Ideas For Your Tarot Journal

Ideas for your Tarot Journal

Why You Should Start a Tarot Journal

The secret to becoming an intuitive and confident Tarot reader is developing a deeply personal connection with the cards. Knowing what each card means to you and why as well as how the cards relate top each other is important if you want your readings to become deeply relevant and insightful. So how do you achieve this? One of the best ways we know to do this is by keeping a Tarot journal.

Through recording your experience with the cards in a concrete way you’ll be building an internal language and relationship with your deck, which, over time which will become deeply useful to you as a Tarot reader.

Ideas for your Tarot Journal:

1 – Create a library of your own personal Tarot card meanings

2 – Chart your progress as a Tarot reader

3 – Record your readings for future reference

4 – Record ideas and inspirations for new Tarot spreads you’d like to try

5 – Keep a list of questions you’d like to ask

6 – Keep a record of synchronicities and dreams as they relate to your readings

Ideas for your tarot journal and why you should be keeping one

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