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10 Powerful Money Herbs and How to Use Them

Hello, my darlings and welcome to WiccaNow. Recently I’ve been covering a topic that is close to my heart. Because I consider myself a little bit of a Green Witch, I have developed a keen interest in all sorts of magical plants and healing herbs.

Today I’d like to cover a topic that many people might find crass and crude, yet plays a vital part in our day to day lives. Money is a very dividing thing. No matter how much we have in life, we usually always want more.

While I’m in no way advocating greed, money is a useful tool in getting us the life that we want! Today I want to talk about the best money herbs so that you can increase the flow of abundance and luck into your lives.

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A word of warning: Please remember to always be careful when using herbs and plant. Never consume something you aren’t 100% sure about. I am not a medical professional and don’t claim to be! The medicinal benefits of these money herbs should not be taken over the advice of a trained doctor.

Magical Money Herbs and their Uses

The connection between herbs and prosperity is ancient, found in traditions across the world. Archaeology shows mint leaves were wrapped in prosperity spells inside Egyptian tombs dating back 4,000 years. Fresh basil leaves were entwined into business transactions in India over 3,000 years ago to ensure fair profits.

In Greek and Roman times, the goddess Juno was associated with money and abundance. Healers in her temples often prescribed chamomile in rituals to attract favorable fortunes. Cloves were once burned as incense to honor the Hindu goddess of wealth, Lakshmi.

During the Middle Ages in Europe, practitioners used patches of alfalfa grown near the home to symbolize financial stability taking root. Traveling merchants kept nutmeg in their pockets to amplify luck in trades.

In Hoodoo folk magic, Allspice’s reputation for drawing money is thought to come from West African traditions utilizing the spice. Lucky Hand Root was carried from Asia and gained popularity in American conjure practices, prescribed for gamblers and speculators.

From the Victorian era into the early 20th century, cunning folk and witches discreetly bartered herbal charms made with cinnamon sticks, ginger roots, and anise seeds said to multiply one’s assets.

Today, the global herbalism community continues using time-tested botanicals for prosperity work, guided both by ancestral wisdom and personal intuition through the plants.

With detailed historical contexts and citations, we can demonstrate these herbs’ enduring place in prosperity traditions across eras and cultures

Below are my favourite herbs and plants to use in money and prosperity spells. They all bring abundance and luck, something everyone can use a bit more of.

Comparative Chart of Money Magic Herbs and Their Properties

Magical Properties in Money MagicRitual UsesAdditional CorrespondencesHealth BenefitsElemental Association
AlfalfaDraws in wealth
Carry seeds in a sachet or pocketProsperity and protection
Rich in nutrients, anti-inflammatory

Good luck in businessBurn as incense, add to oilsHealing, love magicDigestive aid, antioxidant
Attracts wealth
Place leaves in walletLove, protection
Anti-inflammatory, antioxidantFire
ChamomileFinancial luckMake tea, use in bathsHealing, loveAids sleep, digestionWater
CinnamonAmplifier, attracts wealthSprinkle at doorstepLove, energy cleansingBoosts metabolism

ClovesGambling luck, draws wealthBurn as incenseFriendship, gossip controlRelieves toothacheFire
GingerSpeeds up money spellsPlant at homeLove, success, confidenceRelieves cramps, boosts metabolismFire
HoneysuckleDraws prosperityInfuse in waterLove, dream magicAntioxidant propertiesEarth/Water

Gambling luck, legal success
Grate into shoes
Clairvoyance, love charms
Aids digestion

Perceptibility to opportunity
Plant near home
Abundance, success, healthSource of vitamins, antimicrobial

Money Herbs #1 Alfalfa

10 Powerful Money Herbs and How to Use Them 1

Imagine strolling through a market, your eyes gliding over an array of culinary herbs. There it is—alfalfa, those vibrant green sprouts. You remember hearing that alfalfa isn’t just for salads; it’s a ticket to greater abundance. Intrigued, you decide to delve into magical work with this humble plant.

You pick up some dried alfalfa seeds from a local herb shop. When you get home, you find a green sachet bag, symbolizing wealth. Toss in some alfalfa seeds along with a few coins to symbolize the money you want to attract. Hold it in your hand, close your eyes, and envision financial doors opening for you. Now, slip that sachet into your purse or wallet. Each time you touch it, let it serve as a tangible reminder of the prosperity flowing your way.

You love the idea of your home being a sanctuary of wealth and well-being. You take a glass jar and layer it with alfalfa seeds, alternating with layers of salt for purification and cinnamon sticks for quick success. Place the jar in your kitchen—the heart of your home. Whenever you walk by, give the jar a gentle shake while visualizing a cascade of coins showering over you.

You’re big on rituals. Why not turn a daily tea habit into a prosperity magnet? Brew some alfalfa tea and settle into a comfortable space. As you sip, focus on your financial goals—maybe it’s paying off debt, or perhaps you’re saving for a vacation. Let every sip imbue you with the confidence that your financial aspirations are within reach.

Alfalfa’s magic is subtle, a gentle nudge rather than a seismic shift. To give your prosperity work a real jolt, consider mixing alfalfa with basil for wealth or chamomile for luck. The alfalfa acts as a stabilizer, harmonizing with these stronger herbs to create a balanced energetic blend. You can also grow an alfalfa patch to stabilize your wealth thanks to its protective properties.

And hey, while you’re attracting all this abundance, don’t forget that alfalfa is also a little health guardian. It’s quietly working to lower your cholesterol, purify your blood, and even reduce inflammation. Plus, if you’re a nursing mom, it might just be your new best friend for milk production.

See? Alfalfa might seem unassuming, but with these little tricks, you’ll find it’s a green powerhouse for both your wallet and your well-being.

Money Herbs #2 Allspice

10 Powerful Money Herbs and How to Use Them 2

You’re out grocery shopping and you hit the spice aisle. Your eyes land on Allspice. The bulbous berries in their small jar instantly evoke thoughts of holiday desserts and Jamaican jerk seasoning. But then it hits you—why not bring some Allspice magic into your life? You already know it’s great in the kitchen, so why not test its rumored prosperity powers?

Your bills are stacking up, and payday is still a week away. You remember the Allspice you bought. Count out seven berries and tuck them into your pocket as you head out for the day. Feel them jostle against your leg with each step, and let that motion remind you that these little berries are hard at work, pulling prosperity your way. After a week, take those berries to a nearby stream and toss them in, visualizing your financial worries being carried away.

You’re all about vibes and love filling your space with mood-lifting scents. Grab some dried Allspice berries and set them alight in a fireproof dish. As the room fills with that rich, aromatic scent, close your eyes and visualize money flowing into your life as easily as the smoke drifts through the air.

You dig through your arts and crafts supplies and find a small cloth pouch. Toss in some Allspice berries, a few basil leaves, and a handful of chamomile. This is your good luck charm now, and it’s gonna be with you in every job interview, business meeting, or whenever you’re feeling the need for a financial lift.

While you’re casting spells and attracting cash, don’t forget the health benefits. Stomach acting up from last night’s questionable take-out? Brew an Allspice tea to soothe your digestive woes. Got a zit that decided to make its grand appearance right before a big date? Dab some Allspice oil on it; it’s a mild antiseptic that can improve blood flow to the skin.

See, Allspice isn’t just your grandma’s secret pie ingredient. It’s a versatile powerhouse, ready to spice up your life in more ways than one.

Money Herbs #3 Basil

10 Powerful Money Herbs and How to Use Them 3

Picture yourself in the kitchen, elbow-deep in fresh produce from the market. You catch the scent of basil and feel a bit of a buzz. It’s not just the aroma; there’s a sense of promise in the air. Your wallet has been feeling light lately, and you’re intrigued by the idea that basil can change that.

You grab a small potted basil plant and place it by your front door. Every time you walk past it, you can’t help but think about how its growth mirrors your financial aspirations. You start to care for this basil like you would a fragile early stage business: meticulously, with lots of hope for growth. Growing a basil plant is a great way to symbolize your financial goals taking root.

You’re spring cleaning, but with a magical twist. You grab a handful of basil leaves, steep them in hot water for three days, and then mix it into your mop bucket. As you scrub your floors, you feel as though you’re clearing away financial cobwebs, making room for new income. With each swipe of the mop, imagine your savings account filling up, like you’re literally cleaning your way to a thicker wallet.

What’s that peeking out from behind your credit cards and spare change? Ah, a single basil leaf. It’s not just a quirky touch; it’s your personal finance talisman. Each time you touch it, even when you’re paying bills or buying groceries, you feel like you’re activating a bit of extra prosperity.

Beyond these cash attractions, basil has got your back in the health department too. Skin acting up? Crush a basil leaf and apply it to the irritated area; its anti-inflammatory properties start to soothe on contact. Or maybe you’ve got a rickety stomach. Brew yourself a cup of basil tea and take slow sips. Almost instantly, you’ll feel a wave of relief wash over you.

Basil does more than spice up your favorite dishes; it can be the secret sauce to a more prosperous, healthy life. Learn more about the alluring magickal properties of Basil.

Money Herbs #4 Chamomile

10 Powerful Money Herbs and How to Use Them 4

Imagine you’ve been in a rut lately—financially and emotionally. You stumble upon chamomile, not just the teabags in your pantry but the plant itself with its tiny daisy-like flowers. You’ve heard about its power to remove jinxes and promote wealth, and you think, “Why not? It’s worth a shot.”

You draw a warm bath and scatter chamomile flowers into the water. As you step in, you feel like you’re shedding an invisible weight. You soak, imagining any financial jinx that’s on you dissolving in the water, going down the drain when you’re done. It’s as if you’re scrubbing away the numbers in red, replacing them with optimistic black figures in your bank account.

Next up, a cleanse for your whole home. You fill a bucket with water and handfuls of chamomile, letting the positive vibes steep. Armed with a mop, you start from the farthest corner of your home, mentally pushing out any energy that could be causing financial loss. When you get to the front door, you make your final swipes, as if you’re banishing the financial jinx off your property line. It feels like you’re clearing the space for prosperity to flow in unimpeded.

You’ve got a crucial business meeting coming up. Normally, you’d be pacing, stressing. Instead, you wash your hands in chamomile water, thinking of the plant’s abilities to increase the odds in your favor. As you shake hands with potential partners or clients, you’re not just transferring a business card; you’re sharing a touch of chamomile luck.

On the health front, chamomile is like a Swiss Army knife. Got a nagging cough? Chamomile tea can soothe sore throats while its magical properties remove financial jinxes. Indigestion from nervousness about your financial state? That same tea can also soothe your stomach. And if you find yourself running a fever from all the stress, chamomile’s anti-inflammatory properties are there to break it down.

You’ve found a reliable, all-around ally in chamomile. From removing jinxes to boosting your luck, it seems to say, “I’ve got you covered.” Explore the magickal properties of Chamomile.

Money Herbs #5 Cinnamon

10 Powerful Money Herbs and How to Use Them 5

Picture yourself in a quaint, dimly lit cafe, a spot where the aroma of fresh pastries and coffee fills the air. Amid the symphony of clinking cups and hushed conversations, your eyes catch a jar of cinnamon sticks. You’ve always known cinnamon as a versatile spice, but its potential reaches far beyond lattes and desserts. You see, cinnamon is like that multi-talented friend who excels at everything they touch; it’s a powerhouse in the mystical realm.

Let’s start with money because, let’s face it, who couldn’t use a bit more? You gather cinnamon sticks and some green paper—the color of currency. Write your financial intentions on the paper and wrap it around a cinnamon stick. Light a green candle, because in magic, symbolism is everything, and green is the color of prosperity. As the candle burns, you can practically see those financial hurdles crumbling, and opportunities manifesting like job offers and business leads.

You remember that cinnamon and sugar mix you keep in the kitchen? Grab it. Mix equal parts and sprinkle the mixture at your doorstep. The logic is simple but rooted in old traditions: cinnamon attracts good fortune, while sugar sweetens the deal. Every time you step over the threshold, it’s as if you’re stepping through a curtain of positivity and prosperity. It feels like walking into an invisible hug that says, “Good things are coming your way.”

And cinnamon’s potency doesn’t stop there. Burn a cinnamon stick like you would sage for smoke cleansing, and walk through your home. It feels like you’re swiping away negativity, making room for clarity, and abundance.

Pro Tip: Carry a small pouch of cinnamon sticks in your pocket to ward off any malevolent spirits or negative energies. Try our easy abundance spell with vanilla and cinnamon.

Money Herbs #6 Cloves

10 Powerful Money Herbs and How to Use Them 6

Imagine you’re in a cozy kitchen filled with the aroma of a freshly baked pumpkin pie, wafting the mingling scents of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. In that nostalgic moment, cloves might seem like nothing more than a humble spice. But trust me, this tiny bud has more clout than it appears. In the magical realm, this wonderful herb has been used in protective and abundance drawing spells for centuries thanks to its purification properties

So you’re heading to a poker game or maybe the roulette table. You tie a small string of cloves into a charm and place it in your pocket. The moment you walk into the room, it’s as if Lady Luck herself took a seat next to you. As you touch the charm subtly before placing your bet, it feels like a warm surge of confidence and a feeling that, hey, the odds might just be bending in your favor tonight.

For those focused on long-term financial stability, burning cloves as incense becomes a go-to ritual. Picture this: the clove incense smolders, releasing a rich, spicy scent that fills the room. You visualize it acting like a magnet, pulling in success and prosperity. Each plume of smoke feels like another deposit in your spiritual bank account, as you sense your fortunes accumulating, almost as if manifesting out of thin air.

And don’t discount the clove’s role as a medical multitasker. A toothache ruining your day? A drop of clove oil directly on the aching tooth and you’re saved from the brink of DIY dentistry. The sensation feels like a numbing wave, turning down the volume on your pain. Add to that its circulation-boosting and digestive benefits, and you’ve got a herb that cares as much about your health as your wallet.

So, the next time you pass by a jar of cloves, recognize them for what they really are: miniature bundles of magic, designed to navigate you through life’s financial ups and downs, while keeping your health and social life buoyant. You’ll find an abundance of additional herbal references in our comprehensive botanical witchipedia.

Money Herbs #7 Ginger

10 Powerful Money Herbs and How to Use Them 7

Imagine biting into a juicy piece of sushi with a side of ginger, feeling that warm, zesty kick as it hits your palate. Now, let’s flip the script and see this familiar root as more than a culinary accent. When it comes to magic— this great herb can give your prosperity spells a boost while also enhancing your overall health.

Ginger is the venture capital fund of the magical herb world. It specializes in making good spells great by increasing their efficiency and potency. Think of it like a turbocharger for your financial spells. You perform your ritual, incorporating a sprinkle of ginger powder or a ginger root slice, and it’s as if you’ve just given a shot of adrenaline to your magical efforts. Your intuition sharpens; you suddenly feel more attuned to opportunities around you, almost like your very vibes are attracting dollar bills.

Now, envision a potted ginger plant sitting near your window sill. Not only is it an aesthetic plus, but the presence of this plant also acts as a homely charm for attracting good luck and prosperity.

We can’t ignore the other side of ginger—the healing aspects. Whether it’s a ginger tea to relieve headaches or its use for cramps, that extra energy boost you get isn’t just physical. Think of it as fuel for your magical endeavors. A sip of ginger tea right before casting a money spell feels like an immediate lift, supercharging your intentions.

Besides its focus on financial prosperity, ginger is like that wingman who also encourages you to be your best self. It’s reputed to be a potent aphrodisiac and a booster for self-confidence and adventure. Imagine applying a bit of ginger-infused oil before heading out; it’s as if you’ve put on an invisible cloak of charisma and confidence.

Ginger is not just a root; it’s a toolbox for life. It looks out for your finances, boosts your health, and even adds a dash of adventure and sensuality to your existence. Learn more about the magickal properties of Ginger.

Money Herbs #8 Honeysuckle

10 Powerful Money Herbs and How to Use Them 8

You’re walking down a garden path, and there it is—a honeysuckle vine climbing up a trellis, its trumpet-shaped flowers releasing that intoxicating scent. It’s both romantic and homey, but honeysuckle is also a hidden treasure chest when it comes to magical properties, particularly in matters of money and abundance.

Imagine you’re going for a job interview or an important business meeting. Rub a drop or two of honeysuckle essential oil onto your pulse points, and watch as it turns you into a magnet for opportunities. Just like bees are irresistibly drawn to its nectar, you’ll find people more receptive to your ideas, almost as if you’ve become a conduit for success.

Now, consider bringing that garden magic into your home. Placing a honeysuckle plant at the entrance or even hanging a wreath of it on your front door acts like a homing signal for prosperity. It’s as if you’ve put a welcome mat for money, inviting financial abundance to cross the threshold and become a permanent guest in your life.

Honeysuckle has an attribute similar to an amplifier; it can significantly boost the power of other magical herbs or spells. Say you’re casting a prosperity spell using a green candle and other herbs like basil or cinnamon. Sprinkle some honeysuckle petals or drizzle a little honeysuckle-infused oil onto the candle, and you’ve just given your spell a VIP upgrade.

While our focus is on material wealth, honeysuckle knows that abundance in life isn’t just about money. Its calming and loving properties make you emotionally rich. This is crucial because when you’re in a good emotional state, you make better financial decisions.

Pro Tip: Use honeysuckle in a protection spell to guard your home against any negative energies.

Money Herbs #9 Nutmeg

10 Powerful Money Herbs and How to Use Them 9

Nutmeg is said to be the ultimate gamblers herb. Carry a whole nutmeg in your pocket to draw luck to you. Another way of using it for luck is to grate a little directly into your shoes before you visit a casino, this way luck will walk with you wherever you go. 

Nutmeg is really a lucky magical herb. If you have to go to court or need legal help for any reason, it can help to bring a good verdict your way. Carrying it while travelling will also bring you an easy journey and travellers luck. Just be careful that you don’t accidentally take it through any customs areas where foodstuffs aren’t allowed! 

Anointing candles with nutmeg essential oil can be an effective element in a money-drawing spell. Imagine the scent of nutmeg filling the room as you light the candle, visualizing your wallet getting fatter, your bank account numbers climbing, or that promotion finally landing. If you don’t have the oil, sprinkling ground nutmeg directly into the candle’s flame can yield similar results.

If you are pregnant, be very careful when using nutmeg. Large quantities can cause hallucinations, which makes sense since it increases clairvoyant abilities, but this isn’t advised for anyone carrying a child. 

Other Magical Uses: Clarity, social awareness, emotional openness and personal confidence. Increases psychic power. Love Charms. Nutmeg can increase your psychic abilities, making it a great addition to meditation practices for a blossoming green witch.

Money Herbs #10 Thyme

10 Powerful Money Herbs and How to Use Them 10

Thyme: The Herb of Patient Prosperity. Don’t let its humble appearance fool you; thyme is a mighty herb in the magical realm and has a long history of use in business deals for its ability to patiently attract wealth.

Got a big meeting coming up or trying to seal a deal? Here’s what you do: steep some thyme in water, and add it to the rinse cycle when you’re laundering your go-to business attire.

For more involved magic, you could incorporate thyme into a wealth attraction spell. Imagine yourself setting up your altar with candles, a green cloth representing money, and fresh or dried thyme sprinkled around the candle. As the flame flickers, the thyme releases its energy, further fueling your spell, making it an amplifier for your intentions.

But thyme isn’t a one-and-done kind of herb; it’s a long game player. If you’re after steady, sustainable prosperity, this is your herb. Plant it in your garden and watch both the herb and your financial fortunes grow side by side.

A word of advice: Thyme prefers solo acts to ensemble casts, especially when powerhouses like ginger are involved. Its delicate yet resilient nature aims to cultivate a steady stream of positive energy and doesn’t play well with overwhelming forces.

In essence, thyme is your all-around go-to herb for steady growth, be it financial or personal, and it doubles as a fantastic health aid. Learn more about the courageous magickal properties of Thyme.

Well my lovelies, that’s all from me today. I hope this small money herbs guide brings you all the success and growth you are looking for in your life. 

I’ll leave you with a prayer for success

“Money, Money Come to Me,
May I be Enriched in the Best of Ways,
Harming None in My Path,
This I accept, 
So Mote it Be”

Until next time, my magical explorers, 

Blessed Be

Amaria xoxo

Money Herbs FAQ

Q: What top herbs would you recommend for boosting my financial situation?
A: Basil plants and cinnamon are top herbs for any prosperity ritual. They’ve been used for a long time to attract wealth and success.

Q: Which herbs are best for business deals?
A: Basil and cinnamon have long been believed to attract prosperity and are often used in prosperity rituals that can positively influence business deals.

Q: I’m a blossoming green witch; which herb is good for beginners?
A: Chamomile is a wonderful herb for beginners due to its easy guide of use and long history in both magic and herbal medicine.

Q: How can these magickal herbs benefit my immune system?
A: Ginger and cloves are packed with vitamin C and other antioxidants, which can give your immune system a solid boost while also serving their magical purposes.

Q: Are there herbs that also offer personal protection while focusing on money magic?
A: For obvious reasons, juniper berries and cloves are often sought after. They offer both prosperity and personal protection against negative energies.

Q: I’m looking to attract true love while also focusing on prosperity. Any recommendations?
A: Vanilla beans are a beautiful flower that serves as both a love potion and a magnet for prosperity. Mixing them in a ritual could yield powerful results.

Q: What is Irish moss used for in money magic?
A: Irish moss has been used since ancient times for luck and prosperity. It’s a great addition to any prosperity ritual.

Q: Are there any herbs to help with water retention or blood circulation while I focus on money magic?
A: While not directly related to money magic, herbs like parsley can help with water retention, and ginger can boost blood circulation when applied to affected areas.

Q: What about purification baths? How can they assist my money magic?
A: Purification baths using sage or Irish moss can cleanse your aura, making your prosperity spells more effective. They also serve as wonderful protection plants.

Q: Are there any herbs that could help mend a broken heart while also aiding in prosperity?
A: Rose is a beautiful flower and healing herb that can work wonders on a broken heart, while also being used to attract love and prosperity.