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Exploring Curses and Hexes: A Reader’s Dilemma

I recently received an intriguing email from one of our newsletter subscribers. I wanted to share it with you, along with my response:

Hi Amythest,

I’ve always been curious about the mystical and unseen. The idea of understanding and using curses and hexes fascinates me. It feels like stepping into a hidden world full of secrets.

But is it safe? Am I getting into something I might regret?

I’m torn about the ethics of curses and hexes. On one hand, using these spells feels wrong. I don’t want to hurt anyone, even if they’ve hurt me. But on the other hand, seeking justice and protecting myself seems fair. Where should I draw the line?

But can this really help me feel stronger? What if things go wrong? The idea of a curse backfiring is scary. I worry about bringing more negativity into my life rather than getting rid of it. How can I make sure my actions won’t come back to haunt me?

There have been times when I’ve felt powerless, treated unfairly, and suffered from abuse. Exploring curses and hexes gives me a sense of control and empowerment that I’ve been missing. It feels like a way to stand up for myself and protect my loved ones from negativity.

My spiritual journey has always been about growth and enlightenment. I meditate, practice yoga, and read about different philosophies. Cursing and hexing seem to go against the light and positivity I usually seek. Can I fit these practices into my broader spiritual beliefs, or will they lead me astray?

As a teacher, I am a role model. How would my students, my daughter, and my colleagues see me if they knew about my interest in curses and hexes? The fear of judgment is real. Is it worth the potential risk to my reputation?

I have to be honest with myself and admit that there is a strong appeal in the idea of releasing my anger and pain through curses and hexes. Turning negative emotions into something tangible might help me let go. I want to heal from past wounds, but can I trust myself to handle it responsibly?

What are your thoughts?


Dear Conflicted,

First off, let me say that your curiosity is completely valid. Cursing is something we all do in some form. When we say “F*** you” or “Go to hell,” we’re expressing anger and frustration. In many ways, curses and hexes are like these everyday expressions but with more intention and ritual.

Life isn’t always love and light.

If we only focus on positivity, we sometimes ignore a part of ourselves. Anger, pain, and a desire for justice are normal human emotions. Using curses and hexes can be a way to take back power and deal with these darker feelings.

Historically, curses and hexes have been tools for the powerless to reclaim control and shift power dynamics. In ancient societies, those on the lower rungs of the social ladder often used curses to address injustices and mistreatment. For example, in ancient Egypt, curses were used to enforce Ma’at (spiritual law) and were intertwined with religious practices. In many cultures, curses were not just about causing harm but about reclaiming power and seeking justice in the face of wrongdoing.

What if someone has truly wronged us? If someone has caused deep harm, shouldn’t they face the consequences? In cases of severe harm, like abuse, curses can be a form of justice. They provide a way to deal with the hurt and seek retribution. Also, curses are not always permanent. They can be broken or lifted. Understanding how to break and protect against curses is an important aspect of practicing magic responsibly.

While the ethics and potential backlash of using curses and hexes are important to consider, it’s also crucial to acknowledge the role these practices play in the human experience. They allow us to confront our darker emotions and seek justice when deeply wronged. Remember, even in the darkest practices, there is room for understanding and growth.

Your journey is yours alone, and balancing these practices with your broader spiritual beliefs is part of that path. Reflect deeply on your intentions and the potential outcomes. The fear of judgment is real, but so is the power of authenticity and self-protection.

I hope this provides some clarity and guidance for your journey.

With warm regards,


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