How To Store Your Tarot Deck

Storing your deck

How To Store Your Tarot or Oracle Cards

Now that you know how to cleanse your deck, have you given any thought as to where you might store your cards between readings? If not, nows a great time to do so!

Many people like to keep their deck in a special box or bag. Doing so will keep the cards out of harms way and protect them from dust.

You might also like to:

*Store your cards with a clear quartz crystal. Clear quartz is a wonderful absorber of  energies and keeping a quartz with your deck will ensure that your cards are keep in an ideal ‘energetic’ state.

*Choose the color of your storage box or bag to suit your intention. For example: a black bag might indicate seriousness and authority whereas a white bag aligns more with an intention of purity.

*Use baby wipes to remove any dust or residue from your cards

*Store your cards on your altar or sacred space between readings.

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