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4 Little-Known Amethyst Crystal Benefits

Hi and welcome to Wicca Now. As you may already know, Wicca Now is a site where Amaria and I write about all things Witchcraft, Wicca and Magick. Lately, we’ve been covering a lot of crystal related topics, like this post on crystal witchcraft, this guide to crystal correspondences or this article on jasper. Today I thought we’d focus on another beautiful crystal, namely amethyst.

Amethyst is one of the most highly valued members of the quartz family and has enjoyed almost never-ending popularity. The crystal was prized by the pharaohs of Egypt, the ancient Romans as well as the high priests of Israel. During the Middle Ages amethyst was thought to act as an antidote against poison and it was also used as a protective charm against witchcraft. Even Leonardo De Vinci was a fan, claiming that the crystal helped to increase intelligence and remove negative thoughts. The colour of amethyst encompasses many various shades of purple and it can sometimes even have a reddish hue. It has a vitreous lustre.

Because I’ve found this beautiful mineral provides such powerful healing perks, I thought it might be an apt time to write a little post about some of its amazing benefits and uses. I’ll explain some of the amethysts incredible healing properties and provide a few special recipes and spells using amethyst.

Below are my favourite uses for amethyst. Make one, 2 or all or these recipes!

Hildegard von Bingen’s Amethyst Infused Water

amethyst infused water - Illustrated instructions on white background.

A famous healer and Abbess, Hildegard von Bingen lived in Germany during the 12th Century. Hildegard is known amongst crystal lovers for her pioneering work on crystal therapy called ‘Lapis Lapidarum’, in which she described the healing benefits of over 22 minerals. One of Hildegard’s most well-known crystal recipes is her ‘amethyst water’. 

  1. Hang a piece of clean, purified amethyst druzy over a pot of boiling water.
  2. Allow the steam from the pot to condense on the crystal and drip back into the pot
  3. After approx 30 minutes of steaming turn down the heat and allow the water to cool
  4. Once the water has cooled enough to be pleasant to the touch, gently place the amethyst into the water
  5. Allow the amethyst to remain in the water until it has cooled completely
  6. Once the water is completely cool, remove the amethyst and carefully pour the infused water into a special storage container or spray bottle
  7. Use the infused water as a pillow spray to encourage a restful night’s sleep. The amethyst infused water will also help ease nightmares and insomnia
  8. You can also use the infused water to rejuvenate and heal the skin

Relieve Muscle Aches with an Amythest Crystal Massage

If you’ve ever come home after a long day at work with sore neck muscles (hello fellow computer workers) or other sore muscles why not try an amethyst crystal massage? If you’re lucky enough to have someone who can massage you then all the better but it’s no problem to practice this massage on yourself either.

You will need:

  • A smooth piece of cleansed and purified amethyst

Method: Take the amethyst and gently use the crystal to stroke across your sore muscles, following the path that the internal fluids would normally take. Use the amethyst to calmly and firmly encourage healing energies to flow throughout the affected areas.

The effects of crystals on the body are not chemical but come through a transfer of the crystals own ‘internal’ energy into the affected areas. I’ve found this to be an effective and relaxing ritual and actually love to massage my face and neck with an amethyst crystal. On a side note, this is also really great for facial contouring, helping to define and smooth your facial features. Chinese women traditionally do this exact same thing using a Gua sha tool, often made from crystal or jade.

Curing Insomnia using Amythest Crystals

Amethyst bed ritual graphic. Women in bed surround by amethyst crystals on water coloured background

Although I’ve personally never suffered much from insomnia (apart from a few sleepless nights here and there) I know a number of my friends have real issues catching a decent nights sleep. If you’re unlucky enough to consider yourself a member of the ‘sleepless nights’ crowd, why not try this amethyst insomnia cure? If you want a slightly longer ritual, check out this sleep spell we posted.

  • What you’ll need: A handful of cleansed and purified amethyst crystals
  • Method: Before going to sleep consider putting away your cellphone, shutting off your laptop and turning off the television at least 30 mins prior. 
  • Make your bed a place you love to spend time in. I love the feeling of sleeping on silk pillowcases and I always iron my bed linen because, for me, there’s nothing more luxurious then sliding between smooth soft sheets after a long day. It makes me feel instantly relaxed and taken care of.
  • Take the amethyst crystals into each hand and gently move them across your head as though you were brushing your hair. Imagine the crystals brushing away all negative thoughts and filling your mind and your bedroom with a serene, peaceful and totally relaxed energy.
  • Now take the crystals and place them directly underneath your pillow. If this is too uncomfortable try to at least place them somewhere close to your head.
  • Repeat this method for at least 7 days. After 7 days you should have noticed a real improvement in the quality and length of your sleep.
  • Remember to cleanse and purify your crystals regularly

Using Amythest Crystals to Help Cure Anxiety and Homesickness

Anti-anxiety ritual featuring amethyst graphic on purple water colour background

Like almost everyone I know, I sometimes suffer from quite crippling anxiety attacks. These can come out of nowhere and are incredibly debilitating. Rather than relying on prescription medication to help ease my anxiety symptoms (let me be clear here that there’s no shame whatsoever in using prescription medication, in this case, it’s just not something that’s worked for me personally), I’ve found a number of alternative cures which do seem to work really well. Check out this anti-anxiety spell we posted a while back too.

As well as taking CBD supplements, I’ve discovered that I love using amethyst crystals to help ground me when I’m feeling particularly anxious.

What you’ll need: 1 or 2 cleansed and purified amethyst crystals

Method: Note: Its best to apply this method as soon as you feel the first little inkling that an anxiety attack may be heading your way. The sooner you catch it the more likely the chances that you’ll be able to pivot and avoid a full-blown attack.  

When you feel the beginnings of anxiety, notice your thoughts circling around certain negative topics and start to feel that restlessness and unfocused state of mind that anxiety brings with it, find yourself a quiet place to sit and take one or two of your favourite amethyst crystals into each hand.

Hold the cool crystals in your hands and simply focus on the way that the crystals slowly begin to take on your own warmth thereby becoming less and less cool. Try to concentrate on the sensation of the crystals warming in your hands as much as possible. Once you feel like they have reached your own body temperature gently place them onto a window sill or some other place where they can cool down. Each time you feel negative thoughts or anxious energy beginning to build repeat this process.

The great thing about this method is that it doesn’t take much time and can be discreetly done. No-one need know that you are holding crystals in your hands, you can simply say to your co-workers that you are going outside for 5mins to catch some fresh air and proceed with the steps once your outside. Also, you can do this as often as you need. I’ve done this multiple times during the course of an hour. 

Note: Remember to cleanse and purify your crystals often to ensure that they can work most effectively. 

amethyst crystals

So my loves, I hope this has given a deeper understanding of the way in which you can embrace the magical powers of amethyst (my namesake).

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xoxo Amythest