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Peridot – The Amazing Abundance Crystal

Hi, lovelies, welcome to WiccaNow. In my previous posts, I discussed the amazing benefits of amethyst, sodalite, rose quartz and emerald as well as a post on how to cleanse your crystals and how to make crystal water. Continuing on with our exploration of the wonderful world of crystals, I thought today we’d feature peridot, one of my favourite green gemstones!

Crystals are divine gifts and sacred tools from mother earth that assist us in transformation, growth and healing. Each crystal holds special energy that can assist us. As we connect to a crystal and its energy, it allows us to align and connect to the same healing energy that exists in all of us. So let’s discuss the unique benefits of peridot!

Peridot benefits

Peridot Mythology and History

Peridot is a powerful all-over healing crystal which assists us on all levels. Peridot is a positive energy stone that helps to attract abundance. Sometimes called a ‘poor man’s emerald’, peridot has a luminous green colour and is formed from silicon, iron and magnesium. On a spiritual level, peridot can help us to release unwanted emotional baggage, help to overcome issues around fear of commitment, increase the feeling of gratitude and help us to connect with nature spirits. Peridot has long been recognised for its healing powers and can be found in ancient Egyptian jewellery dated from the early 2nd millennium BC. Ancient Romans were also fond of the stone and gave it the nickname of ‘Emerald of the Evening’.

Peridot Healing and Environment

Peridot is a general healer and will help with fevers, relieve stress and calm insect bites. Use peridot to flood your body and mind with a sense of calm and wellbeing. It will also increase your auras protective shield.

Peridot helps to protect you from negative energy.

Peridot Divinatory Significance

One of the most fortunate stones, peridot indicates a flow of love, money and abundance into your life

Peridot Tips and Tricks

To attract abundance keep a small piece of peridot in your purse, with your credit cards at home or near your tools or account books at work.

For anti-ageing benefits and cellular rejuvenation make restorative crystalline water by soaking peridot in a glass of filtered mineral water for 8 hours or more. Use the water to splash onto your face or wrists.

Peridot tips and tricks

Peridot Symbolic Associations

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Planet: Venus

Element: Earth 

Chakra: Heart

Herbs, incense and essential oils: Ivy, lavender, olive, patchouli, pine

Flowers: Hyacinth, orchid, lilac

Associated crystals: Emerald, green topaz, serpentine

Suggested Affirmations for Programming your Peridot

  • I am abundant in all areas of my life
  • Abundance radiates in every cell of my being
  • Abundance flows into my life with grace and ease

Peridot Psychic Associations

As well as drawing abundance, wellbeing and success into your life, peridot can help with marriage and fidelity. Peridot is also good for shielding from negative energy.

So my dears, I hope this post helps to highlight the wonderful qualities of peridot.

As always my loves, Blessed Be!