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The Five Arts of Witchery

The Five Arts of Witchery 1

I wanted to share some insights into the five arts of witchery. I think you’ll find these ideas intriguing.

The Five Arts of Witchery
Celestial Magick
Solar Magick
Lunar (Astral) Magick
Material Magick (Spirit of the Land)
Shadow Magick (The Organic Memory of the Earth)

1. Celestial Magick
Celestial magick is all about working with the stars and planets. It’s about using astrology and following celestial patterns. This type of magick connects you to the heavens and the divine patterns that guide us all.

There’s something deeply ingrained in our DNA about this magick. Our ancestors worked extensively with the planets, the sun, and the moon in their rituals. For many of us, celestial magick feels like coming home.

Personally, I have always felt a special kind of magick during the solstices and equinoxes. These are traditionally powerful times for magick, considered sacred by many of our ancestors. (By the way, we have an amazing solstice ritual with High Priestess Annwyn Avalon coming up in TWC!)

Another visible and always present aspect of celestial magick in our lives is the sun. Whenever we feel disconnected from nature and the cosmos, all we need to do is look out the window to remind ourselves that we are in actuality, deeply immersed in her rhythms. How is the light? Where are you in the daily cycle between sunrise and sunset? The sun is a constant reminder that we are part of a larger cosmic dance.

Question: “How do I start incorporating celestial magick into my daily life?”You’re already working with celestial magick, even if you don’t realize it! You wake and sleep as our planet dances with the sun. Try to simply give this more of your attention.

You can also start tracking the moon phases and observe how they affect your mood and energy. It’s amazing how different phases can influence how you feel.Or spend a few minutes each night stargazing. Notice the positions of prominent stars and planets, or simply allow yourself to be present in a moment of wonder as you become aware of the vastness of it all.

At The Witches Circle, we love performing small rituals during significant astrological events, like new moons and full moons. For example, during a new moon, set some intentions for what you want to achieve. This simple act can help you feel a powerful connection to the cosmos. 

Remember, you don’t need to know everything or get everything perfect right away. Start with small steps, and know that it’s okay to learn and grow at your own pace.

The Five Arts of Witchery 2

Chemical marriage between Sun and Moon, by Jaroš Griemiller, translation into Czech of the Rosarium Philosophorum, f. 177r, Prague, 1578

2. Solar Magick

When we harness the power of the sun, we are working with solar magick. In witchcraft, solar magick is used for vitality, clarity, and success. It’s a way to tap into the primal, life force energy of the sun and the fire element for strength and transformation.

Celebrating the solstices and equinoxes connects us to ancient traditions of solar rituals. These rituals help us draw on the sun’s energy and awaken our own subtle powers of rejuvenation.

The sun’s energy also brings healing and vitality. When we feel drained and lethargic, we can look to the sun to enhance our physical health and boost our energy levels. For instance, a simple sun spell might involve lighting a candle and reciting an incantation to draw in the sun’s warmth and light, symbolizing growth and flourishing in your life.

Question: “How do I start incorporating solar magick into my daily life?”

Don’t worry about overcomplicating things. The last thing any of us need is another practice that feels unmanageable. Every practice you add should bring energy, vitality, or clarity into your life, not take it away.

You might start by simply spending a few moments outside, soaking in the sunlight. Or, you could visualize the sun’s energy filling you with vitality and clarity for the day ahead.

Sometimes, I like to make solar water by placing a glass container of water in direct sunlight for a few hours. Drinking this water helps me absorb the sun’s energy. (Remember, water has a memory. The water that comes straight out of the tap is not the same as water that has been immersed in sunlight.)

You can also wear something that represents the sun. Yellow crystals like citrine or sunstone, golden-colored fabrics, or anything else that evokes the sun for you personally. Charge these items with sunlight before wearing them to carry the sun’s energy with you throughout the day.

The Five Arts of Witchery 3

Ancient Coin with Solar Symbol – Hellenistic Period (circa 323–31 BC)

1. Lunar Magick

Lunar magick harnesses the power of the moon’s phases and the astral plane, involving moonlit rituals, dream work, and astral projection.

Unlike the vibrant and energetic power of the sun, the moon holds a subtler, more mysterious influence. Much like the delicate thread of a spider’s web, the moon’s magick is both powerful and often overlooked.

Our ancient ancestors revered the moon and its powers. Many early calendars were based on lunar cycles rather than our modern Gregorian calendar, which follows the cycles of the sun. Ancient cultures understood the significance of the moon’s cycles for both physical and metaphysical growth. They aligned their agricultural activities and magickal practices with these cycles to enhance their effectiveness. 

The moon’s powers, linked to the divine feminine, the subconscious, and the astral plane, are invoked for dream magick, astral travel, and gaining spiritual insights. Embracing lunar magick allows you to tap into these subtle yet profound energies for personal and spiritual growth.

Question:“How do I start incorporating lunar magick into my daily life?”

The first step is to become aware of the moon’s cycles. If I were to ask you, would you be able to tell me where we are in the lunar cycle today?

Is the moon waxing (moving towards full) or waning (moving towards new)? By simply noticing the moon and paying attention to her phases, you start to gently integrate her magick into your life without much effort.

You might find, like I do, that your dreams change with the lunar cycle. For instance, the full moon often brings me insomnia and vivid, realistic dreams. Around the new moon, my dreams become a continuous story, picking up where they left off the night before.

Simple rituals like making moon water or moon bathing (sitting or lying somewhere under the light of the full moon) are beautifully simple yet profound ways to connect with lunar magick.

The Five Arts of Witchery 4

4. Material Magick (Spirit of the Land)

Material magick is all about deeply connecting with the land and nature spirits. This art involves creating sacred spaces, working with herbs and stones, and honoring local deities and spirits. In modern practice, ecological awareness and sustainability are emphasized, reflecting our connection to the earth through grounding, herbalism, and environmental stewardship.

Our ancestors around the world practiced forms of material magick, viewing trees, rivers, stones, and forests as sacred. They believed that every tree had a spirit and that the forest itself was a living, sacred entity.

Material magick is about connecting with the spirit of the land. Rather than seeing ourselves as the sole stewards of the earth, it involves understanding and honoring the spirits of the land. These spirits reside in our woods, rivers, and forests. Connecting with nature spirits can include setting up altars in natural locations, using natural elements like stones, plants, and water in rituals, and performing rites to honor the spirits that inhabit these places.

Material magick also involves working with natural materials to harness the earth’s energy. For example, you might plant certain herbs for protection, carry a crystal to soothe anxiety, or use stones, plants, and soil in rituals and spellwork.

Creating a garden with magickal plants like hemlock, mandrake, or herbs associated with specific deities can be a powerful way to connect with the earth’s energy.

Question: “How do I start incorporating material magick into my daily life?”

Start by spending time in nature to ground yourself and connect with the earth’s energy. You might enjoy starting a herb garden or keeping a few potted plants. Research the magickal properties of each plant and use them in your cooking, teas, and rituals.

Embrace practices that reflect your connection to the earth, such as recycling, composting, reducing waste, and supporting local conservation efforts.

Lastly, carry a small stone or crystal you feel connected to in your pocket. Simply touching it can help you tune into its energy and feel grounded.

5. Shadow Magick (The Organic Memory of the Earth)

Shadow magick delves into the deeper, often hidden aspects of ourselves and the world around us. It involves confronting and integrating our inner darkness, accessing ancestral wisdom, and tapping into the ancient memories of the earth. In essence, it’s about understanding and transforming the parts of ourselves that we usually keep hidden.

When we think about shadows, they often carry a negative connotation, but let’s shift that perspective. Shadows are simply aspects that are hidden from the light. They represent the liminal spaces between morning and night, life and death, waking and sleeping.

In witchcraft, liminal spaces are not to be feared. Rather, they offer great gifts of insight. The concept of shadow work in magick closely parallels Carl Jung’s psychological theories. Jung believed that the shadow, or unconscious part of our psyche, contains repressed desires and instincts. By bringing light to the shadow, we have the opportunity to move closer to our true desires and access greater self-awareness.

The shadow and its liminal space are also deeply connected to the organic memory of the earth. Ancient cultures recognized the importance of these hidden aspects. For instance, the traditional Javanese and Balinese shadow-puppet theater, known as Wayang Kulit, uses shadows to tell stories that reveal deeper truths about life and the human psyche.

In the traditional magick of Northern Europe, seers and practitioners often enter the liminal state of shadow to uncover hidden truths and future predictions. These practices helped them connect deeply with their heritage and the primal forces of nature.

Question:“How do I start incorporating shadow magick into my daily life?”

Start by becoming aware of your shadow aspects. Notice the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that you tend to repress or avoid. This awareness is the first step in bringing these aspects to light.

If possible, visit ancient and sacred sites. These places often hold powerful energies that can aid in your shadow work. Spend time in these environments, reflecting on your connection to the earth and its ancient wisdom.

Create an altar to honor your ancestors. Include photos, heirlooms, and other meaningful objects. Light candles and offer prayers or affirmations. This practice helps heal generational trauma and connects you with your lineage.

The Five Arts of Witchery 5

Magical animal from the play Classic of the Land and Sea, shadow puppet from Shaanxi Province, 19th century, Lin Liu-Hsin Museum

I hope you enjoyed this short exploration of the Five Arts of Witchery! 
I’m curious, which of these five arts resonates most with you? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Feel free to send me a DM on instagram and share your journey with me!

Bright Blessings,


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