Decembers Full Moon

Decembers Full Moon

The full moon of each month heralds a time of peak power. A time for setting intentions, manifesting, and facing our shadow selves. As difficult as it may be to face our own darkness during this period, we have help on hand. During this period of power, the moon aligns with the aspect of the great goddess in her form as the universal mother. Guided by the universal mother, we are not alone in facing our fears. She holds our hands and gently guides us through the darkness, providing a safe space for us to strengthen and heal.

What is Decembers full moon?

The full moon is on December 29th.

What is Decembers full moon called?

Decembers full moon is called the ‘Cold Moon’. The name is thought to have its origins in Native American vocabulary wherein each cycle of the moon was given its own distinctive name. Other names for Decembers full moon include: ‘frost exploding trees moon’, ‘snow moon’ and ‘the winter maker’.

Within Celtic and Pagan traditions the full moon of December was often called the ‘Moon before Yule’.

What Does Decembers Full Moon Mean?

Decembers full moon is a time for introspection, for looking inward, and for shining a light on the things that we would rather stay hidden. During this time we are called to embrace the energy of the full moon and its associated goddess aspect of the universal mother to send us the courage we need to face our fears. Only once we have faced our fears are we free to set our sights on what we really desire. By achieving clarity of vision a clear path of action will be revealed to us.

This is a time for divination, for reaching out to friends and family. For connecting with parts of ourselves that have been neglected and for deep reflections regarding the true nature of our desires and wants.

This is also a time for healing and for matters relating to thought and communication.

Suggested Magickal Workings For This Period

  • Healing rituals
  • Divination
  • Truth-seeking and revealing rituals
  • Deep meditation
  • Aligning with our highest selves
  • Shadow work
  • Rest and rejuvination

Correspondences for Decembers Full Moon

Nature SpiritsSnow energy, water sprites, storm faeries
Herbs and PlantsHolly, ivy, fir, mistletoe
ColorsBlack, white, red
AnimalsBear, horse, deer, mouse, owl, robin
ScentsCedar, fir, oud, frankincense, myrrh
CrystalsSerpentine, quartz, peridot, obsidian,
GoddessesHecate, Neith, Minerva, Ixchel, Osiris, Athene
Magickal Correspondences For Decembers Full Moon

A Full Moon Rite To Increase Intuition

Cast this spell on the night of Decembers full moon in order to inhance your intuition thereby allowing you to make better decisions in the coming year.

You’ll need:

  • A stick on incense
  • A small box


1 – Take 5 minutes to practice a short meditation before starting your spellwork. This will help to clear your energy and focus your intention thereby making your spell more powerful

2 – Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed and light you incense stick. While it burns relax your and allow images, words or sounds to appear in your minds eye. Welcome each vision and allow it to unfold without restance.

3 – Once the incense has burned all the way down, collect the ashes and place them into the small box.

4 – Whenever you need a helping hand connecting to your intuition or you would like to imbue your spell-work with intuitive aspects, rub a few grains of the ashes between your fingers.

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