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Water Magick – 6 Intriguing Facts

Hi lovelies and welcome to Wicca Now. As you might already know, Wicca Now is a place where Amaria and I write about everything related to witchcraft, Wicca, magick and spellwork. Recently we’ve been covering some of our favorite topics like moon magick, kitchen witchery and crystals for self-confidence. Today I thought I’d cover another topic close to my heart namely water magick.

Water Magick - Waves filmed beneath the ocean
Water magick is a wonderful way of connecting with the magickal qualities of water.

About Water Magick

Like many of you, I’ve always felt drawn to water. Even as a young child I remember spending hours emersed in the ocean, diving underneath the waves and feeling a complete sense of surrender to the energy of the waves. I’ve always loved to be near water, walking around a lake or near the edge of a river seems to have such a soothing effect. I even enjoy the feeling of water washing over my skin when I’m doing the dishes or washing my hands!

While I wouldn’t define myself as a strict water witch (I love too many other areas of witchcraft and nature to be able to confine myself to any one definition) I certainly incorporate many aspects of water magick and sea witchcraft into my practice and believe that there is so much value and wisdom to be found in this area of the craft.

Water Magick - Always dreaming about water

If like me, you’ve felt yourself being mysteriously drawn to water – regardless of whether its the ocean, lakes, rivers or simply the feeling of peace that washes over you when you shower or take a bath, chances are you might be a water witch!

But what exactly is a water witch and how does water magick work? A water witch according to Annwyn Avalon in ‘Water Witchcraft’ is simply defined as ‘ one who works witchcraft and water and who is deeply connected to water and the spirits that dwell within’.

Water witchcraft is quite similar to sea witchcraft and sea magick, the only difference being that while a sea witch will confine him or herself to the shores of the ocean, a water witch will work her or his craft anywhere where there is water to be found. This might be beside rivers or lakes, in streams or ponds it might even be in the bathtub or shower!

Water magick - Ocean waves

Water itself has always occupied a magickal and often sacred space within the collective consciousness of humanity. The ancient celts believe that water was a liminal space and could function as a portal to the Otherworld. Holy springs, rivers and lakes are common within all religions and there are a prolific number of gods, goddesses spirits and jins named after water. All this simply goes to show that the magickal nature of water has always been recognised and worshipped and it also makes me think that its a grave mistake to abuse and pollute water the way modern society often does.

The Science Of Water Magick

That water has special qualities has also been proven by science. Take for example the Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto who has proven that water can be affected by the conscious mind and actually changes its crystalline structure according to the thoughts we think. Dr. Emoto’s studies scientifically confirm what many within the witchcraft community have long believed, namely that thought and the efforts of will and imagination can cause changes to occur within physical reality. For me, this is really the definition of magick.

If you’d like to further understand the scientific principle behind water magick I highly recommend watching this documentary about Dr. Masaru’s work on water crystals.

Signs You Might Be A Water Witch

If you’re curious about whether you might be a water witch or a sea witch here are some common signs that might indicate that you are one. If you don’t experience any of these signs and you still feel drawn to water magick don’t worry, you can absolutely still choose to become a water or a sea witch.

  • You’ve always felt drawn to water or notice that you are becoming fascinated by water. You might dream about the ocean or about rivers and lakes. You might suddenly notice that you love the feeling of rain on your skin or maybe when you drink water you feel a deep appreciation for it.
  • You collect things from riverbanks, lakeshores or beaches. Whenever you’re near the water you tend to find bits of driftwood, shells or tumbled glass
  • You love to surf, swim or engage in other water-based sports and activities
  • When you meditate and visualise images of water often pop into your mind and you find these images to be deeply soothing or inspiring
  • As a child, you loved to jump in puddles and splash in the rain. Your parents often couldn’t get you out of the bathtub and during the holidays you were always in the pool or swimming in the ocean.
  • Your favourite travel or holiday destinations always revolve around water. You generally prefer to be near the beach, a river or close to a lake rather than up in the mountains or in the forest.
  • Star signs that are particularly drawn to water magick include Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.
  • You can often be found floating amounts a sea of flower petals in your bathtub
  • You might be drawn to mythological creatures and deities associated with water for example mermaids, silkies, ladies of the lake or Amphitrite the Greek goddess of the sea.
Water Magick - 6 Intriguing Facts 1

Different Types of Water Witches

If you feel like you might be a water witch maybe you’d like to find out a little bit more about the different types of water witches that there are. You can decide to be any type of water witch you like, I suggest seeing what you feel naturally drawn to and going from there. Also, you don’t need to define yourself as any type of witch, you might also just feel like practicing water magick with out calling yourself a water witch and thats perfectly fine. In fact thats exactly what I do.

You can also call yourself a water witch and move fluidly between the different types, for example sometimes you might feel more like a sea witch and during other times of the year the rivers could be calling your name. Also perfectly fine. Experiment! Find out what works for you. Let the path of exploration and experimentation serve as your guide.

The general types of water witches are as follows:

Water Magick – River Witches

Water Magick - River Witcher
If the rivers are calling your name your special blend of water magick might make you a river witch

Rivers have always been considered sacred and many folklore beliefs claim that spirits are unable to cross a river making these a sort of sacred barrier between this world and the next. The direction in which the river or stream flowed was often considered a significant factor in terms of its magickal properties and water that flowed towards the sun was thought to have special healing properties.

There are many deities associated with rivers whom you may like to invoke for your water magick. Some of these include Boanne, the Irish personification of the river Boann, Danu the Irish mother goddess whose name literally translates as ‘river’ and Sabrina, a Welsh nymph associated with the river Severn.

As a river witch, you should get to know your local rivers or canals and the spirits that dwell in them. You might like to meditate close to this river and feel its connection to you. A great way to honor your local river and to show the spirits that you are interesting in helping the water is to collect any trash that might be littered on its banks.

Collect the trash and as you do so send your blessings and thanks to the water and the beings that inhabit it. Take the trash home with you and discard of it properly. You will begin to feel the benevolent energy of the river and its spirits sending you blessings once you start to do this work.

You might also like to collect a vial of river water and take it home with you. Letting the river know that you are grateful for its gift. This vial can be charged with moon light and will become a powerful tool in your spellkit.

Water Magick – Sacred Well Witches

Water Magick - Sacred Well Witched
Fell drawn to sacred wells and springs? You might be a sacred well witch!

Wells and sacred springs have long been connected with magick and witchcraft. Folklore tales considered wells to be a place where the Fae could be found and many also believed that wells and sacred springs served as portals to the otherworld.

Some of the most famous wells are Chalice Well in Glastonbury, Coventina’s well near Hadrian’s wall and Madron’s well in Cornwell. According to archeological reports these wells had a deep spiritual significance and were used during rites and rituals since ancient times.

Wells are associated with healing and with the fulfillment of wishes. Goddess associated with wells include Birghid and and Saint Hilda.

You might like to use the water collected from a healing well to create a protective charm or amulet. Well water can also be collected and charged with moonlight. Be sure to ask the water and its spirit guardians before taking water from any well for magickal purposes.

Water Magick – Lake Witches

Water Magick - Lake witches
Love yourself some peaceful lake energy? Chances are you’re a lake witch!

Lakes generally have a calm and soothing energy and the plants and flowers collected from the lakeside make wonderful magickal ingredients. Before collecting water from a lake for magickal purposes try to walk around the lake at least once, connecting with its energy and its spirit guides as you walk.

Lakes are known to be the home of many water spirits and legends of lake dwelling creatures abound in Celtic folklore. Merfolk and lake ladies are said to reside in lakes, the most well known of these being Cerridwen. Cerridwen is a Celtic goddess thought to be both a lake lady and a witch. As a lake witch you might like to invok Cerridwen or the Gwragedd Annwn (Faery folk who are said to dwell beneath the surface of lakes) to guide you with your water magick.

Water Magick – Swamp and Marsh Witches

Water Magick - Swamp witches
If you feel drawn to the dark side of water magick and like to play with dark and light you might be a swap or a marsh witch.

Swamps and marches are generally wetlands where water collects and grasses and mosses grow abundantly. While we might think of as marshes and swamps as dark places, full of treacherous water holes and peaty bogs they are also places of incredible fertility and abundance.

Swamp and marsh witches are generally witches who feel comfortable working with both the magickal elements of the dark as well as of the light. Because marshes and wetlands host an abundant array of healing herbs and plants marsh witches often combine their water magick with herbology and green witchery.

A wonderful way to work with swamp or marsh water is to collect the dew that has gathered on the leaves and plants early in the morning. Dew is thought to have specific magickal properties connected to beauty and healing and can be a powerful ingredient for water magick. To collect marsh dew you will need to get up early before the sun has had the chance to evaporate the water that will have gathered on the leaves and flowers of the plants.

Take a lidded glass or container with you and, after asking for the marshes blessing, gently scoop the dew drops into your glass. You don’t need to fill the glass, even a small amount of liquid will do. Carry the water back with you and charge it with moonlight to create a powerful ingredient for your water magick.

Water Magick – Sea Witches

Water Magick - 6 Intriguing Facts 2
Does the ocean call your name? Feeling drawn to the push and pull of the tides? Signs are pointing to the fact that you might be a sea witch!

Sea witches hold a special place in the popular imagination. Long believed to lurk upon the shores of the ocean selling trinkets and charms they are also know for calling up storms and sinking ships. Famous examples of sea witches include Nancy the Sea Witch of Newlyn, the Sea Witch of Penryn and the Sea Witch of Mevagissey.

Sea witches are known to work with debris and flotsam that they have found on the beach and their special blend of water magick, so closely tied to the ebb and flow of the tides, works in special harmony with the magic of the moon.

Working with the flow of the tides and the phases of the moon is what makes sea witches unique. To get started with sea witchcraft you will need to learn about the tidal cycle of your local beach and how these harmonise with the 8 phases of the moon. You will then work with these cycles and their energies to enhance your own magickal practice.

Water magic - moon gif
Sea witchery is closely tied to moon magick

Sea witches also like to collect shells and save these on their altars. As each shell has a specific magickal meaning, collecting a range of shells will mean you always have what you need on hand. As an example, clams are thought to symbolise luck and abundance, cockles are used to banish negativity, cowry shells are used for burial rites and for commicating with the spirit world and oyster shells are useful for binding and connecting.

You might also like to collect crab claws and shells, stones, driftwood, handfuls of sand and pieces of washed glass. Whatever catches your attention or calls out to you. Each of these items will bring a special energy to your water magick.

Small bottles of sand can be labelled with the moon cycle and the date on which they were collected. These can be used later for banishing spells and protective magick. You might like to collect a jar of seawater to keep on your altar. Remember to ask the ocean for its blessing before taking and water for magickal purposes. Ocean water charged with moonlight can be a powerful spell ingredient.

A simple protection charm can be made using a using an oyster shell, a few strands of your hair a small pouch and a red thread. Place the hair within the oyester shell, symbolically tie it closed with the red thread and than place it into the small cloth pouch or bag. You might like to sprinkle some moon charged moon water onto the pouch once you have finished.

Carry the charm in your pocket to protect you on your travels.

Witchcraft and Water Magick

There are many different ways to incorporate water magick into your witchcraft practice. For example, you might like to collect rainwater to charge with intention, create crystal or herb-infused sprays and liquids, you could make moon waters, work with special tea blends or create wonderful ritual baths.

Water magick - Hand on water gif

You might also like to collect water from sacred wells or special locations, create magickal amulets with things you found on the seashore or decorate your altar with sea salt, special beach sands and natural crystals and stones you found near a lake or a river.

You can invoke some of the deites associated with water (listed below) to guide you. You could also work with sea animals as your spirit guides. Seahorses are thought to be bearers of protection, sharks are useful for adding ‘bite’ to your spell work and crabs are said to help balance our emotions and thoughts. Otters bring a sense of playfullnes and spotinaity and the salmon is thought to represent wisdom and persiverence swimming upsteam as it does.

For those of you advanced in your water magick you might like to try your hand at this spellbinding ‘Harmony Water’

You will need:

  • River water
  • Rain water
  • Ocean water
  • Dew water
  • Full moon water
  • Dark moon water
  • Spring water

Combine the water is a special jar or bowl. Let them sit on the night of a full moon. The next morning pour the water into a special bottle. Label the bottle with the date and energy surrounding it when it was made. Keep it in a safe place and use it for your water magick and other spell work as neeeded.

These are just some example of how you might work with water in your water magick but really the sky’s the limit!

Water Magick – Associated Gods And Goddesses


A goddess associated with sacred springs and the River Savus


An Arthurian lady of the lake

Borvo and Bormana

Celtic deities associated with spring water

Brighid or Brigid

An Irish Goddess associated with lakes and holy wells

Bucca Gwidden

A water fae from Cornwell


A Welsh Goddess of the rivers


A Scottish Queen of the sea trolls


A type of mermaid found in Brittany


A Scottish water horse thought to haunt certain waterways and canals


A Goddess associated with the River Marne


A Celtic and Germanic Goddess associated with the River Rhine

Nix or Nixie

German water spirits known to shapeshift and cause mischief


An Irish river goddess


A sea goddess recognised by both Celtic and Germanic folklore. She is often discribed as a sea witch and would be a wonderful choice to invoke for your water magick

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