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Our Powerful Home Protection Spell with Sage and Rosemary

Hi, my magical loves and welcome to WiccaNow. Recently we’ve been talking a lot about healing herbs and magical plants along with herbs for love, herbs for protection and herbs for luck. Today I want to go in a different direction and put some of those herbs to work by sharing a wonderful home protection spell, using sage and rosemary, with you.

This is a spell I use whenever I feel like bad vibrations or energies have entered my home. Sometimes this energy comes from having a bad day or having a visitor who left a sour taste in my mouth. And sometimes I just feel like a little negativity has crept in and want to rectify it. Whatever the cause, this spell is the answer because everyone can always do with a little more protection right?

rosemary and sage protecting your home in this home protection spell gif
Sage and Rosemary put a protective blanket around your home.

This home protection spell will help to cleanse your energy and your house. It will reset the energy in your home so you can go about your life without feeling like you have a cloud hanging over you. This spell uses candle magic, so if you haven’t practised this before check out this candle magic post I wrote so you are aware of the basics.

A Few Words of General Advice for Spell Work

When you are doing spell work, remember that the most important thing is to set your intentions and focus as strongly as possible. Spells only work if you really believe that they will. Try and focus on the outcome of the spell as strongly as you can and try to maintain that focus for as long as possible. The stronger your focus, the more potent the spell. Don’t worry too much if your concentration slips, we’re all human and naturally prone to distraction. I know I am a mistress of procrastination and am easily distracted by anything and everything.

Should your concentration slip, simple try to recapture it and continue with the spell. Like with everything, this takes practice! If you want to learn to focus better, try meditating every evening, this will definitely help with your spellwork. 

Try this 5-minute meditation for beginners. Once you’ve mastered this, move on to slightly longer ones. You’ll notice the difference in your day to day life too!

Because intent and focus is a huge part of ensuring the manifestation of this home protection spell, I’d advise picking a quiet and calm area to perform the spell. If this means locking yourself into the bathroom under the pretence of having a bath to avoid distractions, go for it! Try and be as positive as possible as this will give the spell the best chance of being successful. If you are interested in reading more about manifesting, check out our blog post full of tips for manifesting your dreams into reality.

Be specific about what you want. What is the situation you need protection from? What caused the bad day? Where did the negative energy come from? If it helps you, write down what it was so you have it clearly in your mind.

A friendly word of warning: Always practice fire safety when working with an open flame. Candles are one of the leading causes of house fires. Keep a fire extinguisher within reach and make sure not to wear billowing clothing. Always light your candles a safe distance away from anything flammable and out of reach of pets and children.

fire safety for home protection spell gif
Fire is a wonderful transformative element, but it is extremely dangerous! Always practise fire safety and make sure you keep pets and children away from open flames.

Home Protection Spell using Sage and Rosemary

Home Protection Spell Ingredients

  • A small black candle
  • Dried sage or sage oil
  • A stick of dried rosemary, or rosemary oil
  • Two fire-proof bowls (use ashtrays if you don’t have bowls, if you are using oils you’ll only need one bowl)
  • A ritual knife or small pin
home protection spell ingredients of a ritual knife, rosemary, a black candle, 2 ritual bowls and sage illustrated on a blue background with white and gold stars around the ingredients

Home Protection Spell Method

  1. Take your candle, and use your ritual knife to inscribe a protection symbol onto it. Be careful when doing this, we don’t want spell related injuries!
  2. If you are using dried sage and rosemary, bind these into a smoke cleansing bundle. If you are using oils, anoint your candle generously with both oils.
  3. Sit down facing your front door. Place both bowls in front of you. If you aren’t able to perform this spell in front of the entry door, don’t worry! If there are too many distractions around you, you can perform this spell just as well in any other doorway of the house, just try and get as close to the main door as possible. As mentioned before, if the only place where you are distraction-free is in the bathroom, use that! Sit down on the ground facing the doorway. 
  4. Place the inscribed candle in one bowl, and your smoke cleansing bundle in the other. If you are using 2 candles, place an anointed candle in each bowl. 
  5. Take 5 deeps breaths to centre and calm yourself. Relax and gather your focus
  6. Light the contents of both bowls.
  7. Watch the smoke from the smoke cleansing bundle rise and imagine it filling your home with cleansing energy. If you are using just the anointed candles, imagine the scent of the oils is the smoke and is rising and filling your whole home with protective energy.
  8. Look into the candle flame and focus strongly on it. Imagine it taking all of the negativity you feel and turning it into positive thoughts and energies. Focus on how the candle flame is transforming the bad energy in your home to good energy while the smoke (or scent) of sage and rosemary chase out any lingering negative energies and envelope your home in a protective glow. 
  9. When you are feeling focused, calm and clear chant:

“Sage and Rosemary I call on you, impart your protective energies to me. Cleanse my home and all those in it, allow me to harness your protective spirits. Candle flame transform for me, all the present negativity. Turn it to joy, love and light and bring me laughter through day and night. So Mote it Be.”

  1. Focus on transforming and removing the negative energy, and when you are ready, open the door to release the smoke from the smoke cleansing bundle or the scent from the candle. As it flows away, imagine all the negative energy flowing out with it. 
  2. Place your candle, or candles, in a safe place and let them burn down to nothing. If you want to, carry your smouldering smoke cleansing bundle or one of the candles through the house. While this spell protects your whole home, a little extra boost to each room can’t hurt. 
  3. When the candle or candles have gone out by themselves, take whatever remains of them and the smoke cleansing bundle and bury them away from your home. If you can’t bury them, for example, if you live in an apartment with no garden, just make sure you dispose of them away from your home.
dancing for joy at protected home gif
This will be more how you’ll feel once you’ve protected and cleansed your space with our home protection spell!

My magical loves, that’s it! Using my easy home protection spell means you’ve protected your home and removed all negative energies at the same time.

Until next time,

Blessed Be,

Amaria xoxo