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The Magickal Properties of the Agaric Mushroom


This mushroom is known to be highly poisonous when ingested.

The magickal looking agaric mushroom is probably our most iconic toadstool. Vibrantly colored and often found nestled in a bed of green forest moss this beautiful mushroom is also known as the Magic Mushroom, Redcap Mushroom, Sacred Mushroom, and the Fly Fungus.

The Agaric is symbolic of the enchanted forest and its magickal moss lined groves. No wonder that it’s often featured as an illustration in books of fairy tales. It’s known as a lucky mushroom, deeply magickal and mysterious. Known to attract fae and gnomes. The Agaric generally grows in the cooler forests of northern europe and can often be found nestled in a spot of vibrant green moss, its white specked red coat sparkling with dew drops.

Although the Agaric is considered very poisonous, it has a long history of sacred use and many mystics and shamans have used it in their rituals. A local variant of the mushroom was also used as an intoxicant by the indigenous people of Siberia and by the Sami where the mushroom also carries a religious significance. There is speculation that at least some of the mystery religions of classical times centered their secret rituals around the use of the amanita.

Agaric Mushrooms Magickal Properties:

Agaric is specifically associated with increased fertility. Connect with the magickal spirit of this mushroom to ask for help if you are trying to become pregnant. For more insightful and prophetic dreams, place a dried mushroom on your nightstand or underneath your pillow. Hang a symbolic representation of the mushroom over your baby’s crib to ensure the child will have a happy life. (If you are using this mushroom around children, be sure to use only porcelain or carved representation of the mushroom).

Magickal Associations

Planet: Mercury 

Element: Air 

Deity: Dionysus 

Powers: Fertility

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