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8 Key Herbs for Love Spells and Their Magical Uses

Hi fellow herb lovers, and welcome to Wicca Now. We’ve been talking a lot about herbs recently, and I want to continue on that track. While we’ve covered herbs for protection, money herbs, and herbs for self-love, we haven’t gotten into herbs for love spells yet! I feel like I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about this as who doesn’t perform a love spell once in a while?

If you are interested in the herbal realm, maybe you’re a blossoming green witch, then check out these posts on herbs for love, herbs for luck, lavendercinnamon, and rosemary.

Our easy guide below outlines what are, in my opinion, the best herbs for love spells. As with most herbs, all of these have other magical and medicinal properties besides being great for love. Peruse at your pleasure.

8 key herbs for love spells illustrated in colour with a pink background
Get a little help when making your love spells with our favourite herbs for love spells!

Our Easy Guide to Our Favourite 8 Herbs for Love Spells

A word of warning: Please remember to always be careful when using herbs and plant. Never consume something you aren’t 100% sure about. I am not a medical professional and don’t claim to be! The medicinal benefits of these money herbs should not be taken over the advice of a trained doctor.

Herbs for Love Spells #1 Bay Laurel

herbs for love spells bay laurel botanical illustration
Bay Laurel is one of our great herbs for love spells.

If you are casting love spells for an existing lover, bay laurel will help to make sure that you see that person again. You can also use bay laurel effectively in love spells to do with infidelity. Using it will help ensure that neither you or your partner cheats. If your partner is willing, walk together to a bay laurel tree and pick one leaf together. Break the leaf in half, and each keeps one half of the leaf to ensure that you stay true to each other. 

If you wish to find love, write what you want on a bay leaf and burn it while thinking strongly about this wish. If your intentions are clear enough, the bay laurel will help your wish come true. 

Medicinally, bay laurel is antibacterial and antifungal. Oil made with bay laurel is good for burns and will ease muscle aches and pains. Make a poultice with it and place it on the chest to help relieve colds and congestion. This is a great herb to add to a bath if you have just given birth as it is particularly good for healing vaginal complaints.  

Other Magical Uses: Enhances psychic ability. protection, healing, breaking jinxes and curses, luck.

bay laurel leaves
Bay leaves are a wonderful magical tool, keep a small amount in your home to protect you from jinxes then burn a leaf every time you have a love-related wish!

Herbs for Love Spells #2 Cardamom

Herbs for Love Spells cardamom botanical drawing
Cardamom is a delightfully fragrant herb, which is nice to have around the house.

If you are in need of one of our powerful herbs for love spells, cardamom should be your go-to. It’s considered an aphrodisiac and pops up in many love charms but more so in charms and spells for lust. Cardamom will also bring you good luck in love affairs

To make a powerful charm, add cardamom, rose petals and lavender flowers to a red pouch and carry it with you. If you meet someone to whom you have a good connection, this charm will increase the attraction between the two (or more) of you. 

image with the ingredients for a simple love charm
Make this charm when you want to create powerful attraction energy

Medicinally, cardamom is great for heart health and contains a lot of antioxidants. Research is being undertaken into whether it could be helpful in fighting cancer. It’s an anti-inflammatory and can improve digestion. 

Other Magical Uses: Power. Mind Stimulant. Clarify Thinking. Protection

Herbs for Love Spells #3 Dill

Herbs for love spells dill botanical drawing
Dill is one of my favourite herbs to put into eggs. Something vital to know right?

Dill is wonderful for breaking Jinxes, particularly jinxes placed on your love life. Sprinkle it in all four corners of your home in order to dispel any jinx that may have been cast on you. Dill will also attract romance. Run a bath and add dill oil or some fresh dill. Soak in the bath for as long as you can, while thinking about how wonderful you are.  When you exit the bath, you will have increased your attractiveness. If you don’t have a bath, you can do the same thing in the shower.

Use Dill to dispel jealousy Keep some dried or fresh dill on your person in order to keep away harmful and hateful people who may be jealous of you. If you are feeling jealousy, or an emotional imbalance, keep a small container of dill oil on you and smell as needed to dissipate these feelings. This charm will also bring you luck, so carry a little in your pocket if you are going on a first date! 

Dill is one of the great herbs for love and can be added to any charm to do with romance, lust and love. Add some dill to hot water, and think about the love you want to receive. Drink the tea when it has cooled and you will attract love to you. Use this tea as a love potion, but only on consenting parties! 

Other Magical Uses: Inhaling the scent will provide clarity. Dill attracts wealth. Provides protection, particularly to children. If you need to protect your home, grind dill seeds with baking soda and salt then sprinkle it onto the floor (works on carpets too). Vacuum thoroughly to remove harmful energies from your home.

dill flowers
Aren’t dill flowers just the prettiest? You can use them in cooking too, they are delicious in salads.

Herbs for Love Spells #4 Frangipani

herbs for love spells frangipani botanical drawing
Frangipani has the most delicious scent.

Frangipani is another delectable smelling herb often associated with love and love spells. It is used in many spells which relate to Venus, such as beauty, friendship, joy and love spells. The flowers are particularly good for use in spells relating to romantic love. 

Frangipani was often used in spells relating to distant love. For example, if you loved a sailor and wanted to bring him back to you. As such frangipani is perfect for anyone casting a love spell relating to a long-distance love or relationships. If one of these relationships ends, burn Frangipani flowers to restore peace and harmony to yourself. It provides soothing energies which can help you heal.

Frangipani is used to treat skin inflammations, high blood pressure and indigestion. Traditional Vietnamese medicines for haemophilia, dysentery and fever are made with frangipani. Be careful if ingesting frangipani, because it can have a strong purgative effect.

Other Magical Uses: Spells which banish sleeplessness and fear. Calms anxiety.

Herbs for Love Spells #5 Orange

herbs for love spells #5 orange botanical drawing
Yum, orange is sunshine in fruit form don’t you think?

Oranges lend themselves very well to love spells. Next time you eat an orange, save the peel and dry it so you always have some in your magical ingredient kit. If someone needs a little help in making their mind up in a love situation, oranges should be your go-to. If you are making a love charm, add dried orange peel or orange blossoms to help whenever the charm is for make up their mind. It helps to clarify situations and will bring you luck at the same time. If you are having trouble making up your own mind over a love situation, take a bath with orange peel in it. 

Oranges are also great for fertility spells. They are associated with the Gaia and represent fecundity as the trees can simultaneously carry fruit and have blossoms. 

Oranges will boost your immune system, keep your heart healthy and can even reduce the chances of getting kidney stones.  

Other Magical Uses: Divination, Luck, Money. They are great for protection. Plant an orange tree in your garden to protect your home. Orange seeds and peel are great added to money spells as they bring good luck to business transactions.

Herbs for Love Spells #6 Orris Root

herbs for love spells orris root botanical drawing
The roots are very useful in spell work and the flowers and heartbreakingly delicate and beautiful

Orris root, also known as Queen Elizabeth root is a herb found in many love spells and charms. It is particularly useful for love spells involving love-drawing. It provides luck in love and passion affairs. 

It can increase sex appeal and will draw people to you. Take a bath with some powdered orris root in it before going out on a date to increase feelings of attraction between you. You could also sprinkle some of the powder onto your clothes for the same effect. 

If you want to find companionship, you can use orris root. It will help to increases your popularity and personal success while aiding communication and opening dialogue. Make a charm with orris root, coriander and jasmine to draw love to you. 

love drawing charm with orris root, jasmine and coriander
Create a potent love drawing charm with these three herbs for love spells

If you are already in a love relationship, orris root will keep that love stable and draw more love to you. 

You can use orris root for healthy hair and clear skin. It’s a great anti-septic herb and is also anti-inflammatory. Be a little careful with consuming this particular herb, it has been known to cause quite severe stomach upsets. Better to stick to it in baths for hair and skin clarity! 

Other Magical Uses: Protection and Divination.

Herbs for Love Spells #7 Poppy

Herbs for love spells poppy botanical drawing
Poppies are the flowers of remembrance, they will help bring you abundance and are super pretty to boot.

Poppies are great for use in love spells. They are associated with fertility and abundance. If you are having trouble and need some guidance in love, poppy can help. Take a full head of poppy seeds and make a small hole in the top. Write down your dilemma or question onto a slip of paper. Insert the piece of paper into the poppy head and place it under your pillow. When you head to bed, think strongly about the problem which is troubling you. As you sleep, let the poppy and your dreams guide you to the answer. 

Use poppy seeds in fertility charms and spells. Eating poppy seeds can help to increase your chances of conceiving. 

puppy and baby gif
If I have the baby does the puppy come with it????

The most commonly known use of poppy is of course morphine and opium. It is also useful as a treatment for bronchitis and coughs. Poppy can also help with headaches, insomnia and anxiety. Be aware, the consumption of a lot of poppy seeds can make a drug test show up positive

Other Magical Uses: Agricultural abundance. Money. Luck. Prosperity. If you are having a legal problem and need to slow down the process, use poppy seeds as they are thought to disrupt legal proceedings. In fact, a mix of poppy and mustard seeds carried in your pocket during a court appearance is said to cause so much confusion that you’ll walk free.

Herbs for Love Spells #8 Rose

wild rose herbs for love spells
Wild roses are irresistible to me. If I see them I always have to stop and smell them. We gathered a lot of wild rose hips a couple of years back. I ended up looking like I had had a fight with at least a dozen quite grumpy cats by the end of the day. So be warned, these feisty flowers will defend themselves!

We had to add roses in here because they are the ultimate love spell ingredient. However, we have written about them before so see herbs for love for rose description.

wild roses
These are my favourite type of roses. They mostly have an incredible scent. They usually have so. many. thorns. though, so be careful!

So my lovelies, hopefully, this guide has helped a little with your queries in regards to herbs for love spells! While there are many herbs for love, I find the ones in this guide particularly helpful when making love charms and casting love spells.

I’ll leave you with a prayer for love, apply it to any form of love you feel like, whether that be romantic love, self-love, family love or even love for your pet.

A Prayer for Love

May My Love Grow without End,
A symbol of the Power Contained within My Heart
May I be Patient and Kind, 
Generous and Trusting.
Let My Love Persevere and Be Protected.
So Mote it Be

Until next time, my herbal warriors. 

Blessed Be,

Amaria xoxo