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Find a Friend Spell – A Helping Hand

Hi, my loves and welcome to WiccaNow. Recently I’ve been sharing some of my favourite spells and rituals with you, like this anti-anxiety spell and this moonlit love spell for beginners along with this post on the dos and don’t of casting love spells and the best ways to manifest anything. I want to continue in this vein today by sharing my simple “find and friend” spell.

This ‘find a friend spell’ is useful for those who are searching for new friends. Perhaps you’ve moved to a new part of town or a different city and finding new friends has not been as easy as you’d hoped. Or you’ve changed jobs and you’d like to get on better with a certain colleague? Making new friends can be a real challenge so the boost this spell provides could be just the thing you need to help you attract more friendship into your life.

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Finding new friends that get your particular brand of weirdness can be hard! Increase your chances with this wonderful find a friend spell.

Remember that in order for this spell to have the best chance of success its really important that you clear your mind before starting so that you can focus your energy and intention clearly. If you’re feeling anxious, stressed or nervous try meditating before casting the spell or do the spell on a day when you are feeling more relaxed. Learn about spell casting here and about manifesting here.

Our Best Find A Friend Spell

Find A Friend Spell Ingredients

Find a Friend Spell
  • Fresh mint
  • Three silver coins
  • Pink ribbon or yarn
  • A piece of white silk
  • Honeysuckle fragrance or oil

Find A Friend Spell Method

  1. To begin the spell carefully lay out the white silk on a table or flat surface.
  2. Gently place the fresh mint into the centre of the silk.
  3. Take each of the three silver coins one by one and rub them with the honeysuckle fragrance or oil.
  4. Place the oiled coins neatly onto the fresh mint so that you have a small stack.
  5. Fold up the four corners of the silk cloth and tie the ends securely closed with the ribbon or yarn. As you tie up the cloth recite the following incantation:

“Moonlight shines bright
A guiding light for a kindred soul
May they find their way to me
So mote it be”

  1. As you recite the incantation imagine how it would feel to find a new friend. Picture the things that the two of you might do together, imagine the conversations that would flow. Try to visualise already having this friend in your life, as if they were right there next to you.
  2. Once you feel as though you have created strong energy containing the vibration of the friendship you are seeking send this energy towards the silk bundle containing the coins and imagine that the bundle is now holding all of the friendship energy. 
  3. Place the bundle onto your windowsill for two nights (the moon phase is not important for this spell) and thereafter carry the bundle with you.
  4. Whenever you touch or see the bundle try to rekindle the feeling of friendship and imagine already having this friend in your life. If you are able to focus your energy in a clear way, this spell will quickly work to attract the perfect friend into your life.

If you would like an A4 sized printable PDF copy of this find a friend spell (absolutely free) please download it here.

Find a friend free downloadable spell
Download our ‘find a friend’ spell for free. Beautifully set in an old English font this A4 PDF would make a lovely addition to your spellbook.

My Lovelies – may you experience the joy of true friendship in endless abundance. May you never feel alone or lost in the world. May this spell help to match you with the perfect companion. 

Blessed Be