Tarot vs. Oracle Decks

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Tarot vs. Oracle Decks Explained :)⁠

What’s the difference? Tarot decks tend to have a similar structure with 78 cards (22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards). While the visual elements between tarot decks can vary, you’ll generally find that they have a consistent theme across decks.⁠

Oracle cards on the other hand are way more free-flowing. They generally don’t have a specific structure or theme and also don’t have a common number of set cards. Oracle decks can be inspired by all sorts of themes and topics, goddesses, angels, affirmations, poetry, and so on…….⁠

In a reading, it can be useful to work with an oracle deck to highlight the core themes or energies present, whereas tarot can give more specific details on what’s happening and why.⁠

This is precisely why many people choose to work with an Oracle deck and a Tarot deck together.⁠

In this post, we discuss the key. differences between oracle and tarot decks.

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