10 Powerful Money Herbs and How to Use Them

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Hello, my darlings and welcome to WiccaNow. Recently I’ve been covering a topic that is close to my heart. Because I consider myself a little bit of a Green Witch, I have developed a keen interest in all sorts of magical plants and healing herbs.

Today I’d like to cover a topic that many people might find crass and crude, yet plays a vital part in our day to day lives. Money is a very dividing thing. No matter how much we have in life, we usually always want more. While I’m in no way advocating greed, money is a useful tool in getting us the life that we want! Today I want to talk about the best money herbs so that you can increase the flow of abundance and luck into your lives.

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A word of warning: Please remember to always be careful when using herbs and plant. Never consume something you aren’t 100% sure about. I am not a medical professional and don’t claim to be! The medicinal benefits of these money herbs should not be taken over the advice of a trained doctor.

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Money is an important tool in making us feel safe and secure. Increase the flow of money into your life with these magical money herbs!

Magical Money Herbs and their Uses

Below are my favourite herbs and plants to use in money and prosperity spells. They all bring abundance and luck, something everyone can use a bit more of! If you want to add pages to your own Grimoire, then check out this gorgeous Plant Magick bundle we’ve created. It contains all our favourite herbs and plants and has been created by Amythest right here in Berlin. The best bit? It’s a digital download so you can print it easily at home and add it to your own Grimoire right away!

Money Herbs #1 Alfalfa

botanical drawing for money herbs alfalfa
Who knew that full-grown alfalfa looks like this?? Alfalfa is also known as Medicago sativa or Lucerne and is grown all over the world

We all think of alfalfa as small sprouts which you can eat in a salad or a sandwich right? Did you know that it’s actually one of the oldest plants to be cultivated in order to feed livestock and humans? Due to this, in the Arabic language, Alfalfa is called the “father of all foods”. Its roots can grow down to 6m deep, meaning that it manages to find super nutrient-rich soil and is full of good vitamins and nutrients, especially chlorophyll.

Due to its long history as a prolific producer, it is believed to hold protective properties that drive away poverty and hunger. Carrying alfalfa on your person will attract prosperity and help improve your luck. Grow a small jar in your kitchen to protect your home and everyone in it from financial difficulties. 

While Alfalfa is one of the older money herbs it isn’t a particularly strong one. It is better to combine it with other herbs in order to increase its effectiveness. It will level out the magical powers of any other herbs you might be using and acts as a stabiliser

Alfalfa also has a host of health benefits. It can help lower cholesterol and will purify your blood. This wonderful herb also has anti-inflammatory properties and can help to relieve pain. If you are breastfeeding, alfalfa can help to increase milk production. 

Other Magical Uses: Brings luck and inspires generosity.

alfalfa sprouts as money herbs
This is the form that most of us will know alfalfa in. Fast-growing, delicious and money attracting at the same time? Does it get any better?

Money Herbs #2 Allspice

money herbs #2 all spice botanical drawing
Normally found pre-ground in the baking aisle of the supermarket, this is the way the actual plant looks.

Embarrassingly, until relatively recently, I didn’t know that Allspice was its own plant. I always assumed it was named allspice because it was a mix of different spices, more along the lines of a Chinese 7 spice mix. I think I actually facepalmed when I found whole allspice berries for the first time. I love to bake, so I really should have known better! 

This aside, Allspice is another luck and money bringing herb. The dried berries, in particular, are great for making money spells and charms. One great way to use Allspice to attract luck and money is to take 7 dried berries and put them in your pocket. They will bring you luck and prosperity for 7 days. Once the 7 days have passed, throw the berries into running water and wish for luck and abundance as the water runs over the berries. 

Burning the dried allspice berries as incense will also attract money and luck into your surroundings. If you don’t want to wash the allspice berries away, you can also make a luck-bringing charm by adding them to a small pouch. Combine with basil leaves and chamomile for a potent charm. 

Medicinally, allspice can be used to help toothache and freshen breath. Make a tea from it to encourage digestion and appetite. If you are feeling a little bloated of gassy, use allspice to help relieve symptoms. Used as an oil, it can help increase blood circulation which can help with acne. Allspice can help relieve symptoms of arthritis and muscle pain as it has mild anaesthetic properties. 

Other Magical Uses: Healing, increasing virility

Whole, dried allspice berries in money herbs
This is how the dried allspice berry looks, carry 7 in your pocket to increase your luck for 7 days!

Money Herbs #3 Basil

money herbs basil
Oh, how I love you basil! So delicious on pizza, and money attracting at the same time. Yes, please!

Basil is often associated with wealth and prosperity. It is said that Lakshmi, a Goddess of good fortune, was tuned into a basil plant by a rival. She was easily able to transform back to her original shape, but not before imbuing all Basil plants with her essence. 

It is believed that basil brings wealth because the leaves look a little like paper money. If you want to invite money and wealth into your life, place pots of basil near your door. By doing so you will bring luck and prosperity into your home. By caring for your basil plants you are also helping your fortune and success grow. 

If you want to create a powerful money charm, steep basil leaves in hot water and leave them for 3 days. Remove the leaves from the water and then add the basil essence to your mop water. Mop your entire house (assuming you have non-carpeted floors) with your basil water and think about how you want to invite prosperity into your whole home. This process should help usher in luck and wealth and at the same time ward off money troubles. You can also put a basil leaf into your purse to attract money. 

This magical money herb also has some great medicinal uses. It can be used to treat insect bites, probably due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a very important herb in India, to the point where it is considered a sacred herb. It is used in more than 300 Ayurvedic treatments and has been used this way for thousands of years. Basil will also help to treat nausea. 

Other Magical Uses: Avoiding arguments, sympathy, peace, understanding. Have a bath with some basil leaves in it to increase your magnetism. Protection.

basil wilting then refreshing
Make sure to keep your basil plants nice and healthy in order to grow your success and fortune!

Money Herbs #4 Chamomile

money herbs chamomile botanical drawing
Chamomile is great in a protective charm to keep away financial difficulties

Chamomile is a very protective herb and is extremely useful when used to remove jinxes or spells cast in order to cause financial harm. If you feel like you have been personally jinxed, you can run a bath with chamomile in it. Once you have bathed, the jinx will have been removed.

If you feel like the jinx has been cast to include your whole household, not just you personally, chamomile will also remedy this. Fill a bucket with water, and add chamomile to it. Wash your floors with this mixture, starting at the end of the house furthest from the front door. End your protective cleaning by pushing the chamomile water out of the front door and away from your household. 

If you need gambling luck (something I’m not a huge fan of), you can wash your hands in chamomile before you bet. This also works well if you are going to a business meeting and want to improve your chances of succeeding. Chamomile will increase the chance of money flowing your way. As with Basil, add some leaves to your purse in order to attract money to it.  

Chamomile also has some great health benefits. It is great for calming you down, and drinking chamomile tea is a known way to relax before you want to sleep. It is also good for digestion and helps bring down fevers. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can also help with burns. 

Other Magical Uses: Peace, protection, healing, helps you to meditate and centre yourself. Plant chamomile in your garden to protect you and bring success.

Money Herbs #5 Cinnamon

money herbs botanical drawing of cinnamon
Unlike many other spices, cinnamon actually comes from the bark of the tree rather than the seeds or flowers.

Cinnamon is one of my personal favourite herbs. It’s super delicious and is good for all sorts of physical ailments. It’s said to increase your metabolism right after you eat it. It can also be used for indigestions and to treat an upset tummy.

As a magical tool, it is also very powerful. It is believed to be one of the luckiest money-drawing herbs and can pave the way for successful business deals. Check out this abundance spell using cinnamon if you want to draw abundance to you. Cinnamon boosts the magical powers of any other ingredient so use it if you need to speed up a spell or make it more powerful.

If you want to bring money into your home, sprinkle a little cinnamon and sugar in the doorway. This will draw in good energy and increase the flow of money into your environment. Shopkeepers have been known to do this in order to bring more trade into their establishment. 

Other Magical Uses: Love spells, Success, Cleansing and Healing. It is also used as a male aphrodisiac.  Good for bringing new passion to cooled romances. Drives away negative energies. Heighten psychic abilities. Steep it in olive oil to make a potent oil to improve amorous relationships.

cinnamon eating
This, my friends, is NOT the way to indulge in cinnamon 😂

Money Herbs #6 Cloves

cloves botanical drawing
If you want to avoid people slandering or gossiping about you, stud a red candle with cloves and burn it. This will also make people you don’t get along with very well see you in a better light

Cloves will help bring prosperity and good luck. Us it in a charm to attract good luck, particularly, good luck while playing games of chance i.e. gambling. 

Burn cloves with charcoal to bring powerful money related luck your way. 

Medicinally, cloves are very good at helping to relieve toothaches. It is a mild anaesthetic and will numb your gums if rubbed directly onto the affected area. If will help improve circulation, if you suffer from cold limbs a massage with clove oil can help improve this. Cloves are antibacterial and will also help against nausea and upset stomachs. 

Other Magical Uses: Cloves can make a very strong friendship charm. This magical herb can stop the spread of ill-intentioned gossip and lies. Keeps friends close. It’s thought of as an aphrodisiac.

Money Herbs #7 Ginger

ginger botanical drawing
Ginger my old friend, how I love you!

Ginger is another of my favourite plants. It is extremely versatile and can be used in many ways, from protecting you from malevolent spirits to attracting money to you. It is believed that ginger acts as an enhancer for magical energies and will increase the speed and efficiency of your spells. Use it in conjunction with money spells to increase their potency.

It helps attract prosperity and will prevent poverty. If you want to have more chances of inviting good fortune into your household, plant a small ginger plant inside your home. Drinking ginger tea or chewing the root will increase your energy and as such will boost your magical powers. 

When used as a healing herb, ginger is wonderful for all sorts of ailments. A friend of mine, a lovely man with Chinese heritage, says that everyone in his family believes that ginger is a heal-all herb because when it comes out of the ground, the roots will often have the shape of a human form. 

It can be great at relieving cramps and stomach aches. I always use it in tea form if I have a headache as I find it relieves the tension which often comes with a sore head. Ginger will stimulate your digestive system. I like to drink ginger tea all day but if I’m short on time, I’ll always try to have at least one strong cup before I have breakfast to give my metabolism a boost.  

Other Magical Uses: Powerful aphrodisiac. Love, Success and personal confidence. Ginger can increase sensuality and sexuality. Draws adventures to you.

Money Herbs #8 Honeysuckle

botanical drawing honeysuckle
There are many different types of honeysuckle, I’m most familiar with the climbing vine that has small white flowers and smells divine

This sweet-smelling delight is great at attracting wealth, luck and love. Three things I think everybody would like more of in their lives. Grow honeysuckle near your house and not only will you have a beautiful plant near you, but you will also be drawing delicate energies of generosity towards you. Honeysuckle is all about gentleness and ease, so use it if you want to increase your wealth in a slow and steady way.

It’s not a great money attractor when used in conjunction with business spells because it’s gentle energies clash with, and don’t appreciate, the aggressive energies that often come with business deals. 

Only ever use the flowers of a honeysuckle vine, as the other parts of the plant can be poisonous. As such, I wouldn’t recommend it for any medicinal uses unless you really know what you’re doing with it. 

Other Magical Uses: Increase your powers of intuition and persuasiveness.

Money Herbs #9 Nutmeg

money herbs #9 nutmeg botanical drawing
Make sure you have a sharp grater when using whole nutmeg, the nuts are incredibly hard!

Nutmeg is said to be the ultimate gamblers herb. Carry a whole nutmeg in your pocket to draw luck to you. Another way of using it for luck is to grate a little directly into your shoes before you visit a casino, this way luck will walk with you wherever you go. 

Nutmeg is really a lucky magical herb. If you have to go to court or need legal help for any reason, it can help to bring a good verdict your way. Carrying it while travelling will also bring you an easy journey and travellers luck. Just be careful that you don’t accidentally take it through any customs areas where foodstuffs aren’t allowed! 

Use a nutmeg essential oil as an anointing oil on your candles as part of a money attracting spell. Sprinkle dried nutmeg into a candle flame for the same effect. 

Nutmeg can be great for aiding in digestion and increasing appetite. It can help relieve the symptoms of an upset stomach, gas and cramping in particular. If you are having trouble sleeping make yourself a nice walk cup of milk and sprinkle freshly ground nutmeg into it. This should help calm your nerves and will bring a soft and gentle nights rest. 

If you are pregnant, be very careful when using nutmeg. Large quantities can cause hallucinations, which makes sense since it increases clairvoyant abilities, but this isn’t advised for anyone carrying a child. 

Other Magical Uses: Clarity, social awareness, emotional openness and personal confidence. Increases psychic power. Love Charms.

Money Herbs #10 Thyme

thyme botanical drawing
Starting afresh and need some magical help? Thyme should be your go-to herb. New relationship? New business venture? New house? Add thyme to your magical practices in order to start all those things with a positive bang

Thyme is a great herb to use when you want to start something afresh. Because of this, it is wonderful as a money herb. If things aren’t going as well as you would like, cleanse your home with thyme to draw the negative energies away and to bring in fresh money luck and energies. You steep a little thyme in water and add it to your wash next time you clean your business clothing. This should increase the likelihood of getting what you want in your next meeting or help you in closing a deal you are trying to close. 

Plant thyme in your garden. As the thyme grows, so will the flow of money you are receiving. Thyme is all about growing money, so if you want to grow your money luck over time, then this is the money herb for you. It won’t bring instant success but thyme (lols) and patience will bring you the money flow that you want. Thyme is all about bringing in good, slow-growing energies and is relatively delicate so it’s best not to use it in conjunction with powerful herbs like ginger. 

slow motion ella fanning GIF
Let thyme slowly grow your earnings and abundance.

Use thyme if you feel like you need to detox as it can help eliminate waste created within the body. It is antibacterial and has diuretic properties (makes you need to pee a lot) so it’s great if you are carrying to much water in your body. Used as a tea it can help break fevers and will help with headaches if you drink the tea cold.

Other Magical Uses: Increases strength and brings courage. Thyme used in spells will create positive energy in you. Put some thyme into your mop bucket to wash away any melancholy or sadness hanging around your home. Dispels negative energies. Purification and healing. Increases psychic energies. If you have frequent nightmares, stuff some thyme into your pillow to keep them away and calm your sleep. Brings faeries if planted in the garden. 

faeries in the garden
Plant your thyme right and this could be the magical activity happening in your garden

Well my lovelies, that’s all from me today. I hope this small money herbs guide brings you all the success and growth you are looking for in your life. 

I’ll leave you with a prayer for success

“Money, Money Come to Me,
May I be Enriched in the Best of Ways,
Harming None in My Path,
This I accept, 
So Mote it Be”

Until next time, my magical explorers, 

Blessed Be

Amaria xoxo

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