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Bind Negative Vibes in Ice – A Freezer Spell

This freezer spell is designed to shield you from the negative energy of others. It doesn’t change their nature or cause them harm; it simply blocks their negative energy directed at you. If someone is generally negative, this spell will prevent their negativity from affecting you, though they may continue to be negative towards others.

Negativity from others can impact you in two ways:

  1. Directed at you personally, often as a projection of their own issues.
  2. Directed generally, where you might be in close contact due to work, family, or marriage, and thus bear the brunt of their negativity.

Materials Required

  • A plain, square white paper (8-1/2” x 8-1/2”), without lines or holes.
  • A black permanent marker (like a Sharpie).
  • A small, sealable food storage container (not a baggie, but something like a Ziplock or Tupperware box).
  • Water.
  • Freezer.

Best Time to Perform

  • Five minutes past any hour (avoid starting at the top of the hour).
  • Preferably during the waning Moon phase (from Full to New Moon).

Performing the Spell

  1. Prepare your materials. At five minutes past an hour, write the name of the person affecting you negatively in the center of the paper using the black marker.
  2. Draw a thick, counter-clockwise circle around the name. This direction is crucial for banishing. Focus on dispelling their negative energy without harboring your own negative thoughts.
  3. If you thicken the circle by redrawing, ensure no white spaces are left within it.
  4. Fold the paper and place it in the container. Fill the container with water, ensuring the paper is submerged.
  5. Seal the container and place it in the freezer. Keep it there as long as necessary, plus an additional month.

Note: This method has a 90% success rate, but if it doesn’t work, stronger methods are available.

Releasing the Spell
When the spell is no longer needed, remove the container from the freezer and allow it to thaw. Remove the paper, let it dry, then safely burn it. The container can be reused for other purposes.

For Stronger Effects
In cases where more strength is needed, add one of the following to the container:

  • Three tablespoons of Honey, if you need the person to be nicer to you.
  • Three tablespoons of Cayenne Pepper, if the person has an unjustified issue with you.
  • For extreme cases, add both Cayenne Pepper and your own urine.

The Last Resort
If someone is particularly vicious and other methods aren’t effective:

  1. After writing the name and drawing the circle, use the marker to draw a banishing line from top right to bottom left outside the circle, repeating a banishing statement with each stroke.
  2. Complete the process as before, adding Cayenne pepper and urine, then freeze the container.

Remember to wash your hands in cold water after this to cleanse yourself of the emotional energy. Good luck.

Note: Hygiene Considerations for Storing Urine in the Freezer: Urine, being a bodily fluid, can contain bacteria and other microorganisms. Therefore, it should be stored in a well-sealed container to prevent contamination. Additionally, it’s important to designate a specific area in the freezer for this purpose, away from food items, to avoid any cross-contamination. Regular cleaning and sanitizing of the storage area are also crucial to maintain a hygienic environment. Remember, personal safety and cleanliness should always be the top priority in any health-related practice.

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Freezer Spell – Questions and Answers

What is a freezer spell?

A freezer spell is a potent tool for binding. It halts actions and silences words.

What does a freezer spell do?

A freezer spell is designed to energetically immobilize the target’s negative influence. In this context, the ‘target’ refers to the specific person, situation, or energy that the spell is aimed at. This could be an individual whose actions or words are causing harm, a situation that is generating negativity, or a particular negative energy that you wish to neutralize. The spell works by symbolically ‘freezing’ the target’s ability to project this negative influence, thereby reducing or halting its impact. It’s a form of binding, intended to protect and create space for positive energies to flow. As with all magical practices, it’s crucial to consider the ethical implications of directing a spell towards a target, ensuring that the action aligns with your moral compass and the principles of your spiritual path.

How do freezer spells work?

By channeling intent into the physical act of freezing, you bind the energy.

Does freezer spells really work?

Their efficacy lies in the practitioner’s focus and the clarity of intent.

How effective is a freezer spell?

Its potency depends on your alignment with the spell’s purpose and your clarity of intent.

How to do a freezer spell?

Write the target’s name, focus your intent, submerge in water, and freeze.

How to cast a freezer spell?

Casting requires a clear vision of your desired outcome as you freeze the target’s name or symbol.

How to make a freezer spell?

Define Your Intention: Before beginning, be clear about your purpose. Is it to stop gossip, end harassment, or protect yourself from negativity? Your intention should be specific and focused.
Gather Materials: You’ll need a container (like a jar or a plastic bag), water, paper, and a pen. Some practitioners also use additional elements like herbs, oils, or crystals that align with their intention. For example, black tourmaline for protection or rosemary for purification.
Write Your Target: On the paper, write the name of the person or the specific situation you wish to ‘freeze’. Some traditions may include a photo or a personal item of the person.
Enhance with Symbols or Sigils: If you work with symbols, sigils, or runes, you may add these to the paper. These symbols should represent your intention and amplify the spell’s energy.
Fold and Bind: Fold the paper, focusing on your intention. You might choose to bind it with a string or ribbon, especially if your intent is to bind or restrict the target’s influence.
Add Water and Seal: Place the folded paper in the container and fill it with water. The water acts as a conduit for your intention, enveloping the target. If you’re using additional elements like herbs or oils, add them now.
Charge the Spell: Before sealing the container, take a moment to hold it in your hands. Visualize your intention clearly. See the target’s negative influence diminishing or being held at bay. Feel the energy of your intention flowing into the container.
Freeze the Spell: Seal the container and place it in your freezer. As it freezes, imagine the situation or person’s influence becoming immobilized, unable to cause further harm or negativity.
Maintain Secrecy: A key aspect of freezer spells is secrecy. Keep the spell hidden and speak of it to no one. The power of the spell often lies in its quiet, unspoken energy.
Monitor and Release: Over time, observe any changes or shifts in the situation. When you feel the spell has done its work, or if you wish to release the binding, thaw the container, dismantle the contents, and respectfully dispose of them, ideally returning them to the earth.
Remember, the power of a freezer spell lies not just in the physical components but in the energy and intention you put into it. It’s a blend of your will, the symbolism of the materials, and the elemental power of water and ice. As with all magical practices, respect for free will and ethical considerations should guide your actions.

How to perform a freezer spell?

Perform with a focused mind, visualizing the freezing as a binding act.

Can a freezer spell backfire?

Yes, if cast with ill intent or without proper grounding, it can return to you.

Can freezer spells be harmful?

They can be, if used to unjustly bind or harm another’s free will.

Do freezer spells work?

When cast with precision and pure intent, they can be effective.

Do freezer binding spells work?

Yes, they can bind energies or influences when performed correctly.

Do freeze spells freeze traps?

In a metaphysical sense, they can immobilize negative energies or intentions.

Do freezer spells stop noisy neighbors?

They can work to silence disruptive energies, not just in a literal sense.

How fast do freezer spells work?

The speed at which a freezer spell works can vary greatly and is influenced by several key factors:
Strength and Clarity of Intent: The more focused and powerful your intent, the more direct and swift the spell’s influence can be. A clear, unwavering intention sends a strong message to the universe, potentially hastening the spell’s effects.
Complexity of the Situation: Simpler situations, where the energies are not deeply entangled or heavily influenced by external factors, may respond more quickly to a freezer spell. Conversely, more complex scenarios, involving multiple people or layers of energy, may require more time for the spell to penetrate and effect change.
Energetic Resistance: Sometimes, the target or situation may have its own protective energies or resistance. This can slow the process, as the spell works through these layers. The presence of counter-spells or strong wills can also be a factor.
Alignment with Universal Will: In many magical traditions, it’s believed that spells work in harmony with the universe’s greater plan. If your spell is aligned with this, it may work faster. However, if there are lessons to be learned or other factors at play, the universe might delay the spell’s effects.
Your Own Energy and State: Your mental, emotional, and spiritual state plays a role. If you are in a place of doubt, fear, or internal conflict, these energies can impede the spell. A calm, confident, and balanced state can aid in quicker manifestation.
Magical Correspondences: Utilizing elements that correspond to speed and swift action can aid the spell. For instance, casting it on a waxing moon, using herbs known for quick results, or charging the spell with energy during a powerful astrological event.
Subsequent Actions and Behaviors: Your actions following the casting can either support or hinder the spell. Aligning your behavior with your intent, and avoiding actions that contradict your spell’s purpose, can facilitate faster results.
Spiritual Feedback and Adaptation: Sometimes, the spell might begin to work subtly, requiring you to be observant and responsive. Small shifts might indicate the need to reinforce the spell or adjust your approach.
In essence, the speed of a freezer spell’s effectiveness is not just a matter of time but a dance of energies, intentions, and cosmic alignment. Patience and attentiveness to the subtle shifts in energy and circumstance are key. Remember, magic often works in ways that are not immediately visible or in the timeframes we expect. Trust in your skills and the process is essential.

How long do freezer spells take to work?

Patience is key; they may manifest quickly or over time, as the energies align.

How long does a freezer spell take to work?

The timing is not fixed; it unfolds as the energies permit.

How long does it take for freezer spell to work?

It varies; some see swift results, others wait as the spell matures.

How long are freezer binding spells last?

They last as long as your intent holds and the spell remains undisturbed.

Can you do a freezer spell on yourself?

It’s unwise. Binding oneself can lead to unintended spiritual blockages.

Can you do a freezer spell on debt?

Yes, to symbolically bind the overwhelming energy of debt.

Can I use the freezer spell to bind money problems?

Yes, as a form of sympathetic magic to restrain financial woes.

Can you use a freeze spell for someone else?

With their consent, to bind energies or influences affecting them.

Can you flush a freezer spell down the toilet?

No, it must be thawed and respectfully dismantled.

How to dispose of a freezer spell?

Thaw it, release the intent, and return the components to the earth.

How to get rid of a freezer spell?

Thaw, release the bound energy, and dispose of the components mindfully.

How to reverse a freezer spell?

Thaw and consciously unbind what you have bound, releasing the energy.

How to undo a freezer spell?

Thaw, dismantle with intent, and cleanse your space.

How to undo a freezer binding spell?

Release the spell with intention, allowing the bound energy to flow freely.

How to stop a freezer spell?

Interrupt its energy by thawing and neutralizing the intent.

How to turn off freezer spell?

Thaw and dismantle, returning the components to nature.

How to nullify a freezer spell?

Thaw, release the intent, and cleanse the components.

How to nullify a freezer spell from yourself?

Carefully thaw and perform a ritual of release and cleansing.

How to freeze a person spell?

This is ethically complex; bind only with just cause and harm to none.

How to freeze someone spell?

Focus your intent on halting their negative influence, not their free will.

How to put a freeze spell on someone?

With careful intent, freeze their name or symbol, binding their harm.

How to freeze the loan company away spell?

Symbolically freeze the company’s influence over your finances.

How to freeze time spell?

This is more symbolic, focusing on slowing down or pausing a situation.

How to help a love one with a freezer spell?

Cast with the intent to protect them from negative influences.

How to expose freezing bag love spells?

Reveal the truth energetically; thaw and dismantle the spell.

Should a love spell be in the freezer?

Only if it’s to cool down an overly heated situation.

Should you put a love spell in the freezer?

If the intent is to pause or slow down a relationship’s energy.

What happens if you freeze a honey jar spell?

It can halt the sweetening process, freezing the current state.

What happens when you use the freezer spell?

The targeted energy or influence is bound and immobilized.

What does a hoodoo freezer spell do?

It’s used to stop someone from causing harm or gossiping.

When was the freezer spell created?

Its origins are murky, rooted in folk magic traditions.

Why didn’t my freezer spell work?

Perhaps the intent wasn’t clear, or the situation requires a different approach.

Will freezer spell harm?

If cast with negative intent, it can harm both the target and the caster.

Is a freeze spell binding or banishing?

Primarily binding; it restrains rather than banishes.

What is a lemon freezer spell?

A specific type of freezer spell using a lemon to sour and bind.