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A Potent Love Spell To Attract A New Love

Hi, my loves and welcome to WiccaNow. Recently I’ve been sharing some of my favourite spells and rituals, like this abundance spell, a home protection spell, a sleep aid spell and an anti-anxiety spell. Today I’d like to continue down this road and share a simple but potent love spell, passed down to me by my grandmother.

How Do Love Spells Work?

Magickal power comes from the universe and love itself is a kind of magick. The future is not set in stone, rather it is fluid and malleable. Through focused intent, we can affect change and manifest the futures we desire. Magick and energy are everywhere and if you learn how to work with these energies you can manifest the future you want. This love spell is adapted from one passed down through my family. Fun fact, my grandmother credits this spell with helping her to find the love of her life, my grandfather. They’re still together FYI.

Note. Love spells should never be used to force someone to do or feel something against their free will. If you use magick in this way it will eventually backfire on you.

Love Spell Purification Ritual

Before you begin any spell its extremely important that you cleanse the tools you will be working with. The tools may be storing residual energies from previous spellwork which, if not removed, could negatively affect the power of your spellwork.

Salt Cleansing Rite

Salt is an extremely powerful product and has been used for magickal purposes for thousands of years. You can use ordinary table salt for this cleansing rite but unrefined sea salt would be better. Light a plain white candle and sprinkle your instruments with salt. Recite the following verse and then cover your instruments which a clean white cloth. Your tools are now ready for use

“Oh instruments by the power of Three,

 And by the elements of earth, air, fire and water.

Thou shalt be clean

So mote it be”

a potent love spell
Love spells work best if you are completely focused whilst working the ritual. I love to meditate before I do any spellwork as I find this helps me to focus my intent in a much clear way.

A Potent Spell To Attract A New Love Into Your Life


  • A piece of raw amethyst – preferably a geode (you can substitute the amethyst for another love stone if you prefer)
  • A candle, my grandmother used whatever candle she could find, however, I prefer a pink or red candle for this spell. (If you haven’t practised candle magic before, check out this candle magic 101 we wrote).
  • A freshly washed white cloth, dried in the sun if possible. 
  • A small whole leek. If possible find a leek with soil still attached to its roots
  • A small square of fabric that can be tied into a pouch
  • A few strands of your hair, freshly plucked
  • A stone bowl
  • Some purified water

Love Spell Method

Cover your prefered work surface or alter with the white cloth. Arrange all of the ingredients onto the white clothing. Light the candle and gently brush the soil from the leek into the flame of the candle. If you are unable to find a leek with soily roots you can peel back the first layer of the leek and gently singe this instead. As you allow the flame of the candle to transform the leak, focus your intent on all of your thoughts of self-doubt about your love life and imagine these doubts disappearing into the candle’s flame and being consumed.

Place your (cleansed) amethyst geode into the stone bowl and cover this with purified water. Imagine the amethyst infusing the water with its powerful love energy.  Place your fabric square so that you can easily tie it into a small bundle. 

Now take the hair and holding it your hand focus your intent on the love you would like to attract. Imagine the feeling of your lover running their hand gently through your hair as if it were really happening. Picture your ideal love as strongly as possible. Imagine how it would feel to be enveloped in a cloud of intense love. Once you experienced this feeling, gently take the hair and place it onto the fabric square.

Brush the soil or ash from the leek onto the square to keep your doubts about love away. Dip your hands into the amethyst infused water and gently sprinkle the love water onto the contents of the cloth. Now secure the contents by folding or tying the cloth into a small pouch.

Carry this pouch with you and each time you think about love, touch the pouch and imagine the intense feelings of love you conjured during the spell. You can refresh the pouch with the amethyst infused water as often as you like. Make sure your heart is open to love and allow the spell to do its work without becoming impatient. Once your love has manifested in your life, bury the pouch and thank the universe for working with you. Repeat this spell as often as required. Remember, not all loves are meant to last forever.

So lovelies, I hope this love spell brings all the love you desire into your life. Remember, magick only works if you believe it will!

Sending love and light, as always BLESSED BE!

xoxo Amythest