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The Best Healing Spell to Keep You Safe and Strong

Hi, my loves and welcome to WiccaNow. I don’t know about you but I’m definitely feeling a little vulnerable and anxious in these stressful times. I’ve actually already written a post covering a great anti-anxiety spell, along with a spell for better sleep (is it only me having trouble sleeping well at the moment?) and one for home protection. Today I want to cover something we all need right now, namely a healing spell. 

This healing spell can work from a distance (more than 2metres, don’t worry) and is a wonderful way to boost the health of yourself, your family and your friends. This can be used to send healing energies for physical ailments, mental distress and spiritual difficulties, so tailor it to whatever you need help with at the moment. 

light after darkness gif
The light always comes after the darkness. Looking after your physical and mental well-being has never been more important than now.

Please note: While this is a healing spell, it’s goal is to aid in the body’s healing process and should not replace medical care in any way. If you are feeling unwell, please go to a trained doctor. Magick can do a lot, but it can’t replace the advice of a train medical professional. This spell uses candle magic, always practise fire safety and keep pets, children and flammable items away from flames. 

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It’s important that you listen to your doctor if you aren’t feeling well. This spell is in no way meant to supersede their expert advice.

As mentioned before, you can cast this spell for yourself or for other people. Before you cast any spells relating to other people, however, you should ask their permission to make sure that they don’t mind you casting a spell on their behalf. 

So, without further ado, here is my healing spell for trying times. 

My Gentle Healing Spell to Keep You Safe and Strong

A few quick notes on spell-casting and magic:

  • This spell uses candle magic. If you haven’t worked with candle magic before, never fear! We’ve written an easy to follow guide on candle magic basics. Check it out before you start this spell so you know the basics.
  • If you’ve never cast a spell before in general, also not a problem! There’s always a first time for everything and why not start with a healing spell. Check out this spell casting 101 for some pointers.
  • Spellcasting works by focusing your intentions on what you want and then being so sure of it that you manifest the outcome you desire. This takes a lot of practice so don’t feel bad if your concentration slips during the spell, it’s totally normal and still happens to me. Something I find helps with this is to meditate. Learning to focus and not lose concentration is a great tool for lots of things in life, and meditation is one way of achieving this. 
Here is a simple guided meditation for you to try out. FYI, her yoga videos are great if you’re a beginner too.
  • Like most spellwork and magickal work, it’s much easier to achieve result when you have a quiet atmosphere to work in. It’s pretty hard to concentrate with the tv on and the dog barking right? Find a place where you feel super calm and work from there. There is no prescribed space, if you feel most comfortable in your bathroom, feel free to work from there!
  • Because this spell uses candle magic, make sure you pick candles that are appropriate to the length of the spell. You don’t want 4 massive 30-hour candles because the spell ends when the candle has burned down to nothing. If you have a little more time, a 4-hour candle is wonderful but don’t worry, you don’t need to concentrate the whole 4 hours. At the moment, my favourite candles are actually really thin tapers which have a 30-ish minute burn time. This means that I don’t have to check on my candles all the time and means I have enough time for a really lovely ritual. 
  • If you can’t source the right coloured candles, don’t worry about it and just use white ones. White can always be used as a replacement colour if you don’t have the candle that the spell calls for. 

Ingredients for My Gentle Healing Spell

healing spell ingredients illustrated and named on a pink background
  • A white candle – white represents cleansing and purity and will help bring you peace
  • A  green candle – green is used for prosperity, abundance and healing, particularly physical healing. 
  • A blue candle – blue represents protection, serenity and good fortune. It works particularly well for healing when combined with a purple candle. 
  • A purple candle – this will help you access your spiritual power, which will help aid your healing spell. Purple is a powerhouse candle and will help make a powerful healing spell. 
  • A cleansed clear quartz or amethyst. You can choose which you prefer here because both stones are seen as master healers. If you’re not sure how to cleanse your crystals, check out this post we wrote about how to cleanse your crystals
  • A photo of the person you want to perform the healing spell for. If you don’t have a photo, write their name onto a piece of paper instead. I prefer not to do this spell for groups of people and try to focus on just one person instead, trying to cast it for more than one tends to dilute the power of the spell. 
  • Cinnamon oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Mint oil – All three of these oils provide powerful healing energies and cinnamon will boost the magickal power of your spell. If you want to know more about these particular plants, check out our Botanical Witchepidia
  • A lighter or matches
  • A large fire-proof plate or vessel
hamsa hand, candle and mandala on blue back ground for healing spell

Gentle Healing Spell Method

  1. Gather all your ingredients together and find yourself a quiet spot to work in.
  2. Sit down comfortably with your ingredients in front of you.
  3. Place your photo (or written name) in the centre of your fire-proof plate.
  4. Take your crystal in both hands and briefly warm it. While doing this, imagine that you’re imparting healing, loving energy into the crystal. 
  5. Gently place the crystal on top of the photo or name.
  6. Anoint each of your candles with a drop of each oil.
  7. Take the candles and place them evenly around the photo and crystal. They should form a protective circle around the photo (it’s hard to form a circle with 4 things but you get the drift). I like to melt the wax on the bottom on my candle a little and then stick it to the fire-proof plate so it stays upright. 
  8. Light each candle
  9. Look into the candle flames and imagine them forming a fiery, protective circle around your loved one to keep them safe and strong. Imagine the flames transforming all of the negative energy in their body into glowing, pure white, healing light. 
  10. Keeping this thought in mind, close your eyes and imagine this healing light flowing through the crystal into your loved one. Think about them being healthy and vital, filled with energy and glowing with wellness. Imagine their smiling face looking at you with love and kindness and think about how happy you are that they are feeling good and that their body is capable and strong. Of course, if you are completing this spell for yourself, imagine how good you feel in your own body and think about your limbs being supple, strong and endlessly capable. Imagine light filling every part of your or their bodies, and flushing out anything bad in their system. Imagine their lungs flooded with healing light, their hearts lit with gentle healing energy and their minds fast and alert. 
  11. If there is a specific type of healing that you are aiming for here, now is the time to direct that healing energy to that particular ailment. Let’s say you want to heal a migraine, imagine flooding your head with this healing light and it forcing all signs of the migraine out of your body. The same thing if you are aiming to heal back-pain or a flu. Imagine the light strongly and decisively forcing pain and illness out and being replaced by clean, healthy white light. The stronger and longer you can focus, the more likely your spell is to work. 
  12. When you feel you’ve sent as much healing energy as you can, slowly open your eyes and come back to yourself. Say:

“With this spell, I send healing light, energy and protection to (say name here). Send this magical energy and vitality through their/my body and let it cleanse them of their ailments. So Mote it Be”.

  1. Let your candles burn to nothing if you can, or snuff them out and bury any remnants outside or dispose of them away from your home.
  2. Repeat this spell as often as you want, for as many people as you want to heal.
healing energy gif
Sending everyone healing energy and light.

So my loves, I hope this finds you healthy and happy. In times of stress and uncertainty, remember to reach out to people you love and always be as kind as you are able. 

Until next time,

Blessed be,