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Smoky Quartz – The Crystal of Cooperation

“Smoky quartz – A powerhouse of energy”

Hi and welcome to Wicca Now. As you may already know, Wicca Now is a site where Amaria and I write about all things Witchcraft, Wicca and Magick. Lately, we’ve been covering a lot of crystal related topics, like this post on crystal witchcraft, all about black onyx or this article on crystals for confidence. Today I thought we’d focus on a specific crystal, namely smoky quartz.

Smoky Quartz – It’s Meaning and Properties

Smoky quartz has been used since ancient times for both jewellery and ornamental objects The Egyptians liked to make beads out of it and it was used as a seal stone throughout the Mediterranean region. During the 13th Century the Chinese even made an early form of sunglasses from thin slices of smoky quartz.

The color of the crystal can vary with the general colour range moving between smoky gray through to black and brown. The colour can also vary within the stone itself.

smoky quartz four smoky quartz specimens on white background with text

Meaning and Correspondences

Smoky quartz is a total powerhouse of energy. Use it before spell or ritual work to cleanse the area, afterwards to center and ground your energy or during to amplify your magickal effects.

  • Aids in raising awareness
  • Good for psychic work
  • Taps into subconscious wisdom
  • Enhances creative expression
  • Dreamwork
  • Attracts luck and abundance
  • Provides powerful protection against negativity
  • Helps to remove obstacles
  • Protects from dark energy
  • Encourages grounding
  • Removes mental and emotional blocks

Elemental Correspondences

Smoky quartz is associated with the elements earth and fire

Astrological Influences

Its astrological influence comes from the zodiac constellations of Capricorn and Libra.

Spells Featuring Smoky Quartz

A Smoky Quartz Dream Spell

This spell can be used for a variety of purposes. Maybe you’d like to remember you dreams or dispel a nightmare? Or you’d like to have a prophetic dream which can provide you with the answer to a question.

You’ll need:

A piece of smoky quartz, the bigger the better. Smoky quartz is great for dream magick and it can aid with astral travel.


  • Step. 1 – Cleanse and charge your crystal
  • Step. 2 – Place the crystal underneath your bed or on a bedside table. If your stone is small and smooth you might like to place it directly under your pillow.
  • Step. 3 – Connect with the crystal and visualise it magnifying your dreams. Picture the crystal clarifying your dreams and allowing you to gain access to their deeper meanings.
  • Step. 4 – Sleep with the crystal close to you and every morning, right after you awaken, note your dreams and any insights you may have gained in your Book of Shadows or dream journal.
  • Step. 5 – Continue the work of connecting with the crystal and noting your dreams in the morning. Do this until you feel like you have gained the insight or answer you were looking for.
  • Step. 6 – Once you have your answer, thank the crystal for its help and guidance, cleanse it and store it in a safe place ready for its next use.

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Lovelies, I hope this post has inspired you to give black smoky quartz a try. Its a wonderful crystal and an essential part of any crystal witches toolkit. As always, Blessed Be.

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