Witchcraft and tarot

Witchcraft and Tarot

February 26, 2021

Witchcraft and Tarot. How Tarot can Strengthen your Practice of the Craft

Not all witches work with Tarot, but many do. Working with Tarot as a means to strengthen intuition and find connection with unseen realms makes Tarot a valuable tool for witchcraft.

The symbolism of the cards also corresponds with much of the symbolism practiced within the Craft. For example, the four elements, the athame, the chalice and the wand can often be seen depicted across the cards.

Tips for Working with Tarot in a Magickal Way:

1 – Work with the cards to strengthen your intuitive magick

2 – Use the cards as a means to deepen your understanding of symbolism

3 – Work with the cards to develop your psychic abilities

4 – Incorporate regular tarot readings into your magickal self-care practice to help you to discover more about yourself: your desires, your goals, your strengths/weaknesses and magickal abilities.

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