinder and grind fresh as you would normal pepper. Delicious and a little more fruity than regular pepper plus they have amazing health benefits as a bonus. 

Other Magical Uses: Can be used in banishing spells

papaya playing a guitar
Be happy like this moustachioed, guitar playing papaya!

Herbs for Self Love #6 Peach 

herbs for self love #6 peach botanical drawing
Me, please! All our herbs for self love seem to be very tasty this time. I sense a trend…

In China, pink or white peaches are seen as a symbol of immortality. The Goddess Queen Mother of the West (her Chinese name changes hugely dependent on region) was thought to have a special orchard in her garden where she grew longevity peaches which would only ripen once every 3,000 years. She would serve these peaches to anyone who was lucky enough to be invited as her guest, making them immortal. 

queen mother of the west carrying a bowl of immortality peaches
Here is the Queen Mother of the West with her mythical immortality peaches

As one of our herbs for self love, peaches bring vitality, wisdom, longevity and positive energy.  Dry peach leaves and mix them into oil, to help you pass tests. Add verbena and sage leaves if you want to strengthen the oil. Anoint your wrists before you take your test to increase your chances of success. 

Peach pits bring you protection, safety and health. Next time you eat a peach, save the pit. Dry it out, and if you are feeling creative, carve it into a shape you find interesting and natural to the pit. String the carved peach pit onto a necklace and wear it around your neck for personal protection and safety. 

herbs for self love carved each pits
Here are some examples of carved peach pits, personally I like the carved animals the best as they follow the natural form of the pit. Each to their own, maybe you don’t want to carve your pit at all and prefer it au natural…

If you happen to have peachwood and want to protect your home, carve a small seal and attach it to entrances. This will guard your doors for you so that nothing negative can get in. Peachwood also makes a wonderful wand. 

Peaches contain a lot of antioxidants which have the potential to fight cancer They are a diuretic, which can help if you have a problem with water retention. They are also useful in keeping your liver and kidneys healthy. Like other stone fruit, peaches have anti-inflammatory properties which can help ease symptoms of arthritis. 

Other Magical Uses: Use in love spells and as a powerful aphrodisiac

woman kissing peach
Learn to love yourself as much as this woman loves her peach.

Herbs for Self Love #7 Vanilla 

herbs for self love #7 vanilla botanical drawing
A bakers best friend, here you can see where the vanilla bean comes from, notice the end of the bean is drying and turning brown. This is how we get vanilla beans when we buy them whole.

Vanilla is a universally loved flavour and scent that everybody will immediately recognise. The minute you smell it you feel all fuzzy and warm right? Like you’ve just walked into a room full of love and care. This is why it’s one of the great herbs for self love. 

Vanilla beans are wonderful when used in rituals designed to stimulate the forming of new friendships. Next time you want to complete a friendship ritual, why not make it a friendship ritual where you try to form a new relationship with yourself? 

Vanilla is also known to restore energy and increase feelings of love. If you want to increase your self love and restore dwindling energies, use vanilla! A great way to do this is to infuse a vanilla bean in a jar of sugar. This sends loving vibrations into the sugar, meaning that every time you use a need a little sweetness, say in your coffee, you’ll also be loving yourself a little more by giving yourself extra loving energy.

If you really want a boost, carry a whole vanilla bean on your person for increased energy and love vibrations all the time (plus you’ll smell nice). 

vanilla beans in sugar in a jar with the lid open
This makes for a delectable treat when you are feeling down. Bake something with it or use it in your coffee to send yourself some loving vibrations

This magical herb for self love is also an excellent stress and anxiety reliever. Burn some vanilla essential oil by dripping it onto a ritual candle and feel your worries melt away as the vanilla works its magic. Vanilla also increases your personal sense of empowerment and strengthen your mental capabilities. 

Used medicinally, vanilla is great for the heart as it reduces cholesterol levels. It’s high in antioxidants and a little antibacterial. It can reduce inflammation and has previously been used to treat people with gout. Vanilla is also wonderful for your skin and hair, which is why it’s often included skin treatments and shampoos. It’s wonderful for fighting acne, as it can target the underlying infection while also increasing blood circulation meaning things will heal faster. 

Other Magical Uses: Mental stimulation and good fortune.

mr bean bouncing on a bed gif
This is not the vanilla bean I was searching for, but it’s funny and this post is all about self love so a little laugh can’t hurt!

Herbs for Self Love #8 Witch Hazel

herbs for self love #8 witch hazel
This is a magical plant blooms in Winter, bringing a flash of colour with it to ease the cold and grey surroundings which cause winter depressions. It also has a multitude of uses medicinal and magical uses. I love it!

Did you know that Witch Hazel is sometimes called “Snapping Hazel”? This comes from the fact that when mature, the fruit will “snap” open in order to spread its seeds as far as possible. The seeds eject with so much force, that they can fly up to 9m away from the tree. It is also called “Winterbloom” due to its propensity for flowering during the winter. 

I’ve included it in herbs for self love because it is wonderful for healing a broken heart. We’ve all had times when we’re feeling lost, alone and heartbroken. At times like that, we really need to look after ourselves and do everything in our powers to make ourselves feel good again. Making a tea from Witch Hazel Flowers or burning dried flowers will help you to get rid of any unwanted energies and emotions. This tea will also help sooth you which is an added bonus. 

witch hazel flowering in the snow
How pretty is this? I love this clever plants ability to bloom in the winter, so it can take advantage of early pollinators.

If you want to banish this heartbreak from your life completely, perform a banishing ritual with witch hazel.

A Banishing Ritual using Witch Hazel

  • Write the name of the person you want to remove from your thoughts onto a small piece of paper. If you want to banish something else, like feelings of irritation in your life or unkind thoughts about yourself, write the keyword of what it is you want to remove on the paper instead.
  • Place the paper in a small cup and cover this with witch hazel flowers. Dried or fresh flowers work here.
  • While placing the flowers over the paper, visualize as strongly as you can the thing you are trying to banish from your thoughts.
  • Place the flower-filled cup in the light of the waning moon and leave it overnight. If you have set your intentions strongly enough, this should help alleviate or remove the feelings that have been worrying you.

Using a divining rod made from Witch Hazel is the surest way to find previously unknown water sources. This is also true for drawing psychic energies to you. Use a Witch Hazel Wand or divining rod when you are performing rituals where you need a little boost of clairvoyant energies.

Witch Hazel is a wonderful medicinal herb and is most often used to treat piles. It can also be applied to skin irritations and insect bites. You can use witch hazel for your skin too. It will help close pores and minimises oiliness. It can reduce undereye circles and can help reduce stretch marks and scars. 

Other Magical Uses: Breaks jinxes and hexes

See some different kinds of Witch Hazel in the Missouri Botanical Gardens

So my courageous self-loving champions, that’s it for today! I hope I’ve helped you on your journey to self love and kindness, because to be kind to others you first have to be kind to yourself. Now, take a ritual bath, include some herbs for self love and feel the good vibrations flow out of you!

I’ll leave you with a prayer for self love and cleansing, recite it as often as you need it.

“I cleanse myself of all selfishness, resentments 
and critical feelings for my fellow beings.
I cleanse myself of self-condemnation 
and misinterpretation of my life experiences.
I cleanse myself of guilt and self-doubt. 

I bathe myself in generosity, appreciation, 
praise and gratitude for my fellow beings
I bathe myself in self-acceptance
and enlightened understanding of my life experiences.
I bath myself in love and caring kindness. 
So Mote it Be”

Until next time my loves,

Blessed Be

Amaria xx