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Our Comprehensive Botanical Witchipedia

Hi, my loves and welcome to WiccaNow. Recently I’ve talked quite a bit about different categories of herbs, like these posts on herbs for self-love, herbs for love spells, herbs for protection and herbs for luck along with detailed posts on cinnamon, lavender and rosemary. I suddenly realised, that while these posts were great for expounding on these plants in more detail, it would also be very useful to have all our magical herbs and plants compiled into one easy to consult alphabetical list. 

So, without further ado, here is my comprehensive botanical Witchipedia! As I learn more, I plan on adding to this. So if the plant you’re looking for isn’t here yet, maybe next time you check in, it will be!

succulent gif
The world of plants and herbs is so magical, are you ready to learn more?

Warning: Plants are an amazing resource but they can also be very dangerous. DO NOT INGEST anything that you aren’t 100% sure is safe. All the properties given here are for magickal uses. Any medicinal uses are based on our own research and should not be taken in place of a medical professionals. If you are suffering from an illness of any kind, please go and see a doctor!

Botanical Witchipedia A


Acorns are a symbol of fertility and also provide security and abundance. They represent the seed of a new idea and can help to turn this into a strong, fully-fledged concept. Carrying an acorn in your pocket will bring you luck and youthfulness while also warding away loneliness and pain. Plant it during a waxing moon in order to draw wealth to you. 


A protective plant that helps to drive away poverty. Carrying alfalfa will help to increase prosperity and increases abundance in your life while also helping others to feel generous towards you. Helps to balance the magical properties of other plants so that one doesn’t overpower the other. 


Draws luck and money to you. Keep 7 allspice berries in your pocket and they will draw prosperity to you for 7 days. Allspice is thought to increase virility and aid in healing magick. 

Aloe Vera

This is a wonderful healing plant. It’s great for burns and rashes. Use it for beauty spells, along with protection, success and peace spells or rituals.

aloe cutting gif
If you have a bad sunburn, aloe is your best friend.


Grow angelica in your garden to provide protection and ward off malevolent spirits. It provides personal protection and will expel negativity when used in banishing rituals. 


Wards off ill-intentioned spirits. Keep a small pouch with anise in it under your pillow to keep bad dreams at bay. It’s used in protection and purification spells so add it to your next ritual bath. Anise can bring joy, and also opens the 3rd eye, making you more aware of the divine and the connection to the other realm. 


Use apple (in whatever form you prefer, leaves blossoms or wood) for magick involving fertility, love peace and abundance. It can promote visions and aid in psychic work. Apple is said to help with longevity.


Provides protection. Make an ash broom to purify your home with and provide it with protective energies. Wear ash leaves on your person to bring good luck and place them under your pillow to prompt dreams of premonition.

Botanical Witchipedia B


This is a herb that has long been associated with luck and wealth. It is the herb of the Indian Goddess Lakshmi. Tend to your basil plants well, and they will draw luck and abundance to you so you can grow your success. Basil can help if you want to avoid arguments as it promotes sympathy, peace and understanding. Provides protection from money related jinxes. 


This is considered a very lucky plant in many cultures. It provides happiness, wealth and longevity while also increasing vitality. It will provide protection and will ward off malevolent spirits. It helps to break hexes and jinx. It is considered a plant which encompasses all 4 elements.  

trees plants GIF by University of Florida
Lucky and so pretty!

Bay Laurel

Used in love spells, particularly those regarding an existing love or relationship. Use bay laurel to prevent both you and your partner from committing infidelities. This plant will help to enhance your psychic abilities and will provide protection and healing energies. Use it to draw luck to you.

Botanical Witchipedia C


Brings good luck to new marriages. If planted directly after the wedding, it is said to ensure a long and happy marriage. 


Keep cacti in your home to protect you from burglars. Make a protection amulet with cacti spines. Cacti is associated with chastity and purity.

botanical witchipedia cactus GIF by Michael Shillingburg
Let these magical plants scare away anyone unwanted trying to get in.


It incites passion while providing protection and is often used in love spells and charms. Chew it before a date to encourage a loving relationship. Wards off the evil eyes and brings good health and memory while ensuring fidelity. 


This is a spice that is often used in love and lust spells as it’s considered an aphrodisiac and will bring luck in love affairs. It can help to increase your magical power and will help to clarify your thoughts. It can also provide protection. 


Increases power and energy when used during rituals.


A particular favourite of feline companions, this herb is used in beauty, love and happiness spells. It attracts luck and abundance and well-intentioned spirits. Great if you have a feline familiar who is no longer in this realm who you’d like to invite to visit you.


This protective herb can help to remove jinxes cast to cause financial harm. It will bring you luck in matters related to money such as gambling or business deals. It can provide peace and protection and will help you to centre yourself if you are meditating. 


Considered one of the luckiest spices, cinnamon will draw money to you and will help pave the way for business success. It will boost the magical powers of any other herbs so makes a great addition to most spells. Use it in love spells as it is considered an aphrodisiac. It can aid in healing and cleansing magick and will heighten psychic abilities. Overall, an immensely powerful all-rounder. 


Helps to clear the mind and encourages creativity. It draws luck and helps to clarify communication. Can be used to re-energise you and to lift your spirits. Use it for purification, cleansing, protection and dreamwork. 


Will draw good luck to you, particularly in games or gambling. Use it to make strong friendship charms and to stop the spread of malicious gossip and lies. It’s considered an aphrodisiac.

sexy flirty GIF
Is cloves making you ask this question?


A very lucky plant which is often used in spells regarding youth and beauty. Draw financial luck to you by keeping a cloverleaf in your wallet. It helps to strengthen and deepen existing love, helps with psychic abilities and keeps away negative energies. 


Helps to ensure safety when travelling. Use it in money and healing spells. 


Provides protection and is often used in love spells. Place some in slightly warmed wine to attune your soul to your lovers (ask permission first of course). Coriander is also good for peace, home protection and longevity magick. 

Botanical Witchipedia D


Can be used to aid in happiness and it will attract luck. It’s often used during Midsummer celebrations and it’s thought to be one of the favourite flowers of faeries.


Helps with psychic work as it is thought to open your inner eye. Use it for divinations and when trying to receive messages from the other side. It’s used for cleansing and purification.  

dandelion GIF by Meltem Sahin
Use dandelion to help you interpret and receive messages from the other side.


This is a great herb for breaking jinxes to do with your love life as it expels negative energies and attracts romance. Dill can help to increase how attractive you look to other people. Use it to dispel jealousy and ease emotional imbalances. It can help provide clarity and will draw wealth and prosperity. Use it as a protective charm, particularly for children.

Botanical Witchipedia E


This is an old favourite of the Druids. The branches can be used for wands, but make sure to ask permission from the tree before harvesting any part of it as otherwise it can bring bad luck. It’s thought to be bad luck to burn any part of the tree. Hanging leaves or branches around the home will provide protection from malevolent energies. 


Wonderful when used in any magickal work relating to healing. 

Botanical Witchipedia F


Wards off malevolent spirits and provides protection and purification. Planting it around your home will bring good luck, especially in regards to money.


Protection from negativity and unwanted visits such as ill-intentioned spirits and burglars. Fern boosts the magical properties of other plants and is also a firm faery favourite

smoke sun GIF by Living Stills
This fern is providing the forest with protection and calling the faeries to it.


This sweet-smelling flower is associated with Venus and is often used in love magick, particularly for long-distance love spells. Burning the flowers will provide you with inner peace and harmony. Use it to calm anxiety and to banish sleeplessness and fear. 


Has great powers of attraction, which is often used in conjunction with business deals. Use it in luck charms to draw abundance to you. Great for purification and psychic work. Frankincense will help to boost the powers of other plants. 

Botanical Witchipedia G


A sweet flower often used in love spells to attract true and strong love. 


Provides powerful protection from malevolent spirits. It’s great when used in banishing oils and spells. It’ll give you courage and can be used in healing spells. 

witchipedia garlic gif
Ward off ill-intentions with some garlic-filled banishing oil.


Another heavy hitter of the magical world, ginger will do everything from protecting you from malevolent spirits to attracting money to healing. It enhances the magical powers of other plants. Ginger is another powerful aphrodisiac and will boost success and personal confidence. Draws adventure to you and increases your feelings of sexuality and sensuality. 


another powerful herb which is used a lot in Eastern medicine. Use it for magickal work relating to wishes, beauty, passion and love. It aids with vitality and increases longevity. Can be great when used in magick relating to stress and anxiety.

Botanical Witchipedia H


This is a wood often used to make wands. It’s provides a very old and effective method for water divining. It draws luck and can help with psychic work. 


This is a healing plant which is often used in love potions and is considered an aphrodisiac. Carry a small pouch with hibiscus in it on your person to attract love. Use it in magick for freedom, harmony and independence. Sleeping with hibiscus under your pillow will increase your psychic powers and your ability to have lucid or prophetic dreams.

flower hibiscus GIF
Use hibiscus to attract love, red hibiscus encourages lust…


Helps to provide protection by repelling intruders. Carrying holly on your person will bring you luck and attract love. Sleep with the leaves under your bed for restful sleep. 


This will help with sleep problems and is great when used in healing magick. 


Helps to attract wealth, luck and love. It helps to draw generosity towards you in a gentle, easy way. Best not to use honeysuckle for business spells, but rather for spells which aim to grow your prosperity and a slow and steady way. It can help to increase your powers of persuasiveness and intuition. 


the gorgeous plant will attract love and good fortune to you. It brings peace of mind and restful sleep and helps to replace negative energies with positive ones. Hyacinth will increase feelings of playfulness and fun.

Botanical Witchipedia I

Irish Moss (or Carrageen)

an extremely potent luck herb which is loved by business owners and gamblers. It will draw money to you and helps to ensure the success of your business. It is considered an aphrodisiac and can also be used for protection. 


this provides wonderful protective energies if planted around the home. It also draws luck, especially for relationships.

Botanical Witchipedia J


Attracts emotional love and heightens your spirituality and sensuality. It can help to reduce feelings of loss and is wonderful in ritual baths. It will increase your psychic abilities and will cleanse crystals. Used in magick relating to inner beauty, confidence and prosperity. 


Repels unwanted or unkind thoughts. Provides protection against accidents and theft while also removing jinxes or hexes. Wearing juniper berries is thought to attract a new love prospect of a more passionate kind. 

Botanical Witchipedia K

Kaffir lime

This is traditionally used to dispel bad luck and provide purification. Place any part of the kaffir lime that you like (leaves, flowers, branch or fruit) into water and then use the water to wash away the bad luck you feel is in your home or life. 

kaffir lime gif

Botanical Witchipedia L


Used in love and sex magick and will bring you happiness and peace. It sharpens the mind and strengthens the love between 2 people. Great for spells relating to anxiety as it will clear your mind. It provides protection, purification and longevity. 


Provides positive energy, love and protection while releasing impurities. Use it in magick relating to purification and to expel negative energies or malevolent spirits. 


A wonderful cleansing plant which will remove negative energies and blockages. Use it in beauty and anti-ageing magic. Lemon will help you open yourself spiritually and can be wonderful in love spells. It will ward off ill-intentioned people and spirits. 

Lemon Balm

A soothing herb which promotes confidence and draws good vibrations and energies to you. Maybe this is why it’s a firm bee favourite. Use it in magick for healing, love, fertility and prosperity. Its a herb which is considered sacred to the Goddess Diana which will provide protection for the home ad also increases your psychic ability. 


Another amazing smelling flower, this will help to ward off malevolent or ill-intentioned spirits. It provides protection and is often used in spells for love and beauty. 


Carrying any part of a lotus plant will bring you luck and the blessing of the gods. Breathing the scent of a lotus flower will provide protection. Use it to break unwanted love spells. It helps with lock opening magic and is also an aphrodisiac.

lotus GIF
This beautiful flower is said to be a favourite offering of the Gods.


Use lovage in ritual baths to release negative energy as it’s wonderful for cleansing and purifications. Can be used in love spells to attract the attention of your love interest.

Botanical Witchipedia M


Brings luck in legal matters and business deals. It can increase your psychic awareness and renew your energy. Place a flower under your pillow to help you with prophetic dreaming. It’ll help draw love to you and is a great addition to healing magick. 


Use this great herb in love spells and to bring happiness, particularly to someone who is grieving. Can be used for protection and healing magick. 


Used to attract money and luck relating to money. It’ll help to draw customers to your business and helps to ensure smooth travels. Mint can be used for healing magick and gives you strength, vitality and power. It can be used for protection and will help breaks hexes and jinxes. 


This powerful herb is a favourite for witches as it is extremely powerful when used for psychic work such as lucid dreaming and astral projection. It encourages wisdom and observations and can be an amazing tool when trying to tackle difficult problems. Use it for protection and to help ease the stress of travelling. Be careful with this one as it can have strong psychoactive effects.

Botanical Witchipedia N


This is a tricky one to use as it really does sting if it gets you so make sure you wear gloves when harvesting it. Use it for protection magick, particularly to avoid danger. It can provide healing energy and will increase your courage. It can help to increase your vitality.

nettle gif botanical witchipedia
Stinging nettle can hide among the other greenery, careful when you harvest it!


The ultimate spice for gamblers. Carry a whole nutmeg in your pocket to draw luck to you, or grate some into your shoes before visiting the casino so that luck walks with you. It can help sway things in your favour in legal proceedings. Use it when travelling to make the journey safe and easy. It provides clarity, social awareness and emotional openness. Can increase confidence and psychic power.

Botanical Witchipedia O


This is an old favourite of the Druids who believed oak trees were old souls who offered us protection, strength and knowledge. Acorns are a symbol of fertility and using oak leaves can help with the conception of ideas. 


another plant in the allium family, this can be used in similar ways to garlic and leek. Particularly good for protection and warding off ill-intentioned spirits or people. Onions are also good for healing magic. For a simple healing spell, place ½ an onion in the room of the person who is sick to let it absorb the energies of the sickness. Leave it overnight and on the morning remove the onion and bury it or throw it away. 


Orange peel is wonderful when used in love spells particularly if the spell is in regards to someone not being able to make up their minds about a love-related situation. Used for clarity and luck, as well as fertility magick. Use orange to draw luck, especially in regards to business and to provide protection. It can also help with divination. 

Orris Root

Commonly used in spells which aim to draw love to the spellcaster. It will increase sex appeal and draw people to you. As such, it often helps to increase popularity and your own personal success. It’s also used for protection and divination.

Botanical Witchipedia P


Attracts love and sensuality while increasing feelings of desire and lust. Use patchouli in fertility magick and to aid in spiritual growth. It attracts money and prosperity while providing feelings of nostalgia and relaxation.


Used in magick for love and protection, hanging a papaya leaf above your door will keep out malevolent spirits. Often used in magick to remove hexes and jinxes, papaya will expel and banish negative energies. 


Use it to prevent bad luck and to provide protection. It can inspire lust and is thought to increase fertility. Use it for purification. Parsley has an association with death, so use it when trying to communicate with spirits on the other side.

parsley eating guinea pig gif
These little guys are trying to ward off bad luck.


White peaches are associated with immortality. Use them in magick for vitality, wisdom, longevity and positivity. Peach pits will bring protection if placed in the home or on your person. Use some form of peach for sex magick as it’s a powerful aphrodisiac. 


use this for a strong protective charm or for banishing spells. It’s a great addition to any banishing oil. 


often associated with luck, prosperity and fertility. Helps to keep your energies balanced and will dispel any bad luck or negativity that has been hanging around. It’ll ward off ill-intentioned spirits and will strengthen your connection to the natural world. Use it in healing and protection spells. 


It is associated with fertility and abundance so can be used in love spells. Poppy can help to guide you in your dreams if you are looking for answers to a particular question. Poppy can draw luck and prosperity and can be used to help aid a successful outcome with legal matters.

poppy gif
Poppies are a plant of remembrance so work well if you want a love spell for remembrance.

Botanical Witchipedia Q


This is an amazing plant which has many magical uses but it’s predominantly used for magick relating to happiness, love and protection. Carry the seeds of a quince on your person to help protect yourself from malevolent intent and physical harm. It can be shared by a couple to help ensure fidelity and happiness in the future. It’s a symbol of life in many cultures, in Croatia it’s common to plant a quince tree when a baby is born. The quince is connected to the Goddess Aphrodite.

Botanical Witchipedia R


Roses are one of the most common ingredients in love spells. Hanging a rose from the ceiling means that everything which occurs under it should be kept a secret. Use rose for love magick, to bring luck and enhance psychic abilities. Wear it for personal protection and to increase your powers of divination. 


This is a magical all-rounder. It provides protection and purification while attracting love, luck positivity and peace. It can help to improve memory and if used in cooking will incite passion. 


This is another powerhouse magical plant. It is most often used for protection and purification. Use it in healing spells to ward off illness. It provides great clarity of mind and helps to clear an overactive imagination. This is a great herb to use if you are trying to use magick to help calm anxiety. You can also use it in love spells to encourage someone to become closer to you.

Botanical Witchipedia S


One of our most well-known purification and protection herbs, sage is the most common herb used in smudge sticks. Wearing it provides you with personal protection as well as making you wiser. It’s associated with healing, fertility and longevity.


This is a particularly good herb to encourage masculine sexuality. It also draws prosperity and can be used in healing magick.

saffron gif botanical witchipedia
Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world, it makes sense that it would draw abundance right?

St Johns Wort

This is another powerful magical herb. It’s used for powerful banishing and protection. It can be used in magick to do with keeping away illnesses. It will help to increase your own personal power and courage and can prevent nightmares. Use it to keep sadness at bay and hang it in your home to encourage health and vitality. 


This is a strong representation of the sun and brings happiness and light with it. Planting it around the home is said to draw luck. Sunflowers encourage loyalty, trust and honesty. Sleep with some under your pillow and you will be guided to the truth you want revealed. It can be used in fertility spells.

Botanical Witchipedia T


Use this herb to cleanse and draw away negative energies. It’s wonderful when you are starting a new project as it gives you a fresh start and draws luck to you. Growing it in the garden will increase the flow of money coming to you. Use it when you want a steady and stable increase in prosperity. It brings courage and increases positive energies while dispelling melancholy and sadness. Aids in purification and healing and will keep nightmares at bay.

Botanical Witchipedia U

Umbrella Plant

Provides purification and protection. It can help to revitalise energies and helps promote spiritual growth

Botanical Witchipedia V


Helps to form new friendships and restores your energy and feelings of love. Vanilla can be used in magick to do with stress and anxiety. It will increase your sense of empowerment and your mental capabilities and draw good fortune to you. 


This is another old herb which has a long history in the magical community. Use it for sleep and calming magick or for cleansing ritual baths. It can be used in magick relating to stress, anxiety and insomnia. Its often added to love spells to encourage less fighting between 2 lovers. It can provide protection against unwanted guests. 


A powerful and ancient herb which has a multitude of magical uses. It draws luck, inspiration and prosperity. It’s a booster for other plants so it’s often used in love charms. It’ll help turn bad luck to good, especially in very stressful situations. Use it for cleansing and purification. It’ll help prevent nightmares and works well for dream and psychic work. It’s considered a suppressant for sexual desires so if you are going to a period of abstinence, this could help. 


Carrying a violet flower will attract and increase luck, especially in matters of love and happiness. It’s said the first violet of spring will grant you a wish. Use it for prophetic dreams, creativity, peace, tranquillity and protection

Botanical Witchipedia W


this is one of my favourite trees! It’s incredibly versatile and has many medicinal uses. Did you know aspirin is made from a compound that was extracted from willow bark? It’s can be used for healing magick and is strongly associated with the moon and the Goddess Diana. Willow has a strong connection to the life cycle and is considered an emotional wood. Use willow in love spells or any magick relating to strong emotions. It can help with divination. 

pocahontas GIF
The willow tree is so well known as a magical tree, that Pocahontas used it as a spiritual guide.

Witch Hazel

Helps to heal a broken heart by ridding you of unwanted energies and emotions. Use it to break hexes and jinxes. 


This is actually the ingredient that turns absinth into a slightly hallucinogenic alcohol. It’s used for protection from marauding spirits and can aid in divination. It increases your courage and provides release from stressful situations.

medicine mao GIF
Some people claim to see a green fairy when drinking absinthe.

Botanical Witchipedia Y


This is another very potent herb which is most often used in healing magick as it increases the power of other healing herbs. It also provides courage and can dispel negativity. It helps to increase psychic awareness and is a useful tool in divination. It is used in love charms, usually to do with an already established relationship.

Botanical Witchipedia Z


Use this sweet flower to help you re-discover the joy in small things. It increases your feelings of playfulness and encourages adventure. Use it in love spells to increase unconditional love while also encouraging lightheartedness in the relationship.

So, my loves, I hope this has answered some of your questions about the magical properties of herbs and plants!

Until next time,

Blessed Be,

Amaria xx