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Tarot Tips – Getting To Know Your Cards

Get To Know Your Tarot Or Oracle Cards With Beginner Easy Tips

When you first start working with the cards, it’s vital that you get to know your deck. Familiarising yourself with the cards and the meaning of each is an ongoing process. Don’t feel bad if it feels like you stay stuck on this step for what feels like forever. Getting to know your deck takes time!

Here are some tips for getting to know your cards:

1 – Hold the cards in your hands and simply work through the deck. Look at each card and note what jumps out at you on each. Are there any specific details that speak to you? Try to feel the energy of each card and make a mental note of the way each card makes you feel. Do you love some cards and dislike others? That’s totally okay!

2 – Major Arcana. Look at each card of the Major Arcana in your hands as you repeat the name of the card in your mind. Repeat this step until you feel confident naming each card.

3 – Minor Arcana. Look at each card of the Minor Arcana and note any details that jump out at you. Can you find the principle symbol on each card (Sword, Cup, Pentacle or Wand). Repeat this process until you can pick a random card from the Minor Arcana and name it straight away.

4 – Court Cards. Look at each of the Court Cards and note whether it’s a Page, Queen, or King you’re looking at. What similarities do they share? How are they different? Can you sense the personality of each card?

Getting to know your cards