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Understanding Tarot – The Sun

The sun card shows a blazing sun, vibrantly colored, radiating sunbeams. The sun represents life, vitality, confidence, achievement, and success in all endeavors. The life-giving nature of the sun implies optimism and growth in all areas.

Understanding the Sun

The sun reminds us that after each dark night comes the shining light of day. Whatever your question, the answer is positive. The sun is literally shining on you. Positive and bright energy surrounds you. Whatever you undertake, you are likely to prosper.

The Sun- Interpretation Upright

When the sun appears in a reading, it brightens all of the other cards in a reading, even if their meaning is negative. The sun might indicate a time of inspiration and creation. If you are thinking about starting a new project, now is a good time to do so.

Key Words -Happiness, vitality, joy, playfulness, inspiration, success optimism

In a reading about money, the sun indicates that you may be in line to receive rewards related to your talents. The sun indicates that business ventures and investments may be about to pay off. If you are currently undertaking artistic ventures, the sun lets you know that you will be successful.

In a reading about love, the sun indicates that you are enjoying inspiring and pleasurable relationships. If you’re looking for love, this card can herald a bright and beautiful romance.

In a reading about your job, the sun indicates a time of joyful and inspired work. Expect flow moments and fresh opportunities. Now is your time to shine!

The Sun- Interpretation Reversed

Key Words – Overconfidence, fear, negativity

Whilst the sun is never a negative card but when it appears reversed it might indicate unforeseen adjustments or delays. You might not be feeling quite as confident as usual or perhaps you feel like you are not receiving the attention or success you deserve. The sun reversed also indicates overconfidence or impractical or unrealistic plans.

In a reading about money the sun reversed might be trying to tell you that you should take your lifestyle down a notch. Consider whether overconfidence has caused you to overextend yourself financially.

In a reading about love the sun reversed indicates that perhaps you have been allowing your ego to interfere with your happiness. Are there areas in your life where you have been creating unnecessary drama? Have you been allowing superficial factors to overshadow the real source of your own happiness?

In a reading about a job, the sun reversed indicates that you may be feeling overworked and underappreciated. Where have you allowed your true desires and inspirations to be overshadowed?

Lovelies, I hope this gives you some basic understanding of the Sun. As with all things Tarot, your own interpretation of a card or reading can be highly personalized and wonderfully multifaceted. With this perspective in mind, it pays to understand any outside interpretations (like this one) as simply one perspective which you can adapt and change as you see fit.

With love and light