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14 Alluring Herbs for Luck to Give You the Boost You Deserve

Hello my fellow nature lovers and welcome to WiccaNow. Today I want to continue down my path of magical herbs. We’ve talked about money herbs, herbs for self love, herbs for protection, healing herbs and herbs for love spells along with posts on lavender, rosemary and cinnamon. Today I want to cover something everyone wants a little more of, luck! With this guide, we’ll talk about 14 common herbs for luck, along with some tips on how to use them and some ways in which each can help medicinally.

pocket luck gif
I think everybody needs a little jar of pocket luck, don’t you?

Our Guide to 14 Magickal Herbs for Luck

Below is a guide to my personal favourite herbs for luck. As with most herbs and plants, the magical uses of each plant are varied and can be used for a multitude of things. As such, I have included other magical uses for each plant.

A word of warning: Please remember to always be careful when using herbs and plant. Never consume something you aren’t 100% sure about. I am not a medical professional and don’t claim to be! The medicinal benefits of these money herbs should not be taken over the advice of a trained doctor.

Herbs for Luck #1 Bamboo

herbs for luck #1 bamboo botanical illustration
Did you know that Bamboo is one of the most versatile plants around? It’s incredibly strong yet can be bent to suit your needs. It grows insanely fast, with one species of bamboo growing almost 1m in a 24 hour period. You can cook in the leaves, use them to treat stomach upsets and build a shelter with them. The shoots are not only edible but also delicious. It provides protection and brings you luck, does it really get much better than Bamboo?

Bamboo has been considered a lucky plant for a long time. We even have “lucky bamboo” plants and an emoji (?) right? The idea that it brings luck comes from the fact that, unlike many other types of wood which may be green when cut but turn brown with age, bamboo never loses its initial colour. The idea that bamboo has continued vitality even after being cut down, corresponds with the idea of luck continually growing to provide prosperity and abundance. Bamboo is thought to provide 3 kinds of luck: happiness, wealth and long life. 

panda eating bamboo shoots GIF
Added bamboo bonus: Pandas looooove it

Plant a Bamboo plant in your garden to have year-round luck. If you want to make a wish, carve that wish into a section of bamboo and then bury the bamboo in a secluded part of your garden. If you want to protect your home, you can carve a protection symbol such as a pentagram, into a piece of bamboo and then place it in your garden. 

Bamboo leaves are good for treating upset stomachs and can even kill parasites living in your body. Bamboo can help to regulate menstrual cycles. The shoots can help to treat respiratory complaints. Some people believe that bamboo is an aphrodisiac. 

Other Magical Uses: In Japan, Bamboo is grown all around the Shinto shrines because it’s believed that bamboo brings protection and wards off malevolent spirits. Breaks hexes and jinxes. Bamboo also represents all 4 elements. It grows from the earth, through water then passes through the sky to reach for the fire of the sun.

Herbs for luck bamboo forest
I mean, how stunning is this bamboo forest? I would definitely feel lucky if I got to see this!

Herbs for Luck #2 Basil

herbs for luck #2 basil botanical illustration
A wonderful herb for bringing good luck in financial matters

Basil is strongly associated with luck in regards to financial matters. We’ve written about it before in money herbs so check it out there.

Herbs for Luck #3 Cabbage

herbs for luck #3 cabbage botanical illustration
Cabbage might seem like a strange addition to this guide. I think the idea that it brings luck to a new marriage is very sweet however so I had to include it.

Cabbage is thought to bring good luck to a new marriage. Plant it into your garden directly after your wedding to ensure that you have a long and happy marriage

It can help with inflammation, it’s packed with vitamin C and can improve digestion. Make sauerkraut with it for an extremely healthy probiotic kick.
It promotes brain health and lowers your risk of cataracts.

Other Magical Uses: Not many that I can find, luck for a happy marriage seems good enough to me though!

psychedelic cabbage gif
Isn’t the structure of the inside of a cabbage amazing? So many tight layers packed into one head

Herbs for Luck #4 Cinnamon

herbs for luck #4 cinnamon botanical illustration
Cinnamon is one of my favourite spices. A little almost always manages to sneak into my baking endeavours.

Cinnamon is a powerful luck and money herb. Check out this post about money herbs for more about cinnamon or for a detailed discussion on it read this dedicated cinnamon post.

Herbs for Luck #5 Citronella

herbs for luck #5 citronella botanical illustration
A herb I could bath in every day. I find it extremely calming and it always elevates my mood.

While many people know citronella for its insect-repelling qualities, it’s also a wonderful herb for luck if you are an artist or performer. It clears the mind and encourages creative expression while also clarifying communication.  

If you are feeling a little spiritually weary, citronella will help to re-energise you and lift your spirits. 

Citronella is an amazing pain reliever for muscle and joint aches. Massage a little oil into the affected areas and you should feel instant relief. It’s also anti-inflammatory, meaning it would be a wonderful aid for anyone who has arthritis. It can be used to help with fluid retention.

Citronella can help ease feelings of depression. Add a little to your diffuser and you’ll immediately feel your mood lifting a little.

Other Magical Uses: Purification. Cleansing negative energies. Can be used for healing and dream work. Protection. Cleansing and purifying your life force.

mosquito devil gif
These little creatures are the bane of my life in summer. They absolutely LOVE me and if I don’t have some citronella oil around I end up being the sacrificial lamb while everyone around me gets away bite free.

Herbs for Luck #6 Clover

herbs for luck #6 clover botanical illustration
I used to search so hard for 4 leafed clovers when I was a kid. I don’t think I ever managed to find one. I did, however, try to convince my sister I had found one when I ripped one leaf of a 3 leafed clover. In hindsight, I was silly and there is no way she ever believed me. She is an excellent big sister though so humoured me to make me feel better.

Clover has to be in this guide right? I mean who doesn’t associate a 4 leaf clover with good luck?? Clover is closely associated with the triple goddess due to its 3 leaf structure. It is often used in spells and rituals regarding youth and beauty.

If you want to draw financial luck to you, put a cloverleaf in your pocket or wallet. This will help if you are planning on gambling. A four-leaf clover will help you see faeries. As clover is a general good luck herb, use it in any luck charms to really give it a boost. 

4 leaf clover hiding in the leaves
I spy a little luck hiding in this sea of green

You can use clover as a diuretic. It is also a wonderful blood purifier and helps with all sorts of respiratory problems. It boosts liver function and helps digestion. It is particularly useful when trying to reduce inflammation caused by gout or arthritis. It has antispasmodic properties and can act as a muscle relaxant as well are helping with muscles aches and cramps 

Other magical Uses: Strengthens and deepens already established love. Wards off malevolent spirits. Can help to develop psychic ability. Keeps away negative energies. Healing. Curing madness. Cleansing.

dog eating lucky 4 leafed clover
Clearly this dog felt like he needed the luck more than his owner did.

Herbs for Luck #7 Frankincense

herbs for luck #7 frankincense botanical illustration
Until recently I didn’t know that a Frankincense Tree looked like this. Learning more about herbs and plants is absolutely fascinating and I’m so happy to do it at the moment.

Frankincense is one of the oldest herbs around. It was used by the Ancient Egyptians as part of their embalming process and is most famously known as being one of the gifts brought why the 3 kings when Jesus was born. 

It had amazing powers of attraction, so it is said to bring good luck in business deals. Carry a small piece of resin in your pocket when heading to an important meeting to help you secure the outcome you want. 

Make a good luck charm with frankincense by placing 8 small pieces of resin into a small golden bag. While you are adding the resin to the bag, imagine the resin being filled with gold light. Close the bag while visualising this strong warm light and then carry the charm on your person. This will draw luck and abundance to you.

Frankincense is wonderful when used as an antiseptic. Even the smoke can help to fight germs and bugs. It’s an anti-inflammatory and can help reduce scarring. If you have problems with your menstrual cycle, frankincense can help to reduce the symptoms of PMS while also regulating your cycle.  

Other Magical uses: Purifying spaces. Great for psychic work as it helps open up your spiritual connection. The resin is often burned to purify sacred spaces. Boosts the magical power of other herbs.

Frankincense in resin form
This is the form of frankincense most people would be more acquainted with

Herbs for Luck #8 Irish Moss

herbs for luck #8 irish moss botanical drawing
While this does look a little like a form of moss or lichen, in reality, it’s actually a seaweed. Seaweed is a miracle plant and has so so many uses. Did you know, that Irish Moss has gelling properties? You can use it to thicken sauces or gravies as well as using it for spellwork

Irish moss, which is also known as carrageen, is actually a type of seaweed and not a moss at all. It is probably the most potent herb for money luck on this list and is beloved by gamblers and business owners alike. 

Sprinkle a little Irish Moss in 4 corners of your home or sprinkle a little under the carpets to encourage prosperity for all the people in your home. If you keep a small pouch with moss in your wallet you will have good luck when gambling. If you want to attract more customers to your business, sprinkle a little moss onto the floor of your office to encourage more paying customers. 

To attract money luck, make the following charm: Place a pinch of Irish moss, some calendula and a couple of basil leaves into a red pouch and carry it on your person. While you are making the charm, think about why you want to attract money and how you will use it.

money luck charm ingredients
Ingredients for a charm to bring you luck with money

You can also soak some Irish moss in water, and then use this water in money spells to make them more potent. 

A tea made from Irish Moss can help alleviate coughs, colds and many problems relating to the chest and lungs. It also helps keep your immune system healthy and is full of antioxidants. 

Other Magical Uses: Protection. Aphrodisiac.

Irish Moss gif
This could be you with the help of a little Irish Moss

Herbs for Luck #9 Lotus

herbs for luck #9 lotus botanical illustration
Lotus can be hard to find, I use an essential oil and it smells delicious and I believe it works just as well as the fresh plant.

Wearing or carrying any part of a lotus plant will ensure you good luck and the blessing of the gods. The Ancient Egyptians considered the lotus to be a sacred plant and as such the flowers and roots were often used as an offering for the gods. 

Lotus can help you if you are having stomach troubles. It can also lower your blood sugar and cholesterol. Lotus seeds have been found to have significant anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. In Eastern medicine, extracts of the leaves and roots are used to help regulate menstrual cycles. These extracts are also thought to reduce excessive bleeding and can help to replenish your blood to prevent anaemia. 

Other Magical Uses: Breathing the scent of a lotus flower provides you with protection. If you feel like you have had an unwanted love spell cast on you, you can use lotus seeds as an antidote. Opening locks. Aphrodisiac.

lotus flower blooming
Aren’t Lotus flowers almost ethereal in their beauty? You can see why they were sacred flowers and used as offerings to the gods.

Herbs for Luck #10 Mint

herbs for luck #10 mint botanical illustration
Mint will draw more customers into your business. Grow some in a small pot on your desk and be rewarded with luck, more business and a delicious scent.

Mint can be used to attract money and luck relating to money. It will help to draw customers into your business. Sprinkle a little dried mint into the corners of your business or have a small pot with fresh mint growing in the room. 

Mint will also bring good luck when travelling. Carry a little with you to make travelling easier and prevent delays. 

Mint has many uses medicinally. Use to the help soothe upset stomachs. It can help ease symptoms of PMS, particularly if you often get headaches related to your cycle. Mint is an anti-inflammatory and is antiseptic. If you have a cold, you can use it to relieve symptoms by adding it to hot water and doing an inhalation. 

Other Magical Uses: Healing, strength and power. Gives you more energy and vitality. Breaking jinxes and hexes. Protection.

Herbs for Luck #11 Parsley

herbs for luck #11 parsley botanical illustration
If you are feeling jinxed, carry a little parsley on you so that bad luck stays away from you

Parsley is a tricky one because some see it as a herb associated with death. I don’t find the idea of death frightening, as it’s a natural part of life, so I prefer to think of it as a herb associated with luck. Or rather, with the prevention of bad luck. The Romans would tuck parsley into their togas in order to prevent bad luck and to provide protection. They also used it to ward evil away from food. 

If you feel like getting lucky, wink wink, make a meal with parsley in it and serve it to your consenting partner. This will give you an evening of amorous pleasure as parsley is said to inspire lust. 

Parsley is rich in antioxidants and is packed with vitamin K which helps with bone health. Parsley s also full of vitamins that help with eye health. It contains antibacterial properties. Maybe the Romans figured this out, hence their belief that it made their food safer. The high amount of chlorophyll in parsley helps to keep your breath fresh. 

Other Magical Uses: Use it in purification baths and to increase fertility. Due to its association with death, it’s often used in rituals to do with the dead and with attempts at communication with those on the other side. 

woman waving parsley gif
Get ready for a lusty evening with the help of parsley

Herbs for Luck #12 Pine

herbs for luck #12 pine botanical illustration
If you don’t want to harvest a whole pine branch, collect some pine cones next time you see them. Keep them in the house to bring you luck and joy.

Pine trees are often associated with prosperity and fertility. They are evergreens, and as such are thought to draw luck to them as they always stay green, even in the harshest conditions. Hang a pine branch over your entry door, this will help bring luck and continuous joy into your home. 

Pine is also thought to bring you back into balance. If you feel like you are attracting a lot of bad luck or negative energy at the moment, use pine to prevent this.

Have a hot bath with some pine oil or fresh pine needles in it. As you get into the bath, strongly picture all the negativity and bad luck you are feeling draining out of you and changing into a positive warm glow. Soak in the bath as long as you can. When you are finished, allow the water to run down the drain away while picturing the bad energy going with it. Once you have completed this cleansing ritual, the pine should have restored your good luck and have cleansed you of any negativity. 

hedgehog floating in the bath gif
While you wouldn’t want to have a bath with him (not the right kind of needles), I hope he cheers you up for a second with his cuteness!

Pine can really help with colds. Add some fresh pine needles to a bowl of hot water and inhale the steam to help with a blocked nose. Put a pinecone or pine needles into your bath water to help ease muscle pain and swelling. It also helps to stimulate your circulation and can improve your eyesight. 

Other Magical Uses: Wards off malevolent or harmful influences.  Strengthens your connection to the natural world. Is good in healing spells. Protection.

Herbs for Luck #13 Vervain

herbs for luck #13 vervain botanical illustration
This is truly a wonderful herb to always keep in your herb kit. Use it to boost the effects of other herbs or on its own to bring you luck.

Vervain is a very strong and powerful herb which is one of the most well known magical plants from ancient times. During Medival times it was even called the magicians’ herb. 

Among its many other magical properties, vervain (also known as verbena), brings luck and inspiration. Use it in spells relating to prosperity or if you need a stroke of inspiration for a project. It works wonderfully when used in love charms too. Vervain acts as a booster to the magic of other herbs, so add it to any charm you make for a little extra luck and an increase in the potency of your charm. 

If you want to increase prosperity within your household, plant a few vervain plants in your garden. This will increase your luck as well as draw wealth to you and everyone who lives in your home. Vervain is a great herb for artists to use as it helps with creativity and ensures good luck and success when performing. 

This magical plant is a wonderful way to turn bad luck into good luck. Carry it on your person if you are in a very stressful situation as vervain will help to ensure that luck is on your side so that you get the result you want. 

You can use vervain as a mild sedative. It is also good when made into a poultice to help with headaches. It can reduce redness of the skin. It’s an anti-inflammatory and can also help with anxiety. Studies have also found the vervain can really help to reduce the effects of gingivitis and will improve your overall gum health.  

Basically, this magical herb is an all-rounder and could potentially help you out with anything. What a rockstar! 

Other Magical Uses: Cleansing. Purification. Can prevent nightmares when hung over a bed. Repels negative energies. Protection. Opens your 3rd eye so will help with psychic and dream work. Can help to suppress sexual desire for extended periods of time. Soldiers used to carry it with them to help them escape their enemies. Love spells and charms.

vervain plant and flowers
I love that this is such a delicate and pretty plant yet it’s magically incredibly powerful. It reminds us to never underestimate things from the way they look.

Herbs for Luck #14 Violet

herbs for luck #14 violet botanical drawing
Picking the first violet of Spring may grant you a wish.

If you need more luck in your life, carry a violet flower in your pocket or add it to a luck charm. They attract and increase your luck, especially when it comes to matters of love. Violets will also bring you happiness, which in my opinion is a very potent form of good luck. 

If you want to make a powerful “luck in love” charm, add dried violets and dried lavender to a small pouch and carry this with you when you go out on your next date. To improve its effectiveness, strongly picture what you want while you are making the charm. Are you looking for a physical connection or a spiritual one? Do you want something instant or slow-growing and longer? The stronger you can set your intentions for what you want while making this charm, the more likely it is to bring you luck. 

"luck in love" charm indredients
Violets and lavender are two great herbs for luck and love. Dried flowers are always best, but if you can’t find them, an alternative to this charm is to put a few drops of violet and lavender essential oil onto a small piece of red silk.

If you have violets growing near you, pick the first ones you see in the spring and dry them. They have the power to help grant wishes so use them wisely. 

Violets can help ease headaches and the scent can be very soothing. They also relieve coughs and can help with digestive issues. The leaves can aid in reducing fevers and will reduce inflammation. 

Other Magical Uses: Prophetic dreams. Creativity. Peace and Tranquility. Protection.

violet flower in hand
Will this violet grant your wish??

So my loves, I hope I’ve given you enough lucky plants for today! Let them bring you all the things you desire. I’ll leave you with a small ritual for luck.

A Simple Ritual to Bring You Good Luck

Pick as many of our lucky herbs as you want, and place them in a jar. Seal the jar, and shake it every day while saying

“Of nature’s sweet and greatest gifts, I bring about a major shift, to bless me, keep me, bring me luck, from herbs and petals that I’ve plucked. I shake this jar, then give a kiss, to bring awareness to my wish. So Mote it Be”

When you have said this small prayer, kiss the jar and imagine a golden stream of luck flowing from the plants through your lips and into your body.

I hope this has given you an insight into all the herbs for luck that you’ll ever need! Until next time fellow magical plant lovers,

Blessed Be,

Amaria xoxo