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What do Reversed Tarot Cards Mean?

Understanding What it Means when a Card Appears Upside

Down (reversed) in Spread.

It’s completely normal in both small and large Tarot spreads that some cards will appear in the upright position and others will appear reversed (facing down).

Don’t be afraid of reversed cards. They aren’t necessarily negative or ‘bad’.

Often times the reversed card can simply be interpreted as the ‘reversed’ meaning of its upright message.

For example,  the Knight of Swords generally represents a fiery, enthusiastic and impulsive inclination whilst reversed the card might symbolise a more cautious and hesitant approach.

Remember, reversed or upright, each card has many meanings and your own personal and intuitive reading of the cards will  be that one that resonates most truthfully for you

Reversed cards might also:

1 – Indicate an energy blockage

2 – Too much energy

3 – That a shadow side or underlying issue needs to be addressed

4 – Add extra depth and insight to a reading

What do Reversed Tarot Cards Mean? 1