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How to Cleanse Your Crystals – 6 No-fuss Tips and Tricks

Hi, my loves! Recently I’ve been discussing some of my favourite crystals. Check out these posts on amethyst, sodalite, emerald, rose quartz and peridot, along with my favourite crystals to ease anxiety and crystals for protection. Continuing with this theme, I thought we’d discuss something that many of you have been asking about, namely how to cleanse your crystals! Working with a cleansed set of crystals is absolutely vital when doing magical work as you don’t want to contaminate your work with previously-stored energies. Find my easy to follow tips and tricks in order to learn how to cleanse your crystals easily and effectively.

how to cleanse your crystals graphic
Cleansing your crystals is super important but how you cleanse them is totally up to you! Choose the style that feels intuitively as the best for you for the list below.

Why it’s Important to Cleanse your Crystals

Cleansing your crystals has two important purposes. Firstly the practical cleansing of the stones with fresh water is a good idea in order to remove any dirt and dust. Plus, in a way you are triggering your magical awareness and mentally preparing for the next stage, namely the energetic cleansing of the stones. Cleaning the energy of the stones is a little more intangible but think of it this way: the stones can pick up energy from other sources and hold it for some time. If you are intending to charge or program your crystals, it is important to learn how to cleanse your crystals in order to remove this stored energy before you attempt other magical work.

Have you ever picked up a favourite crystal only to find that it felt sort of strange in your hand? Almost as if it were heavier then you remembered. Or maybe your favourite crystal ring suddenly feels uncomfortable on the same finger that normally fits it so well? It could be that the crystal in question is carrying an ‘invisible ballast’. By invisible ballast, I mean a set of stored information which could be having a negative effect on you.

In just the same way that crystals can be charged with positive energy, negative energy can also be stored within or attached to a crystal. Say, for example, you have been working with a crystal to help protect you from negative influences. You might even have been visualising the crystal absorbing the negative energies around you. After the crystal has spent some time in your presence ‘absorbing’ these energies, its no wonder that you may begin to experience these stored or attached energies yourself in a negative way. 

I agree, it seems slightly paradoxical to carry a crystal for the purpose of shielding or protecting yourself from negative influences only to find yourself directly carrying these negative energies around with you. That’s where the importance of cleansing your crystals comes into play! Below you’ll find 6 simple methods for cleansing your crystals which should help you to remove any ‘invisible ballasts’ in no time.

How to Cleanse Your Crystals – 6 Tips and Tricks

For practical cleansing simply rinse your stones under cold water. You could use a soft brush or cloth to remove more stubborn dirt if required. Note: soft stones should never be soaked in water and stones that have a tendency to crack or fade should not be dried in direct sunlight. For cluster, you can use a cotton swab to reach between the crevices. Allow your stones to air dry before the symbolic cleansing

cleansing your crystals
Cleansing your crystals should be fun. The first part of any magical work involves prepping your tools. Cleansing your crystals is no exception and whichever cleansing method you use, work with the process to help trigger a magical state of flow.

For the energetic or symbolic cleansing of the stones you can choose from a  number of different methods:

  1. Elemental cleansing: you will need a dish of soil, a burning candle, burning incense and a dish of water. Dip the stone into the water, then pass it quickly through the candle’s flame. Next, pass the stone through the smoke of the incense and finally place it on the soil As you perform each step visualise the element removing unwanted energy from the stone. For examples: Fire burns, water washes, air blows and earth absorbs.
  2. Smoke cleansing: you will need a smoke cleansing stick or burning herbs. Hold the stone in your hand and allow the smoke to drift over it. Visualise the smoke gently freeing and removing any negative energies from the stone as it drifts upwards and away.
  3. Sunlight or Moonlight: for this method, you simply place the stone into sunlight or moonlight for an extended period of time (preferably for 12hours). Allow the frequency of the light to clear the energy of the stone
  4. Earth Cleanings: you will need either a container of soil or space where you can bury your stones. Simply place the stones in the container and cover with soil or dig a small hole outdoors and cover with soil. Allow remaining covered for 24 hours after which the stones will need to be rinsed and dried
  5. Music and Sounds: You will need a gong or singing bowl or you can just use your own voice. As the vibration of the sound reaches your stone visualise all negative energy being cleared and carried away leaving the stone pure and refreshed. 
  6. Salt Cleansing: You will need salt and a bowl or dish. Either create a bed of course sea salt and allow the stones to rest on the salt overnight or dissolve a heaped tablespoon of salt in some mineral water and also allow the stones to soak overnight.
cleansing your crystals with smoke
Smoke cleansing is a wonderfully effective way to cleanse your crystals! *Bonus* after smoke cleansing your house will smell amazing.

My loves, I hope this post was helpful and that you feel a little more empowered about when and how to cleanse your crystals (however you like and as often as possible!). Next up, I’ll be writing about how to charge your crystals with magical intent so keep an eye out for my next post is this is a topic that interests you.

As always, with love and gratitude, BLESSED BE

xoxo Amythest

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