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Crystals For Anxiety – 5 Magic Crystals To Soothe and Calm

“May crystals give you power!”

― Isabel Walbourne

Hello, my loves and welcome to WiccaNow. Recently I’ve been talking a lot about crystals, like these posts about healing crystals, how to cleanse your crystals or and individual posts about amethyst, peridot, sodalite and emerald. I want to continue down this path today and talk about some of the ways in which you can work with healing crystals to help soothe anxiety, stress and fear.

We must share the standard disclaimer that we are not a doctors and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals for healing should be used only as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care and or medication. Please always consult a medical professional.

Crystals For Anxiety, Do They Really Work?

Whether crystals really work to help ease symptoms of anxiety, stress or fear is something I discussed previously in my post about crystal healing. Like most alternative healing methods, the use of crystals to help with these symptoms is less of a science and more of belief. I’ve personally found that the more I can trust and really believe in the power of crystals to help me in a specific way, the more they are able to do so.

 Like all things in the magical realm, the tools we use (crystals, altars, magickal symbols or sigils etc) are simply that, tools. By working with these tools we can access the power of our higher self as well as universal energies, and it is actually these which allow us to manifest specific experiences, material things and energies into our lives. That being said it is super useful to be knowledgeable about the tools we use as these can help or hinder or magickal work.

Understanding which crystal to use. and when to use them, is something that I’ve learned over time and for me, the best way to start with crystal healing was to focus on one particular crystal until I really understood its benefits before moving onto the next.

Crystals, in particular, have specific energetic frequencies, some of which are unique to the actual crystal itself and others which are more universal. Understanding why you feel drawn to a particular crystal at a specific point in time is super important and it really helps in this regard to have at least a basic understanding of each crystals unique properties and benefits.

Crystals for Anxiety 10 crystals illustrated with uses written beside on yellow background
The shape of the crystal is also something to consider. My favourites are clusters, geodes, raw and terminated crystals.

 Because of their crystalline structure, crystals are able to absorb, focus and transmit electromagnetic energy and this is what makes them such powerful healing tools. Each type of crystal has a unique energetic frequency and that’s why it’s important that you understand exactly which crystal to reach for when you’re feeling anxious, stressed or fearful.

To help you find the best crystals for anxiety, fear and stress check out the list below.

My Top 6 Powerful Crystals For Anxiety

Crystal For Anxiety #1 Aquamarine

crystals for anxiety #1 aquamarine illustrated on a watercolour background with an illustration of an eye
To help soothe anxious thoughts hold a piece of aquamarine in your hand and focus on the cool stone becoming warmer and warmer in your hand. As the stone warms imagine all of your anxious thoughts being transferred into the stone.

Aquamarine is sometimes called the ‘stone of courage’ due to its amazing ability to promote clear communication, soothe stress and encourage the presence of the true self.

The frequency of aquamarine can help us to trust our intuition and let go of control. To help soothe anxious thoughts hold a piece of aquamarine in your hand and focus on the cool stone becoming warmer and warmer in your hand. As the stone warms imagine all of your anxious thoughts being transferred into the stone.

Once the stone has reached the same temperature as that of your skin you can place it down and allow it to cool off. Picture all of your anxious dissipating along with the heat from the stone. You can do this as often as you need throughout the day. This practice is especially effective for those of you working in a shared space as its easy to discretely hold the stone and visualise for a few minutes without arousing attention from your colleagues.

Crystal For Anxiety #2 Rose Quartz

rose quartz on a pink circle with a kneeling woman on each side meditating
A heart chakra meditation with rose quartz is a wonderful way to soothe feelings of anxiety

Also called the ‘stone of love’ rose quartz is an amazing all-round healing crystal. The frequency of rose quartz encourages us to open our hearts to love and increases feelings of self-esteem.  If you are feeling anxious take advantage of the mood-stabilizing benefits of rose quartz be doing short meditation practice. To do so, hold a piece of rose quartz in each hand and close your eyes.

Visualise the loving energy of the rose quartz as it flows from each hand up towards your heart chakra and back down again creating an energetic circle of love and peace. Focus on the feeling of stability, love and safety as you imagine the energy flowing. Continue to visualise with your eyes closed until you feel soothed and relaxed.

Crystal For Anxiety #3 Labradorite

crystal for anxiety labradorite with illustration of woman sleeping
If anxious thoughts are keeping you awake at night try placing a piece of labradorite close to your pillow. The peaceful energy of the stone will help to soothe and relax you.

Labradorite is a beautiful crystal to work with if you feel surrounded by negative energy or are being ‘chased’ be overly negative thoughts. Its soft calming energy helps to connect us with our deepest truth and encourages us to let go of superficial fear-based thought patterns.

Work with labradorite to help bring clarity, and understanding into your life. If you are having trouble sleeping due to anxious thoughts, place a piece of labradorite close to your pillow and imagine the soothing energy of the stone casting a shield of protection over you. Picture this shield repelling all negative energies and thoughts, allowing only those thoughts and feelings beneficial for your highest good to enter.

Crystal For Anxiety #4 Moonstone

moonstone as crystal for anxiety with meditating woman sitting above 2 moonstones
Try meditating with a moonstone crystal to help soothe anxiety and fear-based thought patterns.

Moonstone is a wonderfully versatile stone whose energy helps to foster a sense of self-esteem and purpose. Work with moonstone when you are feeling unsure about something in your life and the lack of clarity around this issue is causing you to feel anxious. Sometimes also called the ‘stone of new beginnings’ moonstone is a stone of inner strength and personal growth.

The deeply soothing energy of moonstone will help to calm aggravated emotional states, help to bring a sense of peacefulness into your life and promote a sense of emotional stability. If you are feeling anxious due to an imminent decision that needs to be made and around which you feel uncertain, lie down and place a piece of moonstone on your ‘third eye chakra’ (located between your eyebrows).

Focus on the question as you feel the cool and soothing energy of the moonstone on your forehead. Gently ask the moonstone for guidance and clarity and then focus solely on the feeling of the stone on your skin. Allow the stone to become warm and try to let go of the question completely. Within the next few days, a clear answer should present itself to you.

Crystal For Anxiety #5 Amethyst

womans head coming out of water surrounded by 7 amethyst crystals
Clear negative thought patterns with cleansing bath ritual and amethyst crystals

Amethyst is a wonderful all-round healing crystal and I love working with amethyst to help clear any negativity or confusion I might be feeling around a certain issue. One of my favourite ‘go-to’ crystals for anxiety. I find amethyst to have a powerful calming effect, particularly when combined with a soothing bath ritual (I just place a bunch of amethyst crystals around the tub to enhance the effects of the ritual). Apparently even Leonardo Da Vinci considered amethyst to be useful in its ability to dispell evil thoughts! I love to wear a piece of amethyst as a pendant as I find the calming energy of the crystal to be really beneficial throughout the day.

Crystal For Anxiety #6 Clear Quartz

Crystals for anxiety set up in a crystal grid
Work with clear quartz its capacity as an energy amplifier to create a crystal grid. Programme the grid with loving intentions and allow it to soothe your anxious thoughts in a golden glow of healing energies.

Clear quartz is an amazing energy amplifier and I find that by using quartz in combination with another crystal the combined energy of the crystals is sort of ‘boosted’. If your feeling particularly anxious try making a crystal grid with rose quartz using a larger piece of clear quartz in the centre. Program the grid with an intention of love and calmness as you work with one of the following affirmations:

‘I am loving to myself and others’

‘There is an infinite supply of love’

‘ I forgive myself, I forgive others’

‘I accept things as they are’

‘I am peaceful’

Allow the amplified energy of the quartz grid to flow through you, removing all anxious thoughts and filling you with a deep sense of peace, calm and serenity.

So my darlings, that’s it from me today! I hope I’ve given you a few helpful hints about how to work with certain crystals for anxiety.

Until next time, 

Blessed Be