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The Ultimate Guide To Crystal Grids And How To Use Them

“Energy is liberated matter, matter is energy waiting to happen.”

― Bill Bryson

Hi and welcome to Wicca Now. Recently I’ve been talking quite a lot about crystals. Like this post on healing crystals, a guide on how to cleanse your crystals, some tips and tricks about how to charge your crystals, my favourite crystal correspondences and a post about spells using rose quartz. Today I thought we’d talk about the amazing world of crystal grids, in particular, why we work with crystal grids and how we can use these grids to amplify and boost our spellwork.

Note: The word ‘crystal’ as it is used here embraces natural crystals, stones, rocks, shells, opals, amber, minerals, gemstones and metals.

We must share the standard disclaimer that we are not doctors and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals for healing should be used only as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care and or medication. Please always consult a medical professional.

What Is A Crystal Grid?

The Ultimate Guide To Crystal Grids And How To Use Them 1
“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla

Image if there was a way in which you could boost the energy of your crystals. There’s a saying which states that ‘there is power in numbers’ and the same goes for your crystal collection. Whilst working with crystals on their own is a wonderful practice and I certainly recommend you continue to do so, there are times when you may feel like your crystal healing or crystal magick could do with an extra boost. This is where crystal grids come in.

The idea is that by combining certain crystals together and arranging them within harmonious patterns or grids, the combined energy of the crystals will be amplified and increased. When done in a knowledgable way, crystal grids might help to expand the power and effectiveness of your crystals in a powerful way.

Simply put:

A crystal grid is simply a set of multiple specially selected crystals arranged in a predefined harmonious pattern or shape.  The idea is that this combination of crystals, arranged in harmony with each other, will work synergistically to form a unified energy field. This unified energy field could then be used to focus specific energy on a particular goal or stated desire.

Why Do I Need A Crystal Grid?

It would be easy to assume that crystal grids serve a purely decorative function on account of their visually appealing nature. However, gridding with crystals requires a working knowledge of the crystal realm as well as some understanding of sacred geometries. Whilst the grids may look pretty, they are actually arranged in a highly thought out way with the set aim of achieving a particular goal. 

The crystals, as well as the underlying grid, are carefully chosen in order to create a unified field of energy which is thought to be conducive towards achieving a particular goal or desire. Not only is the type of crystal important but its shape, colour and size also play a significant role. Understanding which crystals to work with, how to combine said crystals and what grid should be used are is of utmost importance if we want our crystal grids to be successful. 

Placing particular crystals on grids which trace sacred geometries might help to tap into and enhance particular universal energies for our benefit. Once we understand the different grids and the energy that they denote as well as the frequency of specific crystals on their own as well as in combination, we are ready to begin constructing our own crystal grids.

How To Make A Crystal Grid

The Ultimate Guide To Crystal Grids And How To Use Them 2
“A healer’s power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses.”
― Eric Micha’el Leventhal

Crystal grids are made up of a variety of different parts. In order for your grid to function at its maximum potential, it is important to understand the individual grid components and how they fit together. 

It might help to think of the grid as an energetic pathway which connects the frequency of the individual crystals placed upon it. This flow of energy follows a particular path which we have chosen on account of it helping us to align with and manifest our desires.

Crystal Grid elements infograohic

The basic steps for constructing your own crystal grid are as follows:

1) Determine your intention / the purpose of the grid

To make a crystal grid it is essential that we first have a clear understanding of what we are wanting to achieve through its construction. Because each grid pattern and specific crystal has a unique energetic signature, the more clearly we can state our intended outcome, the easier it will be to select the appropriate grid geometry and corresponding crystals. Remember that the more clearly you are able to formulate your intention the more effective your grid will be.

It is also important that you state your intention in the ‘I am’. By this, I mean that you should state it as if it were already manifest. For example, rather than stating ‘I would like to be wealthy’ try formulating your intention more along the lines of ‘I am wealthy and abundance flows to me constantly’.

2) Chose the appropriate grid design

There are many potential grids available and you are free to choose any grid you like. For your convenience, I have provided a table which details the most common grid shapes and their corresponding uses for you below.

3) Select your grid visual

For this step, you can either use your affirmation written onto a piece of paper as detailed above, or you may like to work with an image or photograph which shows your desired result. There are no right or wrong visuals, the visual you choose should simply reflect your desired intention and help you to connect with the feeling of this intention.

For example, you may be constructing a grid to bring more wealth and abundance into your life. For this purpose, maybe you have selected am affirmation as well as a visual detailing your desired result. You may like to speak your affirmation, for example ‘ I am wealthy and abundant’ and at the same time, you might have printed an image of your dream home/car/etc which you have placed at the centre of your grid.

4) Select your focus stone

The focus stone is the primary crystal to be placed at the centre of your grid. The idea is that this crystal will focus and draw down the energy into your grid so ensure that the crystal you have chosen corresponds to your stated intention. You can easily find the perfect crystal to work with using this table of crystal correspondences

6) Select your ‘desire’ stones

The desire stones form the outer edge of your grid and work to harmonise and disperse the grids overall energy. If the goal of your grid is to increase the flow of wealth into your life, choose stones which correspond and enhance the overall frequency of this desired result. Again, work with this table of crystal correspondences to find suitable ‘desire’ stones.

7) Choose the location for your grid

When deciding where to place your grid, consider what the dominant energy of each possible location might be. Again, using our example of creating a grid to draw abundance into our lives, we might light to consider placing our grid in our office or near to our workspace.  Tip: ideally your grid will be located somewhere where the crystals are exposed to sunlight, so near a window would be ideal

8) Cleanse and charge your crystals

It’s important to ensure that the crystals you are working with are properly cleansed and charged. Follow the steps outlined in how to charge your crystals and how to cleanse your crystals if you are unsure how to go about doing this.

9) Assemble the grid

Once your grid has been placed in your desired location and your crystals are cleansed and charged you can begin placing the crystals onto the grid. Work from the focus crystal out and feel the energy flowing with each crystal you place. You might like to focus on your affirmation and or visual during this time.

10) Activating Your Crystal Grid

The final step in creating your crystal grid is the activation. This step essentially completes your grid and allows the energy to flow through it in an optimal manner.

To activate your grid focus on your focus or centre crystal and visualise a stream of universal energy flowing down through it. Now picture the energy as it traces the outline of your grid, connecting all of the stones on it. You may like to trace the grid with your fingers as you visualise or you can simply follow the pattern of the grid with your mind’s eye. Once all of the grid has been traced, clearly state your intention again and try to feel as if your desired outcome had already manifested as clearly as possible. Your grid is now activated

You can leave your grid in place as long as you like. If you are intending to leave the grid in place for longer periods of time please cleanse and charge your crystals and thereafter reactivate your grid in order to keep it functioning as well as possible.

Crystal Grid Templates

How you make your crystal grid is a personal choice and there are no fixed rules. You might like to make your grid intuitively, for example by meditating on your intention and then simply following your intuition in regards to which grid pattern and crystals you choose to work with. For beginners, however, I suggest working with a pre-made grid template. This eliminates some of the guesswork and ensures that your grid will as effective as possible.

A Crystal Grid Template For Beginners

This is a beautiful grid for beginners. The grid is designed to help you find balance in your life. Its energies will help you to find a place of focus and serenity which, in turn, will help all other aspects of your life to fall into place.

Beginners balancing Crystal Grid template
This simple beginners ‘balancing grid’ is the perfect template to get you started with crystal gridding.

The Grid:

  • The grid pattern: Borromean rings

The Grid Stones:

  • The focus stone – Clear quartz
  • The desire stones -Amazonite
  • The way stones – Obsidian.

A Crystal Grid Template For Depression

This grid, following the star of David, uses the healing and amplifying the energy of Lemurian quartz, the confidence-boosting frequency of carnelian and the calming energy of yellow jasper to help you to let go of negativity and gently welcome in feelings of peace, happiness and joy.

A Crystal Grid For Depression ( To Heal) template
Whenever you pass this grid, focus on its energy field and allow it to wash away any feelings of negativity or depression. Allow yourself to connect with the energy of renewal and feel your mind open to new positive perspectives.

The Grid:

  • The grid pattern: Star of David

The Grid Stones:

  • The focus stone – Lemurian quartz (or clear quartz)
  • The way stones – Carnelian
  • The desire stones – Yellow jasper

A Crystal Grid Template For Healing

This is a wonderful grid to work with if you’d like to attract rejuvenating energies into your life to help you to stay healthy. You can also work with the curative frequencies of this grid to encourage healing.

Crystal Grid For Healing template
Whenever you pass by this healing crystal grid, focus on the vibrant colours and healing energy field of the grid. Picture a vital stream of energy flowing from the grid toward you. Feel the energy of the grid rejuvenating, healing and soothing you.

The Grid:

  • The grid pattern: Pentagram

The Grid Stones:

  • The focus stone – Pink tourmaline
  • The way stones – Rough ruby
  • The desire stones – Aventurine

A Crystal Grid Template For Love

This crystal grid can be used to enhance feelings of self-love, to strengthen the love bonds within families or friendships as well as to attract romantic love into your life. The energy of this grid focus on the frequency of the heart chakra. Working with this grid will help you to accept love into your life and reveal to you the universal love energy which already exists within you.

A Crystal Grid For Love template
Whenever you pass by this grid, focus on the rhodochrosite stone and feel its amplified energy. Picture the energy field of the grid flowing towards your heart chakra. Feel the energy as it flows towards your heart and allow yourself to feel loved and worthy of love.

The Grid:

  • The grid pattern: Ashoka Chakra

The Grid Stones:

  • The focus stone – Rhodochrosite
  • The way stones – Aquamarine
  • The desire stones – Rose quartz

A Crystal Grid Template For Money

This grid will help you to tap into the frequency of money and abundance. Work with this grid to encourage a stream of wealth to flow into your life.

A Crystal Grid For Money template
Whenever you pass by this crystal grid, focus on the central amethyst stone. Picture the energy field of the grid drawing abundance into your life. Feel the stream of money flowing towards you and tell yourself ‘I am a money magnet’.

The Grid:

  • The grid pattern: Seed of Life

The Grid Stones:

  • The focus stone – Amethyst
  • The way stones –
  • The desire stones – Green aventurine

A Crystal Grid Template For Protection

This grid is great when you feel like you need an extra layer of protective energy around you. You can use the grid for yourself but you can also use it to ensure the safety of other people or things you cherish.

A crystal grid for protection template
Whenever you pass by this grid focus on its the calm and stable energy field. Imagine the grid throwing a shield of protection around you or the thing you wish to protect. Allow a sense of safety and security to wash over you as the energy of the stones keeps you protected.

The Grid:

  • The grid pattern: Hexagon

The Grid Stones:

  • The focus stone – Pointed citrine
  • The way stones –
  • The desire stones – Green aventurine

A Crystal Grid Template For Success

Work with this grid for all things relating to success. You can use it for boosting the success of any venture, be it a personal, business or career-related issue.

Crystal grid for success template
Whenever you pass by this grid feel its energy signature of success and determination. Imagine yourself as confident and successful as you allow the energy of the grid to wash over you.

The Grid:

  • The grid pattern: Spiral

The Grid Stones:

  • The focus stone – Peridot
  • The way stones – Red Jasper
  • The desire stones – Tigers-eye

Until next time, and as always, BLESSED BE!