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My Magickal Sleep Spell to Ease You into Slumber

Hi, my darlings and welcome to WiccaNow. I’ve been sharing a few of my favourite spells lately, like this spell for home protection and this one for drawing abundance to you. Today I want to continue with this and share a lovely and simple sleep spell.

I sometimes have trouble sleeping. I am a notorious over-thinker and tend to have trouble calming down my brain when it’s time to sleep. Does this happen to you too? This simple spell should help you drift off into easy slumber with the aid of crystal magick and one of our favourite herbs, lavender.

This sleep spell should impart lovely dreams and restful sleep. Because our bodies do so much of their recuperation while we’re sleeping, this spell will also help with healing and will restore your spiritual energies. If you haven’t done any spell casting before, check out these posts on manifesting and our spellcasting 101.

sleep spell dog putting him self to bed gif
Tuck yourself in for a good nights sleep like this dog, he knows how to do it!

Tips Before Beginning Your Sleep Spell

Spells work best when you can clear your head and really focus on the goal you are trying to achieve. Spells will only be successful if you really believe in them. Magic doesn’t just appear, it’s within all of us and we need to learn to focus this energy to manifest what we want. If your goal is sleep, try to clear your mind of all other worries and fears and relax. Easier said than done, I know. 

calm peace GIF by Desiigner
I say relax and let go of your worries, but if it was that easy we probably wouldn’t need to do sleep spells would we? Don’t worry, I totally get it, but do your best to be in the moment and focus on what you want.

You’ll complete this spell in your bedroom, just before sleep. I find it really helpful to make this area as nice for myself as possible before I begin my spell. Dim the lights, better yet use only a very small bedside lamp. Change the sheets. You have no idea what wonders crispy, fresh and clean sheets can work on your quality of sleep. Put some lavender oil in your diffuser and let it run for a little so your room has a lovely calming scent. Make sure you’re bed ready when you start this spell. Visit the bathroom, finish your evening routine and be ready to jump into bed, hopefully to sleep, when the spell ends. 

Remember that all spellwork takes practise. The more you are able to focus and really feel what it is that you want, the more likely that it will come to you. Practise this spell as often as you need. If it turns into part of your nighttime routine, go with it!

Friendly Word of Warning: Any health benefits of crystals or herbs mentioned here are meant to assist your healing and sleeping process. Do not take this advice over a trained medical professionals.

crystal power for sleep spell gif
Let the power of crystals guide you through your dreams and help you to slumber sweetly.

My Magickal Sleep Spell to Ease You into Slumber

Ingredients for My Sleep Spell

  • 10 Dried lavender stems
  • 1 Smoky quartz crystal – smoky quartz aids the body’s healing ability. It turns negative energy into positive energy and centres and grounds you. 
  • 1 Snow quartz crystal – snow quartz imparts hope and can help to stabilise your dreams. It stimulates your inner power to help you get rid of spiritual blockages. 
  • A blank piece of paper – try and use nice quality paper here, preferably something unbleached. Bleach and chemicals might interfere with the effectiveness of your spell.
sleep spell ingredients snow quartz, lavender stems, paper, smokey quartz illustrated with words next to ingredients against purple background with white stars

Method for Casting My Magickal Sleep Spell

  1. Find a comfortable sitting position on your bed. Make sure you don’t sit on the pillow that you sleep with. If you need an extra pillow, make sure to take one from your couch. Take the spell ingredients and place them next to you. 
  2. Take a crystal in each hand.
  3. Focus on the energies of each crystal. Really focus on the crystals and how they feel in your hand. Close your eyes and move the stones in each hand, feeling each bump and ridge. Slowly feel them warm to your touch. Let their energies flow through your hands and into your body. Feel the stream of calming and grounding energy from the smokey quartz turning all your negative thoughts to positive ones. Send this power all the way down to your toes. Feel the hope from the snow quartz flowing through your palms. Imagine it making its way through your whole body. Focus on the feeling of the crystals powers flowing through you. Relax into this feeling of protective energy and allow your mind a moments quiet. 
  4. When you feel filled with the energy of the crystals, and calm and relaxed, chant:

“Crystals gift me your magical powers. Imbue me with calmness and healing power. Lavender bring me the peace I desire, let me slumber in softness till morning light. So mote it be”

  1. When you are ready, slowly and gently open your eyes. There is no prescribed time here that you have to stick to. If you feel like the crystal power is still coursing through you after the chant, keep your eyes closed and focus on this feeling for as long as you want. 
  2. Once you’ve opened your eyes, take the two crystals and the lavender sprigs and place them on the piece of paper. Carefully wrap them up and place the parcel next to your bed. If the lavender is a little longer, don’t worry if the ends poke out, it happens to me all the time!
  3. Ease yourself out of your sitting position and into bed. Relish the comfort and warmth enveloping you. Smell the lavender next to you. Try and gently slip into slumber. Don’t over-think it if you can,
sleep spell working gif
Hopefully, this will be you after your sleep spell is completed!

Let this sleep spell bring you sweet dreams my loves,

Until next time,

Blessed Be,

Amaria xoxo

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