Wiccan Yoga, Is It A Legitimate Thing?

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Hi, my loves and welcome to WiccaNow. We’re so glad you’ve come to visit! Today I want to talk about something that I get asked quite a lot, and that’s whether there is such a thing as Wiccan yoga. Short answer, absolutely yes! If you’re new to Wicca and want to learn more about the basics, check out these posts on what Wicca actually is, how to become Wiccan and the Wiccan Gods and Goddesses along with learning about what type of witch you might be and our spellcasting 101. Now, let’s get into Wiccan Yoga!

Do Wicca and Yoga fit together? And if so, what does a combined practice look like?

Whilst modern Yoga is often thought of as a purely physical practice, its roots are deeply spiritual. In fact, the practice of Yoga in the East extends far back to the beginning of civilization. The word Yoga means ‘union’ and the discipline as a whole is intended to guide its participants towards a holistic state of complete health. So, is Wiccan Yoga actually a thing?

Yoga, like Wicca, aims to guide its practitioners towards a higher state of consciousness and it is here that we begin to see areas of overlap between the two practices and how one may benefit the other.

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Connect with your spirituality by doing yoga to improve your Wiccan practices!

Do Yoga and Wicca complement each other?

The short answer is yes, Yoga and Wicca form a great complementary practice. In fact, Nancy and James Wasserman in their book ‘The Weiser Concise Guide to Yoga for Magick’ state that yogic practice is essential to the practice of Magick. In their book, the Wasserman’s emphasise the importance of ‘bringing a healthy body and a clear-thinking mind to the practice of ceremonial magick or Wicca’. They firmly believe that the contemporary Western practitioner of Wicca can learn much from the ancient traditions of yoga.

How Does Yoga Enhance Wiccan Practices?

Taken from the book ‘The Weiser Concise Guide to Yoga for Magick’, yoga might enhance Wiccan practices in the following ways:

  • Yogic asanas help to keep the body in a state of physical health. Being in good physical health allows the practitioner of Wicca to access the physical stamina required  to work efficiently on magical levels
  • The Yogic practice of pranayama strengthens the nervous system, boosts the immune system and cleanses the aura. A steady practise of pranayama may help to strengthen magical intent
  • Dharana yogic practice trains the mind to concentrate on a single point of focus. This ability is essential for practitioners of Wicca.
  • Yogic breathing and chanting exercises allow the mind to focus on a single stream of thought. This might be useful for the practice of magic.
outdoor yoga
Practising Wiccan Yoga outdoors gives you the chance to strengthen your connection to the natural world.

Is it Ok to Practice Yoga and Wicca Together?

Yes! In fact, modern Wiccans have never been in a better position to take advantage of the benefits of Yoga. With such wide access to resources, there has never been a better time to find a yogic practice which will complement and enhance magical work.

Through yogic practice, the body will become more flexible and healthy and the mind will be better able to concentrate and focus. This will no doubt enhance and improve Wiccan practices.  The Weiser Concise Guide to Yoga for Magick also suggests that Hatha yogas ability to purify the minds psychic realm will allow energy to flow freely and thereby provide the optimal state for any ritual work.

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A healthy body and a healthy mind, both things that will help immensely with your magickal practises. A cute goat helping you out probably won’t hurt either.

Wiccan Yoga and the Seven Chakras

“The occultist does not regard the brain as a vehicle of the mind, but rather as an organ of motor coordination sensation, a very different matter. For him, the vehicles of the mind are the seven chakras.”

Dion Fortune

Chakras are best described as energy centres, through which spiritual energy is charged and moved as it rises through the body. So how can we use Yogic understandings of the seven chakras to enhance our Wiccan practice?

As the seven chakras describe energy flows and the different qualities associated with each of these specific energetic points, a detailed understanding of the seven chakras may prove highly beneficial to any practising Wiccan. As “The Weiser Concise Guide to Yoga for Magick” states

“for the magician, exploration and knowledge of the chakras provides a valuable map to the personal psychic realm. Becoming more conscious of the chakras is an invaluable tool for magical work.”

According to “The Weiser Concise Guide to Yoga for Magick”:

  • The Sahasrara chakra is thought to point at the guru within. Accessing this chakra will allow the concept of individuality to dissolve and allow the ego to disappear into bliss
  • The Ajna chakra is thought to be the place where thought originates and these thoughts are the key to magical endeavours making it an important chakra for Wiccans.
  • Meditating on the Vishuddha chakra will allow poetry and witticism to flow
  • Meditation on the Anahata chakra will bring a sense of balance
  • Working with the Manipura chakra will help to decrease egotism and allow for renewed courage and bliss to enter
  • Working with the Svadhisthana chakra will help to activate creative energies
  • Working with the Muladhara chakra will help the magician to formalize, stabilize and accept his or her approach to the sensual reals
  • The Sushumna is considered to be a major source of magical energy.
the chakras diagram for wiccan yoga
The 7 Chakras and the Sushumna Nadi are wonderful resources for Wiccan practises.

Which Yogic Practice Best Suits Wicca?

Mantra Yoga 

Mantra yoga is widespread throughout western esotericism and Diane Fortune found Mantra yoga and meditation to be important magical tools.

A simple way to begin practising mantra yoga as suggested by Diane Fortune:

  • Choose a mantra which expresses one’s highest aspirations
  • Say this mantra over and over until ‘we find that it is beginning to take hold of us and repeats itself as a tune does in one’s head’
  • When this occurs we and we find that the mantra is repeating itself automatically we know that it has gone into the subconscious mind. As soon as this inner change begins to make itself felt we are in a position to deal magically with our environment as we would not have been able to do before
  • When choosing a mantra, try to find something which appeals to your sense of the greater good.
  • It is better to not choose a mantra based on a specific need but rather one which tunes to the highest level of energy being invoked

Example mantras might be:

“ There is no part of Me that is not of the Gods.”

wiccan yoga god
Practise Wiccan Yoga and make your own mantras to connect to your gods.

Pratyahara Yoga

The practise of pratyahara is aimed at slowing and ultimately silencing the endless torrent of distracting thoughts which flow through our minds. This practice can be extremely beneficial for those undertaking magical or Wiccan works

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a general yoga practice consisting of both physical as well as spiritual exercise systems. The practice of hatha yoga may help to strengthen the body and mind. This would prove highly beneficial for any magical or Wiccan work.

wiccan yoga gif
How magical is this? Such amazing skill and concentration. I wonder if she’s doing Wiccan Yoga?

So my loves, I hope this answered your questions about Wiccan Yoga. Enjoy your practice!

Blessed Be,


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