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How to Make Black Salt

“Salt does what you tell it to” is a common folk saying,

How to Make Black Salt 1

How to make Black Salt, it’s magical uses and alternate names

In the realms of Folk Magic and Hoodoo, Black Salt is regarded as a fundamental element for protection, essentially a more potent version of regular salt typically used for creating protective barriers, particularly in ritualistic practices. Known by various names such as Witch’s Salt, Drive Away Salt, Sal Negro, and Indio Salt, it remains fundamentally Black Salt, though its specific creation and intent may vary. You have the ability to craft your own Black Salt, tailoring its composition and purpose to your needs, resulting in specialized forms like “Black Salt-Drive Away” or “Black Salt-Banishing,” among others.

Black Salt is a powerful substance, but creating it requires effort and additional materials. It serves both protective and hexing purposes. As you delve into this article, you’ll learn how to prepare it and its various applications.

Once prepared in adequate amounts, Black Salt can be used to safeguard your home. You can scatter it around your property to deter intruders or troublemakers, or lay it across the thresholds of your front and back doors, as well as along the base of patio doors and window sills.

For those in apartments, an easier method involves moving furniture away from walls and sprinkling the salt at the base of these walls and door thresholds. This placement, mainly at entry points, aims to repel evil forces or protect your possessions and dwelling.

Alternatively, if your goal is to drive away a bothersome individual, you can sprinkle Black Salt in or across their footprints. This method highlights two primary uses of Black Salt: for protection or for hexing, depending on your intended purpose.

The formula for making black salt is pretty basic, and many web sites have different recipes for Black Salt but at its most basic it is this:

Black Salt Recipe

•2 parts sea salt

•1 part scrapings from a cast iron skillet or pot

•1 part fine ash from your fire pit especially if it’s from a ritual fire

•1 part finely ground black pepper

If you’re uncertain about the correct proportions for dry mixtures in Black Salt, a good rule of thumb is to use one spoon of your chosen additive for every three spoons of salt. This is the fundamental recipe, and your specific intention will guide its use. You might need to slightly alter the ratios depending on the density of your coloring ingredient, but this remains the basic approach to its preparation.

Should you possess a well-used cast iron pot or cauldron, it can be a great source of black scrapings for your salt. However, if the scrapings appear overly oily, opt for ash or pepper instead. If you’re using a cast iron cauldron specifically for magical practices, it’s important to consider the nature of the previous rituals performed with it.

It’s crucial not to create protective Black Salt in a cauldron previously used for hexing spells, and vice versa. Many practitioners burn specific herbs in their cauldron to align with their intent, whether for protection or hexing. Therefore, it’s advisable to reflect on the past uses of your cauldron, using scrapings from protective rituals to create protective salts, and those from cursing or hexing rituals for making corresponding types of salts.

How to Make Black Salt 2

Some individuals suggest using black chalk dust, black powdered food coloring, or the soot from an oil lamp’s chimney as coloring agents for Black Salt. While a few sources may advise adding liquid dye or food coloring, this can cause the salt to clump and dissolve, so it’s better to stick with dry colorants. Additionally, infusing the salt with a few drops of specially prepared oil can enhance its energy. The unique aspect of crafting Black Salt lies in the ability to personalize it with specific ingredients that align with your aura, energy, and intentions.

For example, incorporating graveyard dirt into Black Salt tailors its properties: dirt from an ancestral grave lends protective qualities, while soil from a murderer’s grave might imbue the salt with more aggressive intentions.

Creating uncrossing Black Salt involves burning herbs like hyssop, lemongrass, or pennyroyal to produce ash for the mixture. Similarly, pot ash derived from materials like tumbleweeds, licorice root, or peppers can be added to forge a more destructive variant of Black Salt.

Mixing Red Pepper with Black Salt and scattering it in an adversary’s path can encourage them to leave. Beyond these specific uses, Black Salt is versatile, notably effective in absorbing negativity during uncrossing rituals. Contrary to some beliefs, using Black Salt for such purposes doesn’t constitute black magic.

There’s a common misconception among those unfamiliar with magical practices that working with Black Salt is inherently evil, especially when used to remove someone harmful. However, Black Salt’s primary role is protection, and its magical nature is determined solely by the user’s intent. It’s not considered black magic to neutralize or return negative energy unless there’s a deliberate intention to cause harm.

Misunderstood elements in rituals, like dark moons, counterclockwise movements, or even inverted pentagrams, are often employed in protective, undoing, uncrossing, binding works, and other significant practices like journeying to the afterlife or honoring the crone.

How to Make Black Salt 3

It’s important to note that Black Salt absorbs negative energy and therefore should be used only once before being replaced with a fresh batch.

Exploring different sources reveals a range of applications for Black Salt

It’s commonly used to counteract negative spells cast upon an individual. Forming a protective circle with Black Salt around your home’s boundary is a common practice. Sprinkling it in your living space can help banish evil and purify the area of negative energies.

You can also use Black Salt as a specific deterrent by sprinkling some outside your door while verbally expressing your desire for certain individuals not to visit your property, along with your reasons. If you’re looking to remove someone from your vicinity, discreetly sprinkle Black Salt behind them and then near your door.

Placing Black Salt in a dish or a small bag under your pillow can help alleviate nightmares and keep away unwanted observers or spirits. Drawing a line with the salt across your doorways and windows can serve as a barrier against evil, unwelcome guests, and deflect envy or slander back to its origin.

Incorporating a small amount of Black Salt into your floor cleaning routine can cleanse your home, entrance, and ritual space of negative vibes. Adding it to your bath water can be beneficial when you’re feeling particularly down, angry, or overwhelmed with negativity.

Carrying Black Salt close to your body, whether in a small flannel packet or bag, within your desk, or taped under your chair at work or school, can act as a shield against gossip, bullying, rude colleagues, and overbearing bosses. Placing it in a bowl, a tiny cloth pouch, or simply sprinkling a bit around can also be effective.

Adding Black Salt to Water of Mars, also known as War Water, can enhance its protective and jinx-removing effects. It can also be combined with Hot Foot Powder, Graveyard Dirt, and Rattlesnake Salt for increased potency.

Sprinkling Black Salt in the yard, office, or footsteps of an enemy or a threatening neighbor can encourage them to leave or at least establish a barrier against evil forces and undesirable neighbors. The key is that when someone undesirable encounters Black Salt, they tend to become uncomfortable in that space and are likely to move away. Therefore, scattering Black Salt around the exterior of your home, across your doorstep, or around your workspace can be effective in keeping away foes. Black Salt is primarily used to dispel negative energy and establish boundaries against enemies, making them want to leave or rendering them powerless in your vicinity. It can also be used in enemy territories as a hexing agent to limit their influence and control them.

Black Salt is particularly useful against annoying co-workers, potentially driving them to seek employment elsewhere. It symbolizes the waning moon, eclipses, and new moons, which are times for endings, binding work, trance, journeying to Under Realms, and removing curses. It’s associated with fire energy, chthonic or darker earthly Elementals and Deities, particularly Crone or Triple Goddesses, War Gods, and darker forest beings. It can be used to mitigate the negative effects of Mercury Retrograde, for Spirit Callings, Ancestor work, and Samhain rituals.

Sprinkle Black Salt liberally on items or possessions associated with bad memories or attachments. It can be used in conjunction with White Salt, Sage, or Holy Water to absorb evil and then purify yourself and your space. For instance, during purification rituals, a white candle can be rolled in sea salt and a black candle in Black Salt for purification and negativity removal, making it effective for jinx removing.

Black Salt can be used like sand painting to draw runes or other symbols on the altar or workspace. If kept clean, it can be reused multiple times for this purpose, or incorporated into mojo bags, incense, etc. However, if it feels ‘icky,’ it should be replaced. It’s important to note that Black Salt absorbs negative energy and therefore should be used only once before being replaced with a fresh batch.

How to Make Black Salt 4

Incorporating Black Salt into their weekly cleaning routine, a person might replace it more frequently if the energy in their home or workspace feels particularly heavy or negative. Sometimes, this means sweeping it up on a weekly basis, especially if the negativity is intense, necessitating the preparation of larger or more frequent batches of Black Salt

Like with other magical practices such as petitions, candle magic, or rituals, it’s crucial to thoughtfully consider where to dispose of used Black Salt. The aim is to ensure that the negativity absorbed by the salt is effectively and safely released. Common methods agreed upon in various sources include:

1) Burying the salt in the earth at a location far from your living or working space, such as at a crossroads, in a cemetery, or possibly in an enemy’s yard.

2) Casting the salt into the wind at a distant location, ensuring it blows away from your home or workplace. This can be done by releasing it from your hand in the four cardinal directions or at a crossroads, always mindful of the wind’s direction.

3) Throwing the salt into a fire, along with paper on which you’ve written your worries or other things you wish to eliminate. It’s important not to use the resulting ashes for any other ritual purpose. Once they’ve cooled, they should be buried away from your home or ritual area.

4) “Casting into living water” means disposing of the salt in flowing water, such as a river, creek, lake, or ocean. Even a moving ditch or storm drain can work, though during drought conditions, a toilet with a strong flush can be an effective alternative. This method is particularly cleansing and can symbolically ‘flush’ away negativity from your life. For instance, a person mentioned using the toilets at her workplace for this purpose, finding the sound of the powerful flush to be quite affirming.

The use of Black Salt can have negative aspects, largely dependent on the user’s intent. Here are some of these uses:

  • To eliminate evil and negativity from a home, one can sprinkle Black Salt on the floor and then sweep it out the front door, off the porch, and towards the street. This act is typically seen as a white magic spell.
  • To prevent an unwelcome person from returning, one might scatter Black Salt on the porch or sidewalk as soon as the person leaves, then sweep it vigorously towards the street, possibly while expressing negative sentiments towards them. This could be considered a black magic spell. However, it can be modified into a white magic spell by directing the salt to remove the person from your life without causing them harm, thus not cursing them but simply encouraging them to stay away permanently.
  • For retribution against an adversary, Black Salt can be sprinkled into a doll or voodoo doll that represents the enemy, incorporating something personal like a photo, hair, or nail clippings. Black Salt can also be used in black magic mojos or bottle spells, which are then buried on the enemy’s property or concealed in their home or vehicle. It’s important to ensure that such practices do not inadvertently harm innocent people.

Black Salt can be utilized in more aggressive magical practices, such as creating a potion intended to curse an enemy. To prepare this potion, dissolve Black Salt that has been colored with black food dye in water. This mixture can be made in any sealable container, like a plastic water bottle. Ingredients like graveyard dirt, black pepper, and an entire bottle of black magic oil are added to the mix. After sealing the container, shake it vigorously while focusing negatively on the enemy. This potion is typically used by pouring it over the enemy’s car or porch, representing a form of black magic involving Black Salt.

An anecdote illustrates a more covert use of Black Salt: during a Halloween party with loud music and dancing, someone discreetly sprinkled dry Black Salt, mixed with glittery black cats and bats decorations, on a rival. This act, disguised as a festive gesture, resulted in difficulties for the rival, perceived as an acceleration of their karma.

Black Salt can also be used in candle magic. It’s applied to crossing and revenge candles, as well as to black candles meant for removing hexes, negativity, or jinxes. Additionally, salts of various colors exist and can be used either independently or in combination with Black Salt, depending on the intended magical purpose.

Blue Salt

Blue Salt is commonly used for protection against the Evil Eye, a term referring to harmful or negative energy that can affect one’s luck or well-being. It has various applications:

  • For healing purposes, sprinkle Blue Salt under the bed in a sick room to help neutralize negative energy, aiding the patient’s recovery.
  • In matters of justice, such as court cases or legal spells, carrying a small amount of Blue Salt or adding it to a mojo bag intended for favoring a judge can be beneficial.
  • Blue Salt can be mixed into loose incense or liquid potpourri to amplify magical intentions.

The versatility of Blue Salt allows for creative uses, such as in sand painting for drawing circles, runes, or other symbols in sacred spaces or altars. If kept uncontaminated, it can be reused multiple times for these purposes or included in mojo bags, incense, and other magical tools.

Interestingly, Blue Salt has been occasionally used in spells aimed at achieving invisibility. In magical terms, invisibility doesn’t mean becoming physically transparent but rather making oneself less noticeable or drawing less attention. However, it’s advised not to use invisibility spells on vehicles as it can lead to unintended consequences.

When combined with Black Salt, Blue Salt can be effective in reversing bad luck and ending crossed conditions.

To create Blue Salt:

  • Use a mortar and pestle to blend sea salt (or any preferred type of salt) with blue flowers or herbs like Blue Thistle or Blue Iris. Blue food coloring can be added if desired.
  • During the blending process, focus on your intent for using the salt, channeling your energies into the mixture.
How to Make Black Salt 5


 This particular salt, ideal for spells related to abundance, prosperity, growth, money, and luck, has a variety of uses:

  • Sprinkle it in each corner and over the threshold of your workplace, and add a pinch to the cash register as part of a ritual to bless your store each week.
  • For those running an online business, scatter a bit in the area where you store your inventory and manage financial records, being careful to keep it away from electronic devices.
  • Incorporate a pinch into a money-drawing mojo bag weekly to enhance its potency.
  • Mix this salt into loose incense or liquid potpourri to strengthen magical intentions.
  • Keep some in a portable shaker and discreetly sprinkle under your chair at a casino or bingo hall to attract good fortune.
  • Carry it in a sachet when job hunting to increase your chances of success.
  • Use it on gardening tools to bless them for a fruitful season, but avoid direct contact with plants as they may be sensitive to salt.
  • When combined with Black Salt, it can accelerate the process of attracting good luck or create immediate luck-enhancing effects.

To create green salt:

  • Use a mortar and pestle to mix sea salt with green flowers or herbs like mint, dill, or basil. You can add green food coloring if desired.
  • As you blend the ingredients, focus on your intentions and the type of energy you wish to infuse into the salt.

Red Salt

Red Salt is particularly effective in spells related to love, romance, passion, sexual drive, and a zest for life. It’s important to note that this formula can stain carpets, so it should be used cautiously and in less visible areas.

Red Salt is commonly used in magic for attracting love, enhancing romantic feelings, and fostering attraction. To use it:

  • Sprinkle a small amount under the bed, similar to adding a pinch of chili powder to hot chocolate, to add a bit of excitement to your romantic life.
  • Add a pinch to a relationship mojo bag weekly to maintain the strength of the love.
  • Mix it into loose incense or liquid potpourri to amplify magical intentions related to love and romance.
  • Carry some in a portable shaker and discreetly sprinkle it under your chair at social venues like bars or clubs to enhance your allure.
  • Red Salt can be creatively used in various ways, so feel free to use your imagination.

Additionally, Red Salt can be used to energize other magical works. It can be employed in sand painting for drawing circles, runes, or other symbols on an altar or workspace. When kept clean, it can be reused multiple times for these purposes or included in mojo bags, incense, etc.

Red Salt can also be combined with Black Salt to reverse spells or turn them back on the sender.

To make Red Salt:

  • Blend sea salt with Paprika or Cayenne Pepper using a mortar and pestle. You may also add red food coloring if desired.
  • While blending, focus on your intentions and the specific purpose for which you intend to use the salt.
How to Make Black Salt 6

Purple Salt

Purple Witch Salt is specifically crafted for spiritual practices and is generally not combined with Black Salt unless you’re seeking additional spiritual protection.

To create Purple Witch Salt:

  • Use a mortar and pestle to mix together sea salt with your choice of purple herbs and flowers, like Lavender or Lilac. You can also add purple food coloring for a more vibrant hue.
  • As you blend these ingredients, focus on your intentions and the specific spiritual purposes for which you plan to use the salt. This process involves channeling your energies into the mixture.
  • The ratio of salt to other ingredients should be double. Once mixed, store the Purple Witch Salt in a jar, keeping it in a cool and dry place for preservation.

How to Make Black Salt 7


Black Salt is utilized to eliminate or ward off evil and negativity, and it finds its application in both white and black magic spells, particularly for banishing problematic individuals. It is also employed in black magic for the purpose of cursing an enemy.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that Black Salt is a potent tool. Therefore, it’s advised to carefully consider your actions before using it in spells that extend beyond personal protection. Based on personal experiences, it’s known that the effects of Black Salt can be enduring.

A common saying in folk traditions is, “Salt does what you tell it to.” This emphasizes the importance of your intent when using Black Salt in any magical practice. Your intentions play a critical role in shaping the outcomes and influences of the spells you cast with it.

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