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Meteor Magick – A Celestial Spell Ritual To Fulfill Your Deepest Wishes

For those of you interested in connecting with celestial energy, this December brings plenty of opportunities to do so!

Starting with the Geminids meteor shower on December 13th and ending with a full moon on December 30th, this month brings plenty of possibilities to connect with celestial powers.☄️

Decembers meteor shower, the Geminids, will grace our sky between December 12th and 17th. Peaking on the night of December 13th, the Geminids are expected to light up the sky with over 120 multicolored meteors visible or hour.

We think December 13th would be the perfect time to work some meteor magick, don’t you?☄️☄️

With this in mind, we’ve included a beautiful ‘Geminids’ spell ritual for you to use below.✨

For this ritual, you’ll need:
A blanket and some comfortable cushions or chairs
A pencil and paper
A candle and a lighter

✅ On the night of December 13th, find a quiet spot to set up your blanket and chairs. The further you can get away from the city lights to do this the better as it will make the meteor shower that much more vibrant.
✅ Take some time to get comfortable, you might like to do a short meditation or simply focus on your breath for a few minutes.

✅ Now move your gaze upwards and connect with the universal nature of the night sky. Allow your eyes to become accustomed to the sky and note any meteors that you see.
✅  Now notice any wishes that come into your mind as you watch the meteors above. Write down these wishes on your piece of paper.
✅  Now place your candle securely in an upright position (always remember to practice fire safety when working with candles!) and light it.
✅ Now hold your paper in your hand and visualize your wishes being fulfilled as you gaze into the night sky. Picture the energy of the meteor shower flowing down into your paper and embuing your wishes with its power
✅ Now take your paper and carefully burn it in the candle flames. Whilst the paper is burning, say out loud or in your mind “Celestial sky shining bright, take my wishes, and fulfill them tonight”.
✅ Snuff out your candle and thank the meteor shower for helping to fulfill your wishes.
✅ (note – it is very unusual for any wishes to be fulfilled immediately. Practice patience with your magick and allow the universe time to work its magick!)

Wishing you a wonderful week, with love and light from Berlin.

Amythest and Amaria

People pointing at a meteor shower