Wiccan Healing

Wiccan Healing – A Comprehensive Guide

November 20, 2019

Hi, beauties! Because we’ve been writing so much about the magical properties of herbs, and have been discovering all of the incredible ways in which herbs can be used to enhance your love life, increase your feelings of self-love and even for protection, I thought now would be the perfect time to explore the topic of Wiccan healing.

We all have days when we’re feeling a little less energetic than we’d like (I know I do anyway) and sometimes a little healing magic can be just the ticket to give us that extra boost of energy. Along with the power of natural herbs, meditation and healthy eating, Wiccan healing can help to keep us and our loved ones healthy and happy so that we can enjoy our lives to the fullest extent.

Please note: The information and advice contained in this article are in no way offered as a substitute for consulting with a healthcare professional. If you are feeling unwell or suffering from any physical discomfort please seek the help of a trained doctor. All matters pertaining to your health should be supervised by a trained medical professional.

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While we firmly believe in the power of healing energies, never substitute them for advice from a trained professional!

Healing is a natural part of Wicca. Understanding the dynamics of energy, the power of mindfulness and the healing power of the natural world and her plants make up a cornerstone of Wiccan practice.

For those of you who identify as witches, you will be well aware of the fact that witches were often also healers. Historically, witches were well versed in natural medicine and knew how to heal both physical as well as mental and spiritual illnesses. Herbs have been used in Pagan and Celtic spellcasting for thousands of years and there is a huge body of lore and history around using herbs for magic and healing.

Given this context, it makes sense that those interested in Wicca and witchcraft would also have an interest in the healing arts. To answer all of your questions and provide you with a thorough overview of the topic, I’ve divided this blog article into sections. Each section addresses a specific topic or question. If you would like to find an answer quickly, feel free to skip ahead to the content you need by clicking on one of the headers below.

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Harness the healing energies all around you when you are feeling low.

Wiccan Healing – All about Healing Symbols

Symbols play an important role in Wicca and we’ve written extensively about the topic in our wonderful guide to Wiccan symbols. But what are some of the specific symbols for healing and how can they be applied in real-life situations? Do healing symbols work? And what are some of the most effective known healing symbols? 

Sigils or magical symbols are a powerful tool for spell casting and sigil magic happens to be one of my favourites! Sigils themselves are magical symbols that are designed to influence the world around us. The secret language of symbols and sigils can be one of the most effective ways of communicating with our subconsciousness as they are drawn from deep within our psyche.

Novice witches and Wiccans are often intimidated by the idea of sigil magic. This is because some sources tell us that sigils belong to the category of ‘higher magic’ and as such, are accessible only to advanced witches and Wiccans. I have found this to be categorically untrue. While some sigils may symbolise complex magical concepts which are indeed only decipherable by advanced practitioners, there are still plenty of ways in which sigil magic can be practised by Novice and beginner Wiccans and witches.

Anyone can practice sigil magic. All it takes is a little training and some basic understanding of the way in which magic works. To help you understand the basics of sigil magic lets first define what exactly a sigil is.

To understand a sigil lets first clarify the difference between a sign, a symbol and a sigil. 

  • A sign represents a point or an idea in a fairly clear and straightforward manner. Think of a road sign etc
  • A symbol represents a more complex or abstract idea or concept. Symbols may have a hidden or deeper meaning or truth than what we see at first glance.
  • A sigil is a carved, drawn or painted symbol which is believed to have magical powers.

Now that we know that a sigil is really nothing more than a symbol which has been energised with magical intent, let’s discuss a little further what roles sigils can play in spell casting and magical work.  One of the primary functions of a sign or a sigil is they can simplify complex ideas. A single symbol can represent a whole situation and be quickly understood. Just as your name is a collection of letters which represents the whole of you, a sigil or symbol can represent an entire concept in just a few pen strokes.

Because of the sigils ability to simplify powerful ideas and concepts into an easy to understand pictorial form, they can help us to draw powerful energies into our spellwork.

At the heart of sigil magic are hand-drawn signs. These signs might designate space, recall events or emotions, provide instructions or conjure deities and spirits.  A Sigil serves as a point of magical focus. The fact that it does not represent anything in the material world is its power. The idea or concept behind the sigil is what matters.  

A Sigil serves as a point of magical focus.
A Sigil serves as a point of magical focus.

To use a sigil during spell casting the sigil must be charged with magical intent and once the spell is completed the sigil is either destroyed or used as a kind of talisman. The reason the sigil is often destroyed once the spell has been cast is so that its magical energy can be released. To learn how to cast a spell using sigil magic check out this wonderful article which includes an easy to follow guide on spell casting with sigils.

So what are some Wiccan healing symbols that we can use for sigil magic? Below I’ve included a list of 5 of my favourite Wiccan healing symbols. Feel free to use the one that you feel the most drawn to in your spell casting.

Wiccan Healing – 5 Symbols to use in Sigil Magic

Wiccan Healing Symbol #1 – Point / Closed Dot

This simple mark can hold so much meaning. It is literally the beginning of all marks. It can represent the start or seed of a new idea, the beginning of a new phase or it can represent energy itself in its purest form. The dot can represent the point of origin or arrival at a destination. Use the point within your magical practice to symbolise the beginning of a new period of health and healing. Or to signify the start of the journey towards improved and vibrant health. Either way, the point is that it a powerful Wiccan healing symbol and one of my favourite sigils for beginners.

Wiccan Healing symbol #1 the closed dot
Use the point within your magical practice to symbolise the beginning of a new period of health and healing

Wiccan Healing Symbol #2 – The Open Dot

Not much bigger in size than the closed dot, the open dot is a tiny circle. It represents a point to be achieved. The smallest possible container or the nucleus of a cell. This symbol represents possibilities, options and choices that are yet to be made. Use the open dot within your magical practice to representing the idea of perfect health and your choice to move towards this state of health.

Wiccan Healing Symbols #2 the open dot
This symbol represents possibilities, options and choices that are yet to be made

Wiccan Healing Symbol #3 – The Circle

The circle symbolises unity, wholeness and infinity. The circle represents a sacred space and shields us with its beautiful feminine energy. Wearing a circle as a protective amulet reminds us to take care of ourselves. Working with the circle in our sigil magic allows us to connect with the sacred healing energy of the earth. Because the circle is an ancient and powerful healing symbol, it makes a wonderful sigil for use in healing magic of all kinds.

Wiccan Healing Symbols #3 The Circle
The circle symbolises unity, wholeness and infinity. The circle represents a sacred space and shields us with its beautiful feminine energy.

Wiccan Healing Symbol #4 – The Cross

The cross in its most basic form, that of a vertical line intersecting with a horizontal line represents a crossroads or a place where two different ideas interact. When all the arms of the cross are equal in length it represents an ultimate state of balance. Use the cross in your healing magic to represent a perfectly balanced state of health.

Wiccan Healing Symbols #4 The Cross
The cross in its most basic form, that of a vertical line intersecting with a horizontal line represents a crossroads or a place where two different ideas interact.

Wiccan Healing Symbol #5 – The Spiral

The spiral represents inspiration and the mythical journey from inwards out or from out inwards. We can use spirals to increase the energy of other sigils or on their own. The spiral can be seen as energetically fast or slow. It is the form of life and as a healing symbol, the spiral represents the shape of life itself and how things grow. Use it as a sigil within your magical practice to connect with the vibrant source of life itself, to allow inspiration and healing to flow into your experience and to represent your wonder and gratitude for life as it flows through your body.

Wiccan Healing symbols #5 The Spiral
The spiral represents inspiration and the mythical journey from inwards out or from out inwards

Wiccan Healing – The Magical World of Healing Crystals and Stones

Crystal healing is an alternative healing technique which employs crystals and other stones as a conduit for the healing energies of the natural world. Crystals have been used throughout history to assist with healing and many ancient cultures wore crystals to help align their energy. Generally, practitioners of crystal healing will place specific stones the chakras of the body to help realign the energy grid and thus promote healing and well being.

lotus flower crystals GIF
Harness the healing power of crystals.

Wiccan Healing – How does Crystal Healing Work?

Crystal healing, like other forms of alternative medicine, works most effectively if the person being healed already possesses a strong belief that crystals have the power to heal.  It is also important to remember, however beautiful and attractive crystals are, that they are still just tools that empower us to tap into the potentiality of our own healing power. With this in mind, let’s discuss how healing stones can be used within our spell work to enhance our state of well being and health.

Essentially crystals can be seen as instruments of power that successfully point us in the right direction so that we can claim and manifest the healing power that resides within all of us. Practising crystal healing offers us the chance to let go of control and allow us to invite the divine power of the universe into our lives. Peace, health and a personal state of empowerment is the natural state of being for someone who is in harmony with themselves. Crystals can help us to achieve this state of harmony. 

So how does crystal healing take place? Just as with herbal healing or other alternative healing practices, crystal healing encompasses many different techniques and styles and I would be remiss if I pretended to know them all.

However, one of the most popular styles of crystal healing and something that I practice myself on occasion is the method of placing crystals on specific points on the body in order to realign the energy fields. The idea is that as the crystals are placed on the vital centres of the body, the vibrational frequency rises, causing the lower vibration frequencies, be they mental, emotional or physical to be cleansed healed and transformed.

 Practising crystal healing offers us the chance to let go of control and allow us to invite the divine power of the universe into our lives.
Practising crystal healing offers us the chance to let go of control and allow us to invite the divine power of the universe into our lives.

Wiccan Healing – How do I practice Crystal Healing Myself?

  1. Before beginning crystal healing and the same as with any other form of magical work, it is important to clear your mind and centre yourself. A good way to do this is to sit down with your stones in front of you and practice deep long breaths. I like to hold any amethyst in my hand whilst doing this as amethyst helps me to connect with my intuition. Allow your mind to flow with your breaths and picture a release of your concerns or problems with each exhale while visually drawing in light and energy with each inhale. You may like to call upon any personal sources of healing power during this time. I always like to finish with an affirmation. Mine goes like this “I call upon the light of the great central sun,  I call upon the light of my own eternal being, I call upon the light of the infinite”. I like to repeat this 3 times, after which I generally feel energised and cleared. 
  2. Before and after any crystal healing session it is important to cleanse the crystals and the room itself. There are several ways that this can be done. An easy option is simply to open the doors and windows and allow fresh air to circulate the room and your stones. Another good method, and one that I love because of its ritual qualities, is to burn smudge sticks or incense in the room. The importance of a positive environment, cleared of any negative energies cannot be understated. The environment where the crystal healing is to be performed should be quiet and undisturbed.
  3. For the best effect, the stones should be placed on bare skin. If you are placing the stones on yourself you will need to find a comfortable position in which to do so. If you are placing the stones on someone else make sure that they are comfortable and warm. Once the stones have been placed allow yourself to focus on your own breath or encourage your participant to focus on their breath. 
  4. Inhale and allow yourself to travel within. Let go of any trouble or concerns. Inhale and sink deeper into the essence of your own being. Surrender, relax and let go. By observing a person breath during a crystal healing session you will often be intuitively guided to move the stones to other areas of the body
  5. As you or your participant focus on the breath you may find emotions, thoughts or feelings surfacing. It could be that you or the person you are working together with is suffering from stomach ulcers and strong memories of anxiety and fear felt during childhood surface. In this case, turn the focus to the breath and visualise or ask that your participant visualise strong clearing energy moving throughout the stomach area.  Place the stones on this area and visualise the childhood pain and fear as being released with every breath. 
  6. Crystal healing works through conscious breathwork and visualisation as well as the high frequency of the stones being used to guide and direct the energy fields of the body. Working in this way, past trauma can be released and the vital life force reawakened and strengthened.
Wiccan Healing - A Comprehensive Guide 1

Wiccan Healing – My Top 7 Crystal Healing Book Recommendations

If you’d like to deepen your knowledge of crystal healing I’d recommend checking out the following books:

The Crystal Bible. This is one of my favourite books about crystal healing, I love the way that Judy Hall makes the world of healing crystals both accessible and interesting at the same time. It’s also an awesome reference book. I love the go-to quick reference guide for all of the major crystals which list the benefits and characteristics of each crystal.

Crystals for Energy Healing. This is a great reference book for those specifically focused on crystal energy healing. Ashley Leavy has a way of writing that makes the world of crystals and their energies super fun. The book covers everything from a basic introduction to crystals and their uses through to energy grids, cleansing rituals and how to use crystals for healing. The book is illustrated with beautiful photos which are a big plus for me! 

Crystals for Positive Manifestation. This book is published by the same company as ‘Crystals for Energy Healing’ so don’t be confused if the covers look similar!  The focus of this book is specifically on how to use the energy of crystals to assist in manifesting your goals and desires. Personally, I love this topic and can’t get enough information on it! I love the easy to understand and simple style of this book, the clear steps that it outlines and of course, all of the beautiful pictures!

Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing This beautiful book features 50 crystals and pairs each crystal with a succinct description of the stones healing properties. I love the fact that Van Doren is a Grammy-nominated musician how just happens to have a personal obsession with crystals! If you’re an Instagram addict you should definitely follow her Instagram account Goldirocks which features a totally addictive feed of magical crystal images.

Crystal Bliss: Attract Love. Feed Your Spirit. Manifest Your Dreams. I love this book! It’s sort of like your own personalised crystal handbook, simply full of great advice on everything to do with crystals! The book covers everything from how to select, clean, store and work with your crystals right through to using them in meditation or for cleansing a new space. Plus there’s a whole section on how to attract love into your life by using crystals! Oh, and did I mention that the book looks amazing on a coffee table. Win!

Crystals for Beginners: The Guide to Getting Started With The Healing Power of Crystals by Karen Frazier I recommend this book for anyone who has zero experience with crystal healing. It’s super easy to read and the author has a great way of explaining all of the basic principles in a fun and simple way. 

Crystal Healing and the Human Energy Field: A Beginners Guide’ by Marion McGeough. McGeough is the founder of the British Academy of Reiki so this is my top book recommendation for those of you who are interested in learning about the human energy field, the aura and how to work with crystals to balance the chakras in greater detail. The book includes a step-by-step guide on how to use crystals to work with the chakra system which I found super enlightening.

Wiccan Healing – 10 Healing Stones

Crystals are actually all composed of quartz and silica, both of which make up a significant component of the human body. However, the vibrational frequency of crystals varies depending on which crystal you choose so it makes sense to consider which crystal best suits your purpose. To help you choose the right healing crystal I’ve made a comprehensive list of my top 10 healing crystals for you below.

the top 10 wiccan healing crystals illustrated against a pink background

Top 10 Wiccan Crystals for Healing

(1) Amethyst –  Amethyst helps to awaken the intuition and can be used to help calm mental noise and chatter (and who doesn’t need a helping hand in this area lol). Because of this, I love to hold an amethyst crystal during my meditation practice or before beginning a crystal healing session.

wiccan heaing crystal #1 amethyst
Amethyst helps to awaken the intuition

(2) Agate – Also known as the ‘warrior stone’ Agate helps to enhance courage, confidence and strength. I love working with Agate to increase my feelings of personal strength and empowerment.

wiccan healing crystals #2 agate
Agate helps to enhance courage, confidence and strength.

(3) Amazonite – Sometimes called the ‘inspiration stone’, Amazonite is the perfect choice for those who are lacking in confidence or who need some extra courage and strength.

wiccan healing crystals #3 amazonite
Sometimes called the ‘inspiration stone’, Amazonite is the perfect choice for those who are lacking in confidence or who need some extra courage and strength.

(5) Aventurine – Aventurine has a powerful healing energy. I’ve found that working with Aventurine has helped to alleviate my moods and calmed my (sometimes… ) erratic emotions. Aventurine is one of my favourite healing crystals.

Wiccan healing crystals #4 aventurine
Aventurine has a powerful healing energy

(5) Fuchsite – Fuchsite is a stone of healing and helps to create a calming and healing energy field. It stimulates reflection and self-healing.  I highly recommend working with Fuchite in combination with Aventurine, Garnet and Peridot.

wiccan healing crystal #5 fuchsite
Fuchsite is a stone of healing and helps to create a calming and healing energy field

(6) Garnet –  Sometimes called the ‘stone of health’ Garnet is a wonderful healer. The crystal helps to align the bodies energies and people who wear garnet jewelry tend to get sick less often.

wiccan healing crystals #6 garnet
Sometimes called the ‘stone of health’ Garnet is a wonderful healer.

(7) Peridot – Another healing stone, Peridot balances and rejuvenates the entire body. An additional positive effect to be experienced when working with Peridot it that it soothes emotional trauma and helps to release past tensions. Peridot is another one of my favourite healing crystals for sure!

wiccan healing crystals #7 peridot
Peridot balances and rejuvenates the entire body.

(8) Pyrite – Pyrite has a defending and protective quality. This beautiful crystal can help to shield and protect you from negative energies. I love working with pyrite to secure my sacred space before beginning my crystal magic.

wiccan healing crystals #8 pyrite
Pyrite has a defending and protective quality. This beautiful crystal can help to shield and protect you from negative energies.

(9) Selenite – This wonderful stone helps to increase mental focus and concentration, something that I find particularly helpful when working with healing crystals. Working with Selenite helps to enhance awareness of the greater good and it symbolizes the clarity of the mind.

wiccan healing crystals #8 selenite
This wonderful stone helps to increase mental focus and concentration

(10) Black Tourmaline – Last but not least on my list, the powerful black tourmaline. For me, black tourmaline is the ultimate grounding and protecting stone. Black tourmaline helps to ground and focus the mind in the present moment, something that is so important for successful healing and spellwork. Black Tourmaline has helped me to feel totally connected and in sync with my spellwork, something that I cannot overestimate the importance of.

wiccan healing crystals #10 black tourmaline
Black tourmaline helps to ground and focus the mind in the present moment.

Wiccan Healing – Everything You Need To Know About Healing Tea

Herbal teas and infusions are a wonderful way to help heal the body and can also be used as a preventative measure. Of course, there is no tea which will work as a ‘cure-all’ for any ailment but enjoyed as a supplementary drink, healing teas can be a great way to help aid the natural healing process.

Unlike conventional medicine which can be incredibly strong and is designed to root out disease, healing teas exert a gentle effect on the body and help to stimulate a natural defence against disease. I find that herbal teas work wonderfully if you are suffering from minor or chronic ailments such as colds, headaches or indigestion.

Making and using your own herbal teas at home is a great way to increase your knowledge of herbal lore, something that every Wiccan should be interested in, Additionally, it can have a positive impact on the environment and reduce your reliance on pharmaceutical drugs.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, growing your own herbs is one of the most fulfilling and relaxing hobbies I can think of. Alternatively, why not consider taking a trip out into the countryside during the warmer months and harvesting some wild herbs with which to make your tea. I’m always amazed at how many edible herbs and plants I find during my day trips and foraging for ingredients makes me feel super connected to the natural world. 

I always recommend purchasing organic herbs if you are able. Because the herbs are steeped in water it’s always best to use herbs and plants that are free from chemical sprays and pesticides. I also recommend clearing a workspace in your kitchen before blending your teas. A large work surface, be it the kitchen table or bench, clear of clutter and dust is best for blending your tea.  Once your space is cleared and ready, gather all of your materials so that you will have them ready when you need them.

Wiccan Healing - Herbal Teas
Herbal teas and infusions are a wonderful way to help heal the body

Wiccan Healing Tea Recipe – For Holistic Health

This tea provides amazing support for the immune system. Drink it at the first onset of a cold, flu or infection, or regularly to support the immune system. 


  • 1 part elderflower
  • 1 part ginger
  • 1 part mint
  • 0.5 part yarrow
  • 0.5 part cinnamon
  • 0.5 part cardamon
  • 0.3 part liquorice root


Pour 1.5 cups hot water over 1 tablespoon tea. Steep for 5 – 10 minutes. Drink as often as needed until the symptoms have disappeared. For preventative measures drink every other day.

tea working from home GIF
Make yourself a steaming cup of healing herbal tea.

Wiccan Healing – Working with Wiccan Healing Goddesses

Before Christianity, Judaism and Islam captured the hearts and minds of the Western world, there existed a huge variety of Goddesses and Demi-goddesses. Wiccan religion recognises many of these Goddesses, and working with a specific Goddess who is aligned with the intention of your spellwork can be incredibly powerful. If you are interested in Wiccan healing magic you may like to invoke one of the Wiccan healing Goddesses listed below:


Originally a Celtic Goddess, Brigid is a Goddess of healing and crafts. 


A Roman Goddess sometimes called the ‘Minerva of healing’. As Minerva Medica, she was the goddess of medicine and physicians.


Sometimes called the ‘Goddess of abundance’, Rosmerta has her origins in ancient Celtic lore. She was thought to reside in springs and wells, both of which were locations of healing for the Celts.


The namesake of Frances great river Seine, Sequana is a Roman-era Goddess. Because river Goddesses were thought to be intimately connected to the divine cosmos, they were often invoked for the purpose of healing. Sequana’s healing powers can be recognised from the many bronze and metal models of eyes, legs, breasts and other body parts that were deposited at the river’s source. Such offerings usually referred to the organs that needed healing.


Inscriptions throughout Europe invoke this healing Goddess. She carried snakes and eggs indicating that she may have been associated with fertility and rebirth.


A Celtic Goddess who is associated with the healing arts. Legend has it that Airmid could have healed humanity’s ailments with her herbal arts but that Dian Cecht destroyed Airmids collection.


Roman England’s greatest healing shrine was in Bath, where hot springs still bubble forth. These hot springs are named ‘The Waters of Sul’ and have been used since Celtic times. As a healing Goddess Sul is connected with the Goddess Brighid. Like Brighid, Sul was served by a colleague of Priestesses who tended an eternal flame.


An African Goddess of Healing, Idemili was said to live in a lake where she appeared as a mermaid. She and her husband formed the image of the perfect couple and together they were invoked for children and other blessings. A Goddess of healing, Idemili’s priests and priestesses served as herbalists and doctors.

sexy slow motion GIF by Cartoon Hangover
Let whatever goddess you believe in guide you to healing energies.

My loves, I hope this post finds you healthy and well. May you and your loved ones continue to enjoy vibrant health and joy in all things. For those of you seeking healing, may you find the health that you are seeking.

With love and light, as always, Blessed Be!



Amythest May

Amythest is a true white witch spreading love and light wherever she goes. When she's not in the kitchen blending oils or baking delicious treats for her friends, you can find her walking in nature, communicating with the great divine or perched atop her meditation pillow breathing in and breathing out.

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