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My Favourite Self-Care Bath Oil For Ultimate Relaxation

October 20, 2020

Hi, my loves and welcome to WiccaNow! Recently I’ve been sharing an eclectic array of different things, like this fun self-love jar spell and this post all about the magickal properties of nettles. Today I want to continue down this meandering path by sharing something I use often, and which I love, namely a recipe for my favourite self-care bath oil!

If you’re like me and suffer from some anxiety, then you may have been finding the current global situation relatively stressful (I know I do). I’ve got family all over the world that I can’t see, some of whom live by themselves and haven’t see another person in months. I’ve got ill family members who could really use support but that I have no way of getting to so I’m stuck video calling and hoping that they’re coping on their own. It’s, to say the least, a bit of a shit show.

One of the best ways I’ve found to de-stress and to reduce my anxiety is to run myself a ritual bath and try to let go of all that extra emotional baggage that seems to be following me around right now. This is my form of self-care and something I’ve learned I need to prioritise when I’m feeling low. I always use this self-care bath oil to give myself an added little boost.

TBH, I actually use this bath oil all the time (not just when I’m feeling anxious) because the blend of herbs and essential oils is really great for your skin as well as being good for your headspace. Sometimes there is absolutely no better way of looking after yourself than to spend a quiet hour in the bath, surrounded by crystals and a couple of candles with a cold glass of prosecco in hand.

I’ve talked about ritual bathing before and shared some of my favourite tips for having a rewarding ritual bath (or shower). If you prefer to watch not read, head to the bottom of this post to check the video we made showing you how to create this oil.

If you want to read more about helping anxiety with magick, check out this anti-anxiety tea ritual I shared along with this post about the best herbs to help reduce the effects of anxiety. I’ve also previously shared my favourite spell to help get rid of anxiety

Self-Care Bath Oil

While you can have a ritual bath with no other ingredients except water, I like to add various other ingredients to mine to help increase the magickal energy I’m aiming to channel. The bonus of this is that while you harness the magickal properties of various ingredients you’re also reaping the medicinal benefits of all the things you add to your bath. 

This self-care bath oil has been created with maximum self-indulgence in mind. It’s calming, protective and loving energies will help to envelop you in a feeling of contentment and security while helping you to feel love for yourself. 

This recipe uses the herbs and oils that I love to add to my own self-care bath oil. Feel free to change these up as you see fit! What works for me may not work for you and that’s absolutely ok! I’ve written a lot about herbs and plants in the past, if you want a broad overview of a lot of different plants and their magickal properties, check out my botanical witchipedia

person holding an essential oil bottle with a drip coming out of the bottle for self-care bath oil recipe

I make this oil when I’m feeling good. I don’t want my anxiety to enter into it so I always make it when I’ve had an awesome day or am feeling some great vibes. I’ll put on some music that I like and have fun while I make it. I believe that this mood gets infused into the oil and then released back to me when I most need it!

Self-Care Bath Oil Ingredients

  • Linseed oil – Linseed draws love while giving you protection and warding away hardship. Linseed oil is full of antioxidants which helps to decrease the signs of ageing in skin. It helps to reduce wrinkles and also restores the skins PH balance. You can also use a different carrier oil here, coconut is a great alternative or use any other oil you like to use on your skin. 
  • 9 drops lavender oil – Draws love, peace and clarity while removing negativity. Medicinally, it will reduce anxiety, calm your mind and heal your skin.
  • 9 drops mint oil – Draws strength, love, luck and healing. Mint has anti-ageing properties while improving brain function.
  • 9 drops thyme oil – Draws courage, love and abundance while providing protection and helping to remove past problems. Medicinally it helps to boost your mood while helping your immune system.
  • 9 drops lemongrass oil – Draws love, brings clarity and helps to expel negative energies. Medicinally it helps to reduce both anxiety and exhaustion.
  • Dried Chamomile – Draws luck while providing confidence, healing and purification. Medicinally it will help to reduce anxiety while also being great for your skin and providing relaxation.
  • Dried hibiscus – Draws passion, freedom, beauty, love and independence while supporting immunity and providing anti-ageing properties.
  • Dried calendula – Draws happiness while helping to remove past trauma. Medicinally it is packed with antioxidants which help against ageing. It also helps to hydrate and nourish the skin while reducing scarring.
  • A medium-sized bottle (mine is around 150mL).
  • Dried garden sage – Strongly protective, I use it to smoke cleanse my workspace and all my ingredients.
self-care bath oil being held in hands in a milky bowl with flowers around it

Self-Care Bath Oil Method

  1. Place all your ingredients and tools onto your workspace.
  2. Light some dried sage and carefully cleanse your ingredients and tools. I like to smoke cleanse but you can also cleanse with sound or with visualisation.
  3. Place your bottle in front of you and add all your dried herbs, taking the time to visualise why you are adding each herb to the bottle and what it’s going to help you with. 
  4. Add your essential oils one at a time, visualising the effects you want with each drop. I use 15 drops of each because I like to use multiples of 3. It’s a total power number which represents unity. 
  5. Top the bottle up with linseed oil, close the lid and shake the bottle to mix everything. 
  6. Hold the bottle with both hands and set your intention. Let the warmth of your hands infuse into the bottle and as it does, visualise glowing light emitting from your hands and being absorbed by the oil. Allow everything else to fall to the wayside for a minute and focus on what you want this magickal oil to bring you. You are looking out for yourself, you want the oil to protect you, to bring you feelings of self-love and assurance. You want this oil to nourish your skin and calm your mind. Tell yourself that you are awesome, that life is a lot and can be stressful but that you’re a badass who can deal with everything that gets thrown your way. Allow this feeling of independence and self-assurance to infuse into the oil. Put all your good vibes into the bottle and when you feel like it’s full to over-flowing, give yourself one more positive affirmation and place the bottle back onto your workspace. 
  7. The oil is now ready to use! Add it to your bath next time you’re feeling a little stressed and let it’s powerful self-care energies pep you up and remove negativity!

So my lovelies, I hope this self-care bath oil makes you feel amazing! Let it nourish your body and your soul while you allow yourself those small moments of self-indulgence which are more important now than ever before!

Until next time,

Blessed be,

Amaria xx

Amaria Pollux

Amaria is a herb and nature-loving magical explorer who always tries to look on the bright side. If she's not cooking up a storm, you'll find her snuggled up on the couch with her self-satisfied cat and a magical book learning everything she can about Witchcraft.

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