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Money Spells 101 – A Comprehensive Guide

Hi to our lovely readers! As we all know, money is often high on peoples list of problems so it makes sense that articles about money magic are amongst the most popular on our site (along with articles about love of course!) Some people believe that a fixation on material possessions and consumerism belies underlying issues surrounding a lack of real purpose in life. I highly encourage you to investigate your motivations for wanting more money before engaging in any spellwork.

Fulfilment comes from how we think and feel, it does not come through an accumulation of material possessions. Please keep in mind that you were not meant to spend your life’s energy accumulating money and possessions. Money is a tool, nothing more, nothing less. That being said, let’s get back to the topic of money spells.

Money spells are many and various and although money magic works, please don’t expect the money to simply fall from the sky and land in your lap (as nice as that would be lol). Like all other magic, money spells require clear intent and actionable follow-through. If you cast a “job” spell its certainly possible that someone will offer you a job out of the blue but its much better to apply for jobs you’re qualified for and to go for interviews than to wait for that call. However, with magic on your side, the difficult becomes easier and the unlikely possible. 

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Money Spells

Money Spells – How they Work

Think of a spell as a kind of ‘command’ to the universe. I actually enjoy thinking about my spell casting like weaving, with the universe offering an unlimited array of possibilities from which I can cast my loom and ‘weave’ my magic.

Spells are collections of words through which we communicate our desires and wants to the universe. The more you say a spell and the more intense your focus and concentration is during the process of spell casting, the more powerful your magic will be. Check out this post on manifesting to learn more about the power of strong intentions and focus.

Money spells are no different to any other spell in this regard. Think of a money spell as a highly focused and clear request to the universal forces that be that you are ready and willing to receive more abundance in the form of money in your life.

money spell gif
Use money spells to help you access the streams of money flowing all around us.

What can go Wrong When You Cast a Money Spell?

You should always examine your motivations and exact wording before casting a spell as any vagueness could backfire. As an example, I’ll tell you a short story about, hmmm let’s call him ‘James’. So James wanted to manifest a whole heap of money quickly (don’t we all). He’d tried buying lotto tickets, betting on racehorses and searching for lost treasures, but all to no avail.

Finally, he decided to cast a money spell in the hopes that this would provide a fast solution to his cash problem. James cast a spell in which he stated that he would like “find 10,000 cash within the next two weeks”. Towards the end of the two weeks, whilst out walking John did indeed find 10,000 cash. Exactly 10,000 which was really quite astonishing. The problem? The money wasn’t real but rather, printed Monopoly ‘cash’. Poor James!

The story just goes to show that the universal divine will AWAYS answer your requests but if you are not totally specific about your desires, the answer may not always be the one you were expecting. The moral of the story? Please make sure that your money spells are as specific and as clear as possible! If you are even a teeny tiny bit vague, the money you are asking for might find its way to you in quite an unexpected and not always pleasant manner!

monopoly money gif
Poor James, this isn’t what he was expecting!

How To Write A Money Spell

So let’s write a spell for one of the most common requests to the universe, a request for more money! First, let’s specify the exact problem. Maybe its that there’s never any money left over at the end of the month? So what would be the desired outcome? “I want some money at the end of the month” so this becomes:

“At the end of the month, money I have none.
At the end of the month, money I would like some”.

We could change the word month to week if we really need the money to come quickly. It’s also possible to specify the exact amount that you would like. Just keep in mind that greed is not a quality which I encourage, usually, requests which are loaded with greedy energy backfire in my experience.

Your money spell should become like a mantra for you. Every morning, before you start the day, recite the money spell and whilst doing so, hold an intense image or feeling in your mind and body of exactly how you would feel if you already possessed the money that you so desire. Let the feeling saturate your entire being for as long as you are able to maintain it in any intensity of it.

Do this every day without fail until the money that you are seeking begins to manifest in your experience. I promise you, this really does work. Test it and try it for yourself, just remember, you need to be persistent. Give up too soon and you will not be allowing the universe to fully work its magic for you.

jerry maguire money GIF
Aggressively going after material wealth and being greedy in your spellwork normally ends up backfiring.

What Type of Money Spell is Most Effective?

I get asked this question often by people who are new to magic and want to make sure that they make a beeline straight to the most powerful spells so as not to “waste” their time. The advice I always give is that the spell itself is really not as important as most people think. What is of utmost importance is the state of mind and concentration that you bring to your spellwork.

Some spells which call for a whole host of ingredients and complicated steps might actually be less effective than a simple visualisation spell. If you have trained your powers of concentration and are confident performing complicated rituals than these may indeed yield more potent results as the energy generated is more intense, however, if you are new to magic and spell work focus on simple spells first.

Learn to work with your mind, practice and develop your concentration and focus skills. Learn to visualise vividly. Become confident in your magic and in the universal power to deliver it. Only once these skills have become like second nature to you would I recommend that you move onto more elaborate spell work. Keep in mind, even the simplest of spells can yield magnificent results for those who believe in its power to do so.

An Effective Money Spell for Beginners

The Candle Money Spell

This spell is very easy and quite effective. Give it a try!

If you haven’t practised candle magic before, check out this candle magic 101 we wrote before you start!

You will need:

  • One small green candle


  1. Carve the following words onto the candle:


  1. Place the candle onto a stable flameproof surface and light it. 
  2. Let the candle burn fully while you chant the words of the spell.
  3. As the candle burns along with the spell, it will draw abundance and wealth into your experience. Remember to visualise and focus on the feeling of wealth and abundance as if it were already manifest in your life.
Money Spells 101 - A Comprehensive Guide 1
Money spells can be very powerful, just be careful what you wish for!

Note: Never leave a candle burning unattended, make sure that you have a fire extinguisher nearby and take care not to wear any billowing clothes which may get caught in the flame whilst performing this spell!

Our Favourite Money Spells

Do you have a specific money problem? Try one of our exclusive money spells from the list below .

So my loves, I hope this answers some of your burning questions about money spells!

Until next time,

Blessed Be,



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