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Moon Magick

Moon magic is a powerful way of connecting with the natural rhythms of the cosmos. The basic idea behind moon magic is that we begin to work in harmony with the changing aspects of the moon.

From full moon to dark moon, this means learning and keeping note of when the moon is waxing and waning and planning our spellwork and rituals in accordance with these natural cycles. By working with the powerful ebb and flow of the moon’s activity we can enrich our own magical practice as well as finding a deep and meaningful alignment with and connection to the natural world.

To get started with lunar magic the first thing you want to do is become acquainted with the 8 aspects of the moon. You can do this by printing out a lunar calendar and keeping it in your book of shadows for reference or by tracking the moon with an app on your phone.

Generally, witches consider the full moon to be the most powerful phase of the lunar cycle. Working with the full moon to boost spellwork is something that a witch of any skill level can easily incorporate into his or her personal practice.

The full moon is considered to be a time of peak potentiality and magick practiced during a moon magick practiced during a full moon can be highly effective.

Including the powerful full moon phase, the lunar phase consists of four main aspects and four lesser aspects making the total length eight phases long. These phases are spread out across a 29.5 day cycle which repeats itself endlessly.

The ebb and flow of vitality within this 29.5-day cycle forms the basis of all lunar magic and working in alignment with these energies is our primary aim.

I’ll briefly outline the four main and four lesser moon phases for you below but if you want a more in-depth look at each phase check out my post on the 8 magickal phases of the moon here.

A Brief Overview Of The Moons 8 Magickal Phases

The phases of the moon are as follows:

The Four Primary Phases of the Moon:

  • 1 – The New Moon
  • 2 – The Waxing Moon
  • 3 – The Full Moon
  • 4 – The Waning Gibbons

The Intermediate Phases of the Moon:

  • 1 – The Waxing Crescent. After the dark moon, we see a silver crescent of the moon
  • 2 – The Waning Crescent. The moon is still less than half illuminated
  • 3 – Waxing Gibbous. After the waning crescent, the moon still appears to be growing in size and is more than half full.
  • 4 – The Waning Gibbous. After the full moons maximum illumination, its size is starting to decrease.

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get started with some lunar magic of your own I suggest initially limiting yourself to working with its four primary phases – the new moon, the waxing moon, the full moon and the waning gibbons.

These four phases form the primary energy flow of the moon and we should fully understand this sequence before moving on to the four intermediate lunar phases.

Additionally, I would suggest that any beginner witch start with the full moon for spell work and add additional moon phases to their spells as soon as they feel comfortable with full moon magick.

  • The easiest way to begin working with lunar magic is to really focus on your primary goals for the next 29 day period are. I suggest taking some time out to reflect and meditate. Write down your goals and ambitions in your Book of Shadows. What areas of your life are you wanting to nurture and grow, what do you want to see decreased? Do you have any bad habits or addictions you want to see banished? Are you inspired to start a fresh project or do you feel your career or love life could use a boost? Are there any areas of your life that you feel extremely grateful for and for which you want to give thanks?

Be completely honest with yourself as you evaluate your current situation. The more honest and clear you are the more effective your spell work and rituals will be.

  • The next step would be to divide your goals and ambitions into groups that either needs an energy boost or those that you want to see drained energy and power. For example, last week I was working on removing some areas of negative self-talk which I had noticed creeping into my everyday inner conversations. I looked at what I was saying to myself and decided that I wanted to decrease the amount of energy and attention I was giving to these thoughts. I wrote a banishing spell and plan on using it during the next waning gibbon’s rhythm to further help decrease the energy of these thoughts.

So now that you understand the basics of moon magick, let’s take a look around some correspondences. Suggestion: use these correspondences along with your moon calendar to create your own moon magick rituals. Rituals can be created one at a time. Take your time and work through each moon period one by one, designing magical rituals as you see fit.

Moon Phases And Their Correspondences

Incorporating specific correspondences and intentions in your magick practice is a wonderful way of enhancing the power of your spells. Whether you decide to make your own bath salts for use during a full moon ritual or create a healing spell with herbal magick, the knowledge, and experience required to become an accomplished witch in this area takes time and patience to acquire.

As with all magic, it’s important to be clear about your intention and stay persistent in your belief that your magick will work in order for it to manifest real change.

Also, remember that magick is a journey, guided by your own desires, emotions, and relationships. There is no ‘trick’ to speed things up. Results are always best achieved by working with clear intentions, intensity, and by allowing the powers of each celestial period to find their own unique rhythm within you.

The light and energy of each moon phase can be understood as a sign, a light, or an instance which, like the waxing and waning of the tides, provide a window for money, connection to the earth, cleansing of the mind, or the formation of a different life path to occur. This is what magick is all about!

Waxing Moon

Time – From new moon to full moon (approx 14 days)

Magickal attributes: INVOKING beginnings, light a candle to usher in fresh projects, people, ideas, inspirations, energy, freedom, vitality. Use this time for workings on ‘constructive magick’, (wealth, love, success, courage, friendship, luck).

Full Moon

Time – Approx 14 days after the new moon.

Magickal attributes: FRUITION manifesting goals, understanding signs, nurturing, passion, healing, strength, power. Use this day for protection magick, divination, “a boost of power” career, success, healing. Also, use this time for legal undertakings, money, knowledge, and dreams

Waning Moon

Time – From full moon to dark moon (approx 14 days)

Magickal attributes: BANISHING magick, releasing the old, removing unwanted negative energies, wisdom, psychic abilities, scrying, reversing circumstances. Workings on this day are for: Banishing magick, ridding oneself of addictions, letting go of illness or negativity, physical and spiritual cleansing.

New Moon

Time – From dark moon to waxing moon

Magickal attributes: FRESH BEGINNINGS, use this time for goal setting, weight loss, planning, cleaning, general beginnings, and considerations. Workings on this day are for: Starting fresh ventures, light a candle for new beginnings, and setting a sign in love, romance, health, and wealth.

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