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Sodalite the Crystal of Intuition – 4 Amazing Benefits

Hi, my loves! Recently I’ve been discussing some of my favourite crystals. Check out these posts on amethyst, emerald, rose quartz and peridot and this useful post on how to cleanse your crystals along with these posts on crystals to ease anxiety and crystals for protection. Continuing on with our crystal theme, today’s post is all about the amazing crystal sodalite. Sodalite is an incredible all-round healer and has a long history of being used as a healing stone.

Sodalite benefits
Sodalite is an incredible all-round healing crystal and has a whole host of wonderful healing benefits

About Sodalite

Sodalite is a deep blue stone which is veined with white. Sometimes mistaken for lapis lazuli, sodalite lacks the gold flecks often found in the latter stone.

Sodalite was historically mined in Greenland but today, the largest sodalite mines can be found in Canada.

The mineral itself is relatively light, often mottled with veins or patches and prone to cracking and breaking if not handled carefully. Sodalite is thought to connect with ethereal energies and some anecdotal evidence suggests that artists and poets carried the stone in their pockets during the Renaissance for inspiration.

Sodalite benefits
Sodalite generally has a gorgeous deep blue colour but can also be found in lighter shades blue.

Sodalite Powers

Meditation, intuition, self-reflection, wisdom, peace and healing.

Sodalite Energy

Receptive and intuitive, sodalite will help you to connect with your highest self. If you are feeling like you have lost your purpose in life, work with sodalite during your meditation practice to help find clarity and guidance. Sodalite also helps us to connect with our own innate creativity so work with this stone if you are interested in enhancing your full creative potential. Sodalite is also thought to help clear electromagnetic pollution so placing a few stones around your workspace is a great idea.

Sodalite Benefits

Sodalite is thought to be beneficial for any emotional disorders, such as those caused by anxiety, distress, fear or nervousness. You can work with the stone during your meditation practice to help you remove any negative emotions or fears. As you meditate simply take note of any thoughts that come up and ask the sodalite to help you release these. Remember that its important to cleanse your crystals before working with them in this way.

Sodalite Benefits
Smoke cleansing is a great way to cleanse your crystals. For crystal cleansing inspiration check out our article on crystal cleansing

Sodalite Magical Uses

Rub sodalite across your skin to help release negative emotions. Use this method of releasing negative energy and stress from your body before a cleansing bath ritual to help amplify its cleansing effects. Wear sodalite jewellery to help calm your mind, relax the body and restore an inner sense of peace. Sodalite makes a wonderful meditative stone and if used consistently within your meditation practice can help to promote deep wisdom. Make a crystal essence using sodalite and mineral water to rub onto your temples and wrists when you are feeling frustrated, stressed or uninspired.

Sodalite benefits
Sodalite makes a wonderful crystal essence. Sprinkle the water on your wrists and temples if you’re feeling frustrated or anxious to soothe and calm.

So lovelies, I hope you’ve gained a bit of insight into the wonderful crystal sodalite and how you can incorporate its wonderful energies into your meditation and magical practice. I wish you all a wonderful week, as always, BLESSED BE.

xoxo Amythest