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Understanding Tarot – The Fool

The Major Arcana is also known as the Journey of the Fool. This journey is one from innocence to enlightenment and symbolized by the emergence of consciousness. The fool marks the beginning of this journey and so to speak the ‘first step’ in this magical journey.

Understanding the Fool

The fool viewed within the context of the Tarot is actually not a derogatory term – in fact – consider yourself the fool as you begin your study of the cards. To embody the Fool means embracing a childlike innocence, a wide-eyed wonder, and a state of openness to the world and its learnings. The Fool represents potential and primal energy, she also represents a clean slate ready to be molded through a path of self-discovery and knowledge. The fool opens her heart to adventure without fear and trepidation. She packs what little belongings she has and makes her way out into the world, ready for new beginnings and adventure. The path she travels is full of risks but can also bring great rewards.

The Fool – Interpretation Upright

When the fool appears in a reading, it might indicate that you’re about to embark on a new way of life. This could be an outer way of life or something that only happens within. You’re certainly open to new experiences and ready to discover what lies around the bend. You might feel unsure about a path you’ve chosen but take your inspiration from the Fool and trust that everything will turn out well. The fool throws his heart out to adventure without fear and so should you.

Key Words – Be curious, explore new territories, let go of expectations, optimism.

In a reading about money the fool indicates that you may have acted naively and that it’s time to act more cautiously. Take the time to examine all details carefully and trust your intuition.

In a reading about love the fool indicates that you may be open for a new relationship or that your existing relationship is about to be transformed.

In a reading about a job, the fool indicates that new possibilities are opening for you. If you are considering a change or transition, the fool implies that now might be the perfect time for action. Above all the fool asks that you embrace this time of openness, possibility, and adventure.

The Fool – Interpretation Reversed

In reverse, the fool’s childlike naivety and disregard for consequences might signal a misstep or blindness to how her actions are affecting others. Whilst the upright fool symbolizes fearlessness and adventure, the reversed fool indicates hesitancy and doubt. Take this card as an invitation to examine how your actions might be affecting others and to pause and reflect.

Key Words – Address your fears, confront unknowns, consider the bigger picture.

In a reading about money the reversed fool indicates that you might be missing the information that you need in order to make an informed decision. It could also mean that you are being overly cautious and unempowered in terms of your decision making.

In a reading about love the reversed fool indicates that things may not be as you believe them to be. It could also imply that it’s time to move in a new direction. Be sure to think things through before taking action.

In a reading about a job, the fool reversed indicates that you feel like you have reached a dead-end or that you’ve grown bored with your career path. While it may be time to change direction, make sure you have all the facts at hand before acting. Hastiness and impulsive actions are not beneficial here.

Lovelies, I hope this gives you some basic understanding of the Fool. As with all things Tarot, your own interpretation of a card or reading can be highly personalized and wonderfully multifaceted. With this perspective in mind, it pays to understand any outside interpretations (like this one) as simply one perspective which you can adapt and change as you see fit.

With love and light