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A Beautiful Love Charm To Attract Powerful Love

Hi, my lovelies and welcome to WiccaNow. We’ve been sharing a few of our favourite rituals and spells recently, like this anti-anxiety tea ritual. We’ve also created a powerful protection jar, a honey jar spell for love, a self-love jar spell and we’ve also shared our favourite protection symbols with you. Today I want to share another wonderful spell with you, namely a beautiful love charm which will attract love to you.

This love charm works with knot magick and uses the magickal properties of herbs and plants to create a potent love talisman which will attract love to you. Amythest and I love to use organic herbs and spices and to make our charm we used a piece of vintage Japanese kimono silk which we were lucky enough to find. We feel like the hours of workmanship and love that went into making the silk can really be felt in the power of this charm!

Below are some notes on this charm, if you just wanna get to the spell itself, use the table of contents to skip down to the Love Charm.

close up of pink silk and ribbon love charm

Notes on this Love Charm

This love charm has been designed without a specific person in mind. Use it if you want to attract love but you haven’t already met someone you want specific. If you already have a specific person in mind, check out this spell we shared about attracting a specific person!

We’ve used a combination of number magick, knot magick, sigil magick and herbal/ crystal magick for this charm.

As always when casting spells, it’s all about setting your intention and sending that energy out into the world so that you can manifest your desired outcome. We never advise trying to bind people to you or trying to use magick to coerce someone into loving you as this normally doesn’t work that well for either party. We’re all about putting the loving energies out into the universe, and trusting that the universe will find a way to reflect those energies back to us!

Amythest and I often talk about how magick and witchcraft are not bound by rules. If any of the ingredients or techniques we’ve used here don’t work for you, feel absolutely free to change them up! Use different herbs or crystals, make your own sigil, change up the incarnation if you don’t like ours. Feel free to use this love spell as a template to make your own.

Most importantly with this spell, have fun! Magick, just like love, should be fun and interesting. While both have their serious sides, what’s the point in doing either if all they give you are stress and anxiety? Enjoy the process and you’ll get the best results!

hands holding pink silk and other ingredients for love charm

Notes on Knot Magick

We love using knot magick occasionally. Trying knots into the ribbon holding the love charm together sets, activates and strengthens your spell. We’ve used 6 knots because both of us like to work in multiples of 3. The number 3 is a total power number and often crops up in magick. Below I’m showing you the reason for the 6 knot practice we’ve used.

  • By knot of 1, the spells begun. Congrats, you’ve activated your spell!
  • By knot of 2, it comes true. Here you’re creating powerful energies to draw love to you.
  • By knot of 3, so mote it be. You could also end the know magick here, as this is solidifying the energies you’re creating.
  • By knot of 4, this power I store. You’ve made a charm whose power will increase every time you touch it.
  • By knot of 5, the spells alive. You’re doubling down on the activation energy.
  • By knot of 6, this spell I fix. The final knot is fixing the intentions and energies you’ve created into place.

A quick note on number magick

  • #2 symbolises partnership, we’ve used 2 cardamom pods for this reason
  • #3 is the ultimate number of power. We’ve used multiples of 3 where we can i.e. 6x knots and 15cm ribbon. You could make your cloth 30cm and could count out your dried petals if you wanted to continue with this number.
  • #6 Symbolises give and take energies, something that every relationship needs.
hands tying knows into pink ribbon against white linen background

Notes on Herbal Magick

All the herbs and plants we’ve used in this spell have been carefully chosen for love and relationships.

  • Rose – The ultimate, universally recognised, plant of love.
  • Cardamom – Luck in love.
  • Hibiscus – Attracts strong love and passion.
  • Raspberry leaf – Helps to bring a committed and solid relationship
  • Bay leaf – Attracts love and loyalty
  • Rose Quartz (I know, not a herb) – Attracts love

The Ultimate Love Charm

Enjoy the process of making this charm and it’ll be all the more powerful! This love charm works to attract the perfect person for you into your life.

Love Charm Ingredients

  • 15cm pink ribbon
  • Dried hibiscus petals
  • Dried rose petals
  • Dried raspberry leaves
  • 2x cardamom pods
  • 1x bay leaf
  • A square or circle of pink or red silk, big enough to hold all your ingredients
  • A small piece of paper
  • A pen
  • A fire-proof surface
love charm ingredients with labels and completed love charm against a black silk background

Love Charm Method

  1. Cleanse your workspace and ingredients. You can smoke cleanse (we used rose and hibiscus) or you can cleanse with meditation or sound.
  2. Place the silk into the middle of your workspace.
  3. Place the dried flower petals, the raspberry leaves and the cardamom pods into the centre of your silk.
  4. Hold your rose quartz in your hands and visualise it filling with the love you want to experience.
  5. Place your rose quartz on top of the herbs.
  6. Take your piece of paper and write the following incantation:

“Grant to me, my wish to make

Of love to give and love to receive

Equal and fair

Bring now to me

This love to share

So mote it be”

  1. Take your paper and fold it 3x. Place the paper underneath the crystal but on top of your herbs.
  2. Gather the edges of your silk together and make a tight bundle. Tie the bundle together with your piece of ribbon, making sure that you have an equal amount of ribbon on both sides.
  3. Knot the ends of the ribbon 6x while you recite the incantation you wrote onto your paper. Repeat the incantation fully for each knot you make.
  4. Draw a love sigil onto your bay leaf.
  5. Burn the bay leaf (carefully) while passing the completed love charm in a clockwise motion through the smoke that’s produced. Clockwise attracts, anti-clockwise repels.
  6. Once the bay leaf is burned, cup the love charm in your hands and focus as strongly as you can on the love you wish to experience. Feel as if you are already enveloped in this love and focus on sending that feeling into the love charm in your hands. Fill the charm to the brim with this feeling and once you feel it is full to overflowing with love, then your charm is activated and complete!
bay leaf with love sigil burning in a fire proof bowl surrounded by love charm ingredients and crystals
Burning the bay leaf with the sigil inscribed on it releases your wish for love into the world.

Carry the charm with you and touch it whenever you want to activate its love drawing properties. To recharge it, cup it in your hands and complete step 12 again. Do this as often as you want. Sleep with the charm under your pillow and as you drift to sleep, imagine the love you wish to experience.

Keep the charm until the love you want has manifested. When you believe that you have found this love, bury the charm away from your home, making sure to remove anything non biodegradable first. If for any reason the love you found turns out not to be what you expected (it happens to all of us), remake this love charm with fresh ingredients.

Note: Be patient and give this charm time to do it’s work. Try not to have expectations and allow yourself to be open to new experiences and ideas. Remember that when the time is right the universe will deliver the love you seek to you! As with all spell work, you need to be active while using the magick in this charm. It’s unlikely that you’ll find a love if you don’t accept invitations or if you don’t put yourself out there and ask people on dates.

Watch us make this beautiful love charm 🙂

So my loves, I hope that this love charm fulfils all of your desires and dreams and brings you a love thats perfectly suited to you!

Until next time,

Blessed Be,

Amaria xx