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Home Protection Spell

Use this home protection spell to help keep your home energetically protected. By casting this spell you will help to create a powerful shield of safety and protection around your home as well as correcting any energetic imbalances.

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Our Favourite Home Protection Spell to Keep You Safe

This will assist in creating a secure, harmonious and joyful home environment for you and those you love. Remember, like all spell work, the potency of this particular spell is entirely dependant on your own ability to focus while casting. If you are feeling tired, angry or anxious consider casting the spell at another time when you are feeling calmer and clear-minded. If you want to learn more about manifesting, check out this post we wrote on manifestation tips.

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night moon GIF by Maria Jose Da Luz
This of this spell as casting a warm net of protective forces around your home to keep all the malevolent energies out.

Home Protection Spell Ingredients

  • A teaspoon of garlic powder or minced garlic
  • A handful of coarse salt
  • A bowl. Preferable not made of plastic and used only for spell work
A Home Protection Spell

Home Protection Spell Method

  1. Place the garlic and salt together in the bowl.
  2. Begin to mix the two together and whilst doing so form a clear picture in your mind of your home as a safe space. Imagine if you will that a glowing shield is being placed over your home through which no negative influences can penetrate.
  3. As you imagine and clearly visualise your home in this shielded and protected way feel the flow of energy moving from your body and into the mixture of salt and garlic.
  4. As you are feeling the flow of energy recite the following verse:

“With this salt, I cleanse this place
Let no one with ill intentions enter this space
Protect this space from all negative energies and entities
So mote it be”

  1. Now take the mixture and place a symbolic piece on every window and door opening. As you move through your home ‘sealing’ all openings from negativity, imagine again the protective energy embodied by the salt and garlic mixture and visualise the protective shield that this energy is forming around your home. 
  2. Once you have finished ‘sealing’ all of the doorways and windows give thanks for the wonderful home that you are able to live in and allow your gratitude to fill your body with a wonderful feeling of warmth and safety.

My dear ones, I wish your homes to be safe places in which you can live your lives joyfully, in comfort and love. May your homes provide you with safe spaces that nourish and comfort your being.

Blessed Be!