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Crystal Correspondences – The Most Comprehensive Guide Ever

“A turquoise given by a loving hand carries with it happiness and good fortune.”

Arabic proverb

Hi Lovelies and welcome to Wicca Now. Recently I’ve been writing all about crystals, like this post on spells using rose quartz, one about how to cleanse your crystals, and informative post about how to charge your crystals and a post dedicated to crystals for each zodiac sign. I thought we’d continue down this path today and discover crystal correspondences. 

Note: The word ‘crystal’ as it is used here embraces natural crystals, stones, rocks, shells, opals, amber, minerals, gemstones and metals.

We must share the standard disclaimer that we are not doctors and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals for healing should be used only as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care and or medication. Please always consult a medical professional.

Crystal correspondence - opal graphic
The crystal correspondences of opal include the frequencies of magick, focus and emotional balance

As many of you already know, I simply love crystals and incorporating crystals into my spellwork has really helped increase the effectiveness of my magick. A big part of working with crystals, as well as understanding their healing properties, is knowing which crystals correspond to what.  For example, it makes sense if you are working on an abundance spell to work with crystals that correspond to wealth and wellbeing. To help you learn about crystal correspondences I’ve included a number of easy to follow charts below. 

Although it’s certainly great if you can remember all of the correspondences sometimes this does seem a little unrealistic. To make it easier for you to work with the correspondence I’ve also included a free printable page for you to use in your Book of Shadows. You can find the download link for it right at the bottom of this post. Note: I suggest creating sections in your Book of Shadows, for example, a section all about crystals, so that you can easily reference this and find the information that you need prior to starting any spell work.

Crystal Correspondences amber graphic
The crystal correspondences of amber include the qualities of power, wisdom, focus, dream-work and love

What Are Crystal Correspondences?

Crystal correspondences are simply things which have a similar energy to or enhance the specific vibration of any particular crystal. For example, if you are working on a new spell which you will be casting in order to manifest more love or financial abundance into your life it makes sense to choose the crystals for your spellwork which vibrate or boost the energy of those particular desires.  

Understanding the specific characteristics, including the correspondences, of the crystals we work with can prove to be hugely beneficial for our magickal practice. While its easy and no way wrong, to work with crystals on a superficial level, with a little more knowledge we can begin to tap into a much deeper understanding of the energies inherent in the mineral world.

Crystal correspondences diamond graphic
The crystal correspondences of diamond include the vibration of love and fertility, power and wealth. Diamonds also amplify energy and bring clarity.

By taking the time to explore crystal correspondences we are walking the footsteps of wise men and women who took the time to discover the world around them and developed a working knowledge of the natural world. The more informed you are about the magickal tools at your disposal the more inspired and powerful your magickal working will become. Taking the time to find the right crystal when working on a new spell can make the difference between a lacklustre effect and one that proves to be transformative.

I would also like to point out there there is no pressure or need for you to remember all of the correspondences by heart. Start where you feel comfortable and let your intuition lead you from there. Patience, a willingness to fail and a gentle approach are the qualities which really allow our magickal work to flourish.

Crystal Correspondences - Amethyst
The crystal correspondences of amethyst include the frequencies of heightened awareness, enhanced wisdom, powerful healing and divination.
Tip: Keep a piece of amethyst on your workspace to stimulate creativity and self-expression

How To Work With Crystal Correspondences

Working with crystal correspondences is easier then you might think. All that it requires is a little bit of pre-planning in case you already have a particular spell or desired result in mind.

Another way to work with crystal correspondences would be to simply browse through the list of magical crystal correspondences below and see which one intuitively calls out to you. Maybe this is an area you should consider working on. Choose the corresponding crystal and go from there to create a spell or ritual based around your chosen topic.

Crystal correspondences - obsidian
The crystal correspondences of obsidian include the frequencies of protection, communication, divination and balance.

To work with crystal correspondences means understanding what each crystals inherent qualities are and then using these to boost your spellwork or healing results.

For example, you might wish to make an amulet for a loved one who will be undertaking a long and strenuous journey. What crystals should you put into this amulet so that it is as effective as possible? Knowing which crystals emit a strong vibration of protection would be useful in this case correct? So why not take a quick look at the following list of magickal crystal correspondences, in particular, those crystals listed next to the column ‘protection and defence’. By choosing a crystal from this list of crystal correspondences you are ensuring that the crystal you have chosen for your amulet will provide the maximum amount of protection possible.

The same goes if you are wanting, for example, to carry a crystal with you which you hope will increase your business success. Simply find the column labelled ‘business and employment’ and chose which crystal you would like to work with from the crystal correspondences listed there. 

Crystal Correspondences - Aquamarine
The crystal correspondences for aquamarine include the frequencies of protection, purification and tranquillity

Magickal Crystal Correspondences

Use the following list of magickal crystal correspondences as a quick reference guide to help you find the right crystals for any particular spell, circumstance or situation.

AbundanceAgate, calcite, citrine, diamond, dolomite, garnet, jade, moonstone, peridot, rose quartz, smoky quartz, tourmaline, zircon
Activate EnergyAmethyst, calcite, emerald, fluorite, labradorite, opal, pearl, peridot, quartz, tourmaline, zircon, kyanite
Anxiety (to relieve)Angelite, celestine, cuprite, hematite, jasper, serpentine, tigers-eye
Astral TravelOpal, sapphire, staurolite, quartz, hematite, barite, carnelian, fluorite
To raise consciousness/awarenessAmethyst, ametrine, cats-eye, moldavite, obsidian, opal, quartz, smoky quartz, sodalite, topaz
Animals (to work with)Agate, cats-eye, diopside, hawks-Eye, jasper, labradorite, serpentine, tigers-eye
BalancingAgate, ametrine, apophyllite, aragonite, desert rose, tourmaline, opal, pearl, quartz, garnet, obsidian
BanishingAquamarine, beryl, bloodstone, malachite, quartz, salt
BindingDiamond, jasper, jet, lodestone, obsidian, onyx, salt, sard
Business and EmploymentBloodstone, emerald, malachite, tigers-eye
To Calm and SootheAmber, amethyst, ametrine, aventurine, beryl, blue lace agate, garnet, hematite, moonstone, opal, rhodonite rose quartz, selenite, sodalite, topaz
Challenges / DifficultiesAzurite, carnelian, diamond, lodestone, malachite, pearl, rhodonite, sard, onyx, smoky quartz
Changes / Transitions (to initiate or deal with)Amber, andalusite, amethyst, aventurine, blue lace agate, citrine, garnet, jasper, kyanite, white quartz
ClarityAmber, aventurine, aquamarine, beryl, diamond, hawks-eye, hematite, obsidian, onyx, sodalite, topaz, tourmaline, turquoise
CommunicationAmazonite, amethyst, angelite, aquamarine, azurite, calcite, carnelian, fluorite, garnet, malachite, quartz, topaz
CompassionAventurine, celestine, cuprite, dolomite, howlite, jasper, rose quartz
ConfidenceAgate, Aragonite, bloodstone, blue lace agate, calcite, carnelian, diamond, garnet, labradorite, lodestone, onyx, tigers-eye, tourmaline
CourageAgate, aventurine, beryl, calcite, carnelian, diamond, garnet, jade, jasper, labradorite, lapis lazuli, ruby, sard, onyx, tourmaline
CreativityAgate, amber, amethyst, aquamarine, aventurine, calcite, garnet, howlite, smoky quartz, staurolite, tigers-eye, tourmaline, white quartz
To Avoid DangerAgate, malachite, obsidian, sard, tigers-eye, topaz
Death / Ancestors / AfterlifeAmber, amazonite, carnelian, hematite, jade, jet, lapis lazuli, malachite, obsidian, petrified wood
DivinationAmethyst, bloodstone, fluorite, hematite, jasper, jet, moonstone, obsidian, pyrite, quartz, tigers-eye
DreamworkAmethyst, rose quartz, desert rose, diamond, onyx, sapphire, selenite
Fear (to subdue)Blue lace agate, calcite, dolomite, onyx, ruby, sapphire, sodalite
FertilityCarnelian, diamond, garnet, jade, jasper, moonstone, pearl, rhodonite, sapphire, topaz
FidelityDiamond, garnet, lapis lazuli, rhodochrosite, sapphire, topaz
Focus / ConcentrationAmazonite, amethyst, ametrine, andalusite, beryl, fluorite, garnet, jasper, kyanite, lepidolite, obsidian
ForgivenessAngelite, chrysoberyl, diopside, lodestone, obsidian
FriendshipAventurine, blue lace agate, garnet, lapis lazuli, lodestone, moonstone, rose quartz
Grief / Sorrow (to deal with)Amber, apatite, aquamarine, carnelian, dolomite, hiddenite, jet, lapis lazuli, malachite, rose quartz, smoky quartz
Ground and Center EnergyAgate, amazonite, amethyst, blue lace agate, calcite, garnet, hematite, lodestone, obsidian, petrified wood, quartz, tourmaline
GrowthAgate, ametrine, amethyst, azurite, beryl, calcite, cats-eye, celestine, charoite, citrine, jade, jasper, onyx, opal, peridot, ruby, serpentine, tourmaline
GuidanceAmethyst, ametrine, aquamarine, aragonite, beryl, calcite, jade, kyanite, lodestone, malachite, moonstone, pearl, sodalite, onyx, tourmaline
HealingAgate, amber, amethyst, ametrine, aquamarine apatite, blue lace agate, beryl, bloodstone, calcite, celestine, danburite, diamond, fluorite, garnet, hawks-eye, hematite, jasper, jet, lapis lazuli, moonstone, peridot, rose quartz, ruby, sapphire, sugilite, sunstone, tourmaline, white quartz, zircon
Heartbreak (to recover from)Aventurine, beryl, calcite, lapis lazuli, rhodonite, rose quartz
Hexes (to avoid/break)Emerald, jasper, jet, onyx, quartz, ruby, salt
Home/FamilyAgate, amazonite, apatite, blue lace agate, celestine, citrine, garnet, lodestone, malachite, quartz, salt, smoky quartz, staurolite, topaz, turquoise, zircon
InsightAgate, amber, cats-eye, jasper, moldavite, opal, sodalite, spinel, topaz, tourmaline
InspirationAmethyst, aquamarine, calcite, carnelian, quartz, jade, labradorite, quartz, ruby, selenite, serpentine, tigers-eye, topaz, tourmaline, white quartz, zircon
IntuitionAgate, amazonite, amethyst, aragonite, azurite, calcite, tigers-eye, labradorite, fluorite, moonstone, pyrite, ruby, sapphire, sard, sodalite, turquoise
Justice/Legal MattersAmethyst, aventurine, bloodstone, diamond, hematite, jade, jet, lapis lazuli, sapphire, selenite, tourmaline
Knowledge/LearningApatite, apophyllite, beryl, cats-eye, charoite, epidote, garnet, sodalite, tigers-eye, tourmaline
Loss (to deal with)Ametrine, aquamarine, garnet, hiddenite, malachite, moldavite, rose quartz, smoky quartz, topaz
Love/RomanceAgate, alexandrite, amethyst, beryl, apatite, aquamarine, calcite, chrysocolla, calcite, desert rose, diamond, emerald, epidote, garnet, jade, jasper, kunzite, lapis lazuli, moonstone, opal, pearl, rose quartz, ruby, sapphire, sard, onyx, selenite, tourmaline, zircon
LuckAgate, alexandrite, amazonite, aventurine, bloodstone, cats-eye, citrine, diamond, jade, jasper, jet, lodestone, malachite, obsidian, opal, pearl, sard, onyx, smoky quartz, staurolite, sunstone, tigers-eye
ManifestationAmber, amethyst, andalusite, blue lace agate, calcite, citrine, garnet, hematite, lepidolite, onyx, pyrite, tourmaline, sard
MarriageAquamarine, beryl, lodestone, onyx, rose quartz, sard, onyx
MoneyAgate, aventurine, bloodstone, calcite, jasper, lodestone, malachite, opal, pearl, pyrite, staurolite, tigers-eye, tourmaline, topaz
MotivationAmber, calcite, celestine, fluorite, labradorite, serpentine, zircon
Negativity (to dispel/avert/protection from)Amazonite, ametrine, azurite, carnelian, charoite, dolomite, epidote, garnet, hawks-eye, hematite, hiddenite, jade, jasper, kunzite, lepidolite, malachite, obsidian, onyx, peridot, quartz, rose quartz, ruby, salt, selenite, smoky quartz, tourmaline, turquoise
Nightmares (to ward off/subdue)Chrysoprase, garnet, jet, lepidolite, onyx, sapphire, topaz
Obstacles (to overcome)Agate, azurite, barite, bloodstone, diamond, epidote, fluorite, malachite, moonstone, obsidian, opal. petrified wood, quartz, smoky quartz, tourmaline
OptimismAgate, beryl, cats-eye, chrysoberyl, citrine, dolomite, jasper, sunstone
Past Life WorkAndalusite, cuprite, desert rose, howlite, petrified wood, white quartz
Peace/TranquilityAmethyst, aquamarine, blue lace agate, celestine, desert rose, jade, jasper, kunzite, lapis lazuli, larimar, malachite, obsidian, pearl, peridot, sard, selenite, sodalite, sugilite, topaz, tourmaline
Prosperity/AbundanceAgate, alexandrite, aventurine, cats-eye, calcite, diamond, dioptase, emerald, jade, jasper, malachite, opal, peridot, ruby, spinel, tigers-eye, tourmaline
Protection/DefenceAgate, amber, amethyst, andalusite, angelite, aquamarine, aventurine, calcite, carnelian, cats-eye, citrine, diamond, emerald, epidote, jade, garnet, jasper, jet, onyx, obsidian, quartz ruby, sapphire, sard, serpentine, smoky quartz, sunstone, tigers-eye, tourmaline, turquoise, zircon
Psychic Abilities (to enhance)Alexandrite, amethyst apatite, aquamarine, aragonite, beryl, calcite, charoite, citrine, desert rose, diamond, emerald, hawks-eye, jasper, jet, labradorite, lapis lazuli, malachite, moldavite, moonstone, obsidian, opal, peridot, pyrite, quartz, ruby, sapphire, smoky quartz, sodalite, tourmaline
Purification/CleansingAmber, amethyst, ametrine, aquamarine, aragonite, calcite, charoite, lepidolite, moldavite, pearl, peridot, quartz, smoky quartz, topaz, zircon
ReconciliationApatite, beryl, diamond, lodestone, quartz
RelationshipsAmazonite, amber, aquamarine, barite, beryl, chrysocolla, garnet lodestone, lapis lazuli, obsidian, onyx, peridot, rose quartz, ruby, sapphire, sodalite, tourmaline
Remove/ReleaseAgate, aventurine, carnelian, dolomite, fluorite, moonstone, obsidian, peridot, quartz, topaz
Renewal/Rebirth/New beginningsAmetrine, aquamarine, bloodstone, calcite, carnelian, citrine, garnet, hawks-eye, hematite, peridot, petrified wood, quartz, selenite, serpentine, topaz, tourmaline, turquoise, white quartz
Sex/SexualityAgate, Ruby, cuprite, garnet, jasper, rose quartz, ruby, sapphire, serpentine, smoky quartz, spinel, tigers-eye, topaz, zircon
Spirit GuidesAmethyst, ametrine, azurite, barite, bloodstone, emerald, howlite, jade, labradorite, moonstone, quartz, salt, sapphire, sugilite, tourmaline
SpiritualityAlexandrite, amethyst, ametrine, apatite, barite, beryl, bloodstone, blue lace agate, calcite, celestine, charoite, citrine, desert rose, diamond, dolomite, fluorite, garnet, lapis lazuli, lodestone, malachite, moldavite, pearl, quartz, rose quartz, staurolite, tourmaline, turquoise
StabilityAmazonite, amber, amethyst, ametrine, azurite, calcite, celestine, cuprite, dolomite, garnet, jasper, kyanite, lodestone, quartz, rhodochrosite, sphene
StrengthAgate, amazonite, amethyst, ametrine, aventurine, bloodstone, charoite, diamond, garnet, hematite, kyanite, lodestone, moonstone, opal, petrified wood, quartz, rose quartz, ruby, sard, onyx, tigers-eye, tourmaline
Stress (to relieve)Agate, angelite, aragonite, beryl, blue lace agate, celestine, diamond, dolomite, howlite, kyanite, labradorite, larimar, lepidolite, petrified wood, rose quartz, selenite, sodalite,
SuccessAgate, alexandrite, amazonite, amber, amethyst, andalusite, aventurine, bloodstone, carnelian, citrine, epidote, fluorite, garnet, jasper, labradorite, malachite, sodalite, spinel, staurolite, sunstone, tigers-eye, turquoise, zircon
TransformationAmethyst, angelite, azurite, blue lace agate, cats-eye, cerussite, chrysocolla, labradorite, moldavite, obsidian, salt, staurolite, sugilite, white quartz
TravelAquamarine, beryl, emerald, jade, garnet, lapis lazuli, lodestone, malachite, staurolite, turquoise
TrustAmazonite, apophyllite, blue lace agate, charoite, diamond
TruthAragonite, danburite, emerald, pyrite, spinel, tigers-eye, turquoise
UnityAmazonite, charoite, diamond, smoky quartz, zircon
Well-beingAgate, aventurine, beryl, calcite, dioptase, garnet, jade, jasper, kyanite, sugilite, sunstone, zircon
WisdomAgate, amber, amethyst, aquamarine, beryl, blue lace agate, carnelian, chrysocolla, desert rose, garnet, diamond, dioptase, jasper, labradorite, lapis lazuli, moonstone, opal, petrified wood, quartz, rose quartz, ruby, sapphire, sard, onyx, smoky quartz, spinel, sugilite, tigers-eye, topaz, turquoise
Crystal Correspondences  - Moonstone
The crystal correspondences of moonstone include the frequencies of divination and dreamwork. Moonstone also corresponds beautifully to lunar magick

A Comprehensive List Of Crystal Correspondences

Use this comprehensive list of crystal correspondences to learn more about the intrinsic qualities of any particular crystal.

Black AgateCourage, success, peaceful energy, healingFire
Brown AgateMoney, courage, home, healing, setting goals, successFire
Fire AgateSexuality, securityFire
Green AgateFertility, love, healing, personal growth, family ties. Boosts the energy of spellsMercury
Moss AgateStrength, balancing of emotions, abundance, harmony, optimism, creativity. Tip: can be used to aid with plant health and growthMercury
Red AgateLove, action, protection, healing. Bolsters determination and helps with overcoming obstaclesFire
Snakeskin AgateAnimals, sexuality. Tip, this stone is great for working with animals and raising energy for animal magickFire
Tree AgatePersonal well-being, abundance, introspection, wisdomAir
AmazoniteIntuition, sharpening of the mind, the opening of psychic channels, stability, aids communication, trust, repels negativity, good luck. Tip: Amazonite is great for use in charms for growth or goal settingEarth
AmberMental clarity, connection with the ancestors, ancient wisdom, creativity, purification, relationships, healing. Tip: burn a small piece of amber before a ritual or magick work to help clear the space. Decorate your Yule altar with amber to help bring light into the darkness.Earth
AmethystAwareness, wisdom, powerful healing, calming, focus, intuition, spirituality, divination, dreamwork, justice, love, harmony, growth. Tips: Keep a piece of amethyst on your workspace to stimulate creativity and self-expression, work with amethyst grounding energy before or after ritual magickWater
AmetrineHarmony, strength, balancing of physical and spiritual life, reflection, calming, introspection, spiritual awareness and growth, aids in contacting spirit guides. Tip: work with ametrine to focus energy during spellwork and to help you make decisionsAir
AndalusiteDetermination, success, leadership, dispels negative energy, enhances memory, past-life and dream work, attracts luck. Tip: andalusite is the ideal stone for focus during meditationEarth
ChiastoliteGood luck, protection. Tip: use chiastolite in protection charmsEarth
AngeliteCommunication with the spirit real, protection, guardianship, expanding awareness, developing psychic skills, self-acceptance, useful against anxiety. Air
ApatitePowerful for self-work, enhances communication, supports psychic abilities, attracts love and abundance. Tip: hold a piece of apatite during meditation to deepen your practiceAir
Asparagus StoneHealing, harmony, knowledgeEarth
MoroxiteReconciliation, helpful for releasing unwanted things, healing. Tip: use moroxite before divination to activate the psycheAir
ApophylliteBalance, clarity, wisdom, self-knowledge, inner wisdom, intuition, connection with the astral realm. Tips: use apophyllite to lighten the energy of your home. To remove stress, hold a piece of apophyllite and allow its energy to wash over youEarth
Green ApophyllitePersonal growth and transformationEarth
AquamarineProtection, travel, purification, banishing, renewal, communication, relationships, tranquillity, grief, loss. Fosters feelings of happiness and love, inspiration, creativity, mental clarity, healing, independence.Water
AragoniteCalming, balancing, relieves stress, confidence, wisdom, acceptance. Tips: use aragonite to cleanse your divination tools of unwanted energy. Work with aragonite in healing circles to support and send energy to those in need.Air
AventurineProsperity, boosts energy, helps to attract opportunities, justice, removing unwanted things from your life, promotes well being, protection, sparks creativity, and aid for building friendships or business relationshipsAir
Green AventurineAttracts money, success and luck. Calming, supportive, healing. Fosters compassion and friendship. Tip: use aventurine for spellwork around heartbreakAir
AzuriteAwareness, supports clairvoyance and all other psychic abilities, intuition, dreamwork, dispels negativity. Helpful when dealing with challenges, subdues anxiety, fosters stability. Water
BariteEffective for working with spirits and animal guides, enhances psychic abilities, aids memory and dream interpretation, supports astral work, helpful for overcoming obstacles or solving problems. Air
BerylCommunication, relationships, living up to one’s potential, reconciliation, encourages a sense of well-being. Useful for banishing unwanted influences. Supports magickal work by aiding concentration and focus. Boosts healing and spiritual growthWater
GosheniteEffective for bringing clarity to situations and relationshipsAir
HeliodorAids learning and study, boosts willpower, helps to develop psychic abilitiesFire
BloodstoneHonesty, integrity, justice, attracts love, money, success, use to bolster strength. Helpful for those facing difficult decisions in business, use to add energy to all forms of divination. Enhances faith, healing and renewal. Tip: Bloodstone boosts the power of spells and is useful for banishing spiritsFire
Blue Lace AgateAngel magick, spirituality, major healer, calming, grounding, promotes patience, attracts harmony and happiness. Aids in transformation and the seeking of wisdom. Tip: carry a piece of blue lace agate in your pocket during stressful timesAir
CalciteEnhances awareness and consciousness, astral work, divination and psychic skills. Sparks creativity, fosters stability and comfortWater
Blue CalciteAids in healing, emotional support, cleansing, purifying. Tip: work with blue calcite after the break-up of a relationship to promote emotional healingWater
Clear CalciteProvides insight and clarity. Useful for introspection, meditation and brings inspiration. Aids communication and helps with manifesting. Tip: work with clear calcite to focus energy during psychic workAir
Green CalciteReduces fear, helps to balance emotions, attracts money and prosperity. Enhances imagination and intuition.Earth
Orange CalciteExpands awareness, creativity, confidence. boosts energy, helps to overcome stressFire
Pink CalciteGrounding, fosters healing and well-being. Aids spiritual growth and attracting loveEarth
Red CalciteAids with spiritual growth, renewal, divination, dreamwork. Useful for helping to interpret messages from the spirit realm. Stimulates inspiring thoughtsFire
White CalciteCleansing, purifying, stimulates creativity and boosts the energy of other stones. Tip: work with white calcite to cleanse the aura and purify ritual spaceAir
CarnelianProtection, healing of aggressions, protects those who have passed. Aids those who are grieving. Provides psychic protection, helps with communication. Stokes creativity and encourages wisdom. Courage, success, decision making. Tip: work with carnelian to dispel negativity, reverse spells or helpt to remove anything unwanted from your lifeFire
Cats-EyePerfect for working with animals and familiars. Protection insight, intuition, attracts luck and prosperity. Enhances optimism and happiness. Fosters generosity.Earth
CelestineRaises the spiritual vibration, helps with spiritual growth. Aids communication with the spirit realm, fosters compassion, self-worth and self-expression. Tip: work with celestine as an aid when developing the skills for magickal work.Air
CerussiteGrounding, aids with raising awareness, seeking transformation. Clarity, communication, helps to foster respect. Tip: work with cerussite to help initiate wanted changes in your lifeEarth
ChalcedonyA powerful healing stone, encourages peaceful emotions, balances anger. Enhances communication, useful for psychic and dreamwork. An aid for remembering. Useful for supporting past-life work. Aids with acceptance.Water
CharoiteFosters unity, strong spiritual stone, effective for building unity and trust. Fosters inner-strength and growth. Helps with studying or learning. Effective for ritual magick. Boosts psychic work and divination. Tip: carry a piece of charoite with you when you need help to let go and ‘go with the flow’.Water
ChrysoberylHelps to foster a deep sense of self-worth and confidence. Supports emotional healing, opens the heart, supports compassion and the ability to forgive. Attracts abundance. Useful for providing clarity and perspectiveAir
ChrysocollaAids in resolving problems, useful for shamanic work. Grounding and stabilizing. Provides a powerful boost to spellwork and sparks creativityEarth
Eilat StoneBecause this stone is a mixture of chrysocolla, turquoise and malachite when working with this stone you’ll find varying combinations of energy and power from all three stonesWater
ChrysopraseWards off nightmares, aids willpower and intention. Fosters calm emotions and compassion. Aids adaptability and balance. Dispels loneliness, attracts friendship and happiness. Tip: wear chrysoprase as a good luck charm when starting a new jobEarth
CitrineAbundance, hope optimism, success, manifesting change, strengthening of will power. Invites happiness and harmony into the home. Useful for interpreting dreams and raising energy. Protection, creativity, good luck.Fire
CupriteAids problem solving, relationship issues, banishing spells. Grounding, fosters security, stabilizing emotions, eases fear and anxiety. Earth
DanburiteRaising awareness, spirituality, all forms of psychic communication. Useful for channelling.Air
Pink DanburiteAttracts love and romance. Supports self-love. Tip: work with pink danburite for love spellsFire
Desert RoseAids mentation, dreamwork, inward journeys. Boosts love spells and romance. Useful for past-life work and tapping into ancestral knowledgeAir
DiamondSymbol of love and fertility, soothes, reduces stress. Attracts power and wealth, aids love, trust and commitment. Amplifies energy, brings clarity, enhances psychic abilitiesFire
MorganiteSupports mediation, communication with the spirit realm, calming, relieves stress, fosters emotional healingWater
Red BerylAids matters of the heart, attracts love, supports romance.Fire
DiopsideHelps to keep us in balance with the natural world. Aids with the communication with animals, raises energy, encourages spiritual growth. Tip: work with diopside in charms to seeking forgiveness and loveEarth
Chrome DiopsideEspecially helpful when working with spirit guidesAir
ViolaneSupports spiritual growthWater
DioptaseFosters comfort, well-being and prosperity. Promotes balanced emotions and healing. Good for those seeking personal growth. Reduces stress. Effective in banishing spells. Water
DolomiteCalm gentle energy. Good for grounding and releasing of negative emotions, provide emotional support. Helps those dealing with sorrow, kindles optimism and enthusiasmEarth
Pearl SparAids the calming of emotional upsets. Good for dealing with angerWater
DumortieriteA stone of self-discipline. Helps with organization and purpose, aids with learning and communication. Opens the channels for communication with spirit guidesAir
EmeraldPowerful protection. Aids safe travel, security. Attracts love and prosperity, enhances psychic abilities, associated with finding inner truth. Enhances business and job prospects. Stimulates creativity, Earth
EpidoteExpands awareness, knowledge and psychic abilities. Use for spellwork when you want to attract something. Energy amplifier. Earth
FluoriteStone of the mind. Aids focus, increases mental power. Strengthens willpower and motivation, removes energy blocks. Good for divination, astral travel and dream work. Calming and aids emotional and spiritual healingEarth
Blue JohnAids goal setting and attaining of successFire
GarnetStrong supportive energy, strengthens personal power. Supports emotional balance, fosters well-being. Brings patience, helps to dissolve anger. Dispels negative energy. Aids in the remembering of dreams and provides protection to travellers. Tip: place a piece of garnet under your pillow as a defence against nightmares.Fire
AlmandineSymbolizes courage and stability. Associated with lust and sexualityFire
HessoniteProvides emotional support and fosters courage to make important life changesEarth
MelaniteAids those dealing with grief and loss. Provides strong emotional supportEarth
PyropeAssociated with love, lust and sexualityFire
RhodoliteAids in attracting love. Used to express devotion. Helps with sexual issuesEarth
SpessartiteStimulates creativity, helps to focus the mind. GroundingEarth
TsavoriteFosters balance, love and healing. Use for introspection and seeking of knowledge. Helpful for communication, especially between loversFire
UvaroviteFosters abundance and confidence. Useful for aiding manifestation of desires. Associated with fidelity, friendship and loyaltyEarth
Hawks EyePowerful when working with animals and familiars. Heightens awareness, promotes healing. Wards of negativityAir
HematiteStone of power. Focuses on strength. Useful for manifesting spellwork. Aids dreamwork, astral travel. Grounding and centring. Helps those dealing with grief, supports stability. Aids with legal matters and decision makingEarth
HiddeniteNurturing and healing. Dispels all forms of negative energy. Restores confidence and self-worth. Aids with grief and loss. Helps to maintain authenticity in relationshipsWater
HowliteStone of emotions. Supports showing of emotion in a healthy manner. Encourages creativity and self-expression. Aids with memory. Air
IoliteActivator, stimulates spiritual growth. Good for psychic work and visions. Stirs up energy for spellwork. Aids in communicationWater
JadeReceptive energy, provides guidance and inspiration. Attracts luck, abundance, success. Repels negative energy. Protection. Associated with fertility, justice, peace, harmony and well-beingEarth
JasperPeace and wisdom. Aids during times of transition. Provides stability and protection against negative energy. Supports perseverance and acceptanceEarth
Green JasperCompassion promotes empathy and receptivity. Fosters fertility and growth. Attracts luck, money and well-being. Supports sleep. Water
Leopard-Skin JasperPowerful when working with animals. Aids when connecting with animal energy. Good for boosting the energy of spellwork. Stone for shamanic workEarth
Red JasperEspecially effective for defensive magick. Helps to focus the mind. Divination attracts luck. Optimism. Rekindling of romanceFire
Yellow JasperSupports healing. Aids with focus and concentrationEarth
Jet / Black AmberAssociated with the afterlife. Helps to bring emotional balance. Healing energy, soothes emotions. Dispels nightmares. Good for dealing with fears. Use for binding spells. Earth
KunziteOpening of the heart, fostering of gentleness and compassion. Provides emotional support, removes negativity, facilitates communicationEarth
KyaniteGood for all magickal work. Activates energy, sharpens focus, enhances creativity. Repels negative energyWater
LabradoritePsychic abilities, intuition. Communication with the spirit realm, supportive of shamanic work. Motivation, transformation wisdom.Water
Lapis LazuliStone of wisdom, enhances psychic abilities and intuition. Good for divination, attracts love. Tip: wear lapis lazuli when travelling or seeking justice to protect and bolster courageWater
LarimarPeace, healing, tranquillity. Calming, dispels fear and anger, brings harmony to relationships. Aids in the letting go of attachments, supports creative expressionWater
LepidoliteCalming, peaceful, balancing, Wards off negative energy. Helps to clear the mind.Water
LodestoneFine-tuning of spiritual energy, attracts love, abundance, money. Boosts personal strength. Provides protection, boosts motivation and confidenceEarth
MalachiteStone of communication. Aids with personal and business success. Bings peace and hope. Banishes negativity and provides protection, especially for those travelling. Tip: use malachite in spellwork to increase luck, money and prosperity. Carry a piece of malachite to provide protection when travelling.Earth
MoldaviteHelps us to tap into cosmic consciousness, good for meditation and astral work. Aids to boost energy during spellwork, good for purification. Air
MoonstoneLunar energy and magick. Aids in strengthening psychic abilities, contacting of spirits, divination and dreamwork. Promotes healing, calming, unites body and spirit. Aids those seeking wisdom, good for spells for fertility and abundance. Water
ObsidianProtection, connection, communication. Good for binding spells. Attracts luck and fosters peace. Brings clarity to divination. Helps to provide balance during times of transformationFire
Apache TearName given to small rounded pebbles of obsidian. Grounding energy, given as a token of forgiveness, protects from danger and negative energy. Supports psychic workFire
OnyxStrong defensive energy, provides protection, guards against negativity. Supports decision making and problem-solving. Good for dreamwork, wards off nightmares. Builds confidence and supports growth, Tip: work with onyx to raise energy and for binding spellsFire
OpalAids to keep emotions balanced, helps when dealing with major obstacles, adds power to magickal work, helps to keep the mind clear and focused. Supports psychic abilities. Use for gaining personal insight and wisdomAir
PearlAttracts love and money. Good for lunar magick. Fertility, emotional balance, wisdom, peace, spirituality. Water
PeridotStimulates and empowers psychic abilities, gives a boost to all spellwork. Attracts prosperity and abundance. Wards off negative energy, fosters growth and renewal. Subdues anger and helps to heal damaged relationships. Earth
Petrified WoodProvides a connection with the ancestors, aids in past-life work. Grounding energy. Helpful for use in spells to help you reach your goals. Provides strength. Reduces stressEarth
PhenaciteCommunication with the spirit world, powerful aid for dream and psychic work, helps to fine-tune intuition. Provides psychic protection. Helps to activate and move energy. Fire
PyriteFocusing energy, grounding, divination, psychic work. Helps to strengthen willpower, aids with manifestation. Aids those seeking the truth, provides protection from deceit.Fire
Clear QuartzPurification of any kind, provides protection, good for shamanic work. Aids with decision making, amplifies energy. Raises awareness, lifts spiritual practice to new heights, purifies the aura, strengthens family bonds.Air
RhodochrositeAssociated with love, helps to heal friendships, fosters forgiveness. Provides stability and support. Tip: use rhodochrosite for spellwork to do with abundance and comfortFire
RhodoniteAssociated with love and fertility. Use to draw people together, fosters patience and forgiveness. Attracts self-respect, confidence and relieves anxiety and stressFire
Rose QuartzAssociated with romance, love, sex and fertility. Aids with emotional healing and reconciliation. Dispels loneliness, opens the heart to compassion. Removes negative energy, releases stress. Strengthens faith, brings closeness to the power and wisdom of the divineFire
RubyStone of passion, a symbol of lust, sexuality and love. Fosters healing and compassion. Use to attract wealth and repel all forms of negativity. Supports intuition and psychic work.Fire
SaltPowerful purification and cleansing properties. Effective for cleansing of rituals and sacred spaces. Removes negative energy, repels anything unwanted from your life. Tip: use salt to bless and protect your homeEarth
SapphireProphetic wisdom, enhances dream work, subdues nightmares and fears. Associated with love, dedication and fidelity. Enhances sexual relationships, fine-tunes intuition. Tip: work with sapphire to for defensive magickWater
SardStone of courage and self-respect. Aids in the setting of goals and manifestation. Protects from dangerFire
SardonyxAids clear thinking, focus and concentration. Helps with decision making and meeting of challenges. Effective for protection.Fire
SeleniteLunar associations. Good for moon magick. Use for love spells, draws on the energy of renewal. New beginnings, purification, justice, clarity, harmony. Wards of negativityWater
SerpentineConnects us with nature and the animal world. Stimulates energy. Aids with motivation. ProtectionFire
Smoky QuartzA powerhouse of energy. Use to cleanse negative energy, aids in raising awareness, helps us to tap into subconscious wisdom. Enhances creative expression. Good for dreamwork. Attracts luck and abundance, provides protection, removes obstacles.Earth
SodaliteAids in quieting the mind, attracts peace and happiness. Good for dreamwork. Heightens awareness and insight. Good for developing physic and intuitive skills. Helps to clarify purpose and provide direction in life. Calming energy, balances emotions, dispels fearAir
SpheneMental power and strength of focus. Fosters knowledge and learning. Air
StauroliteStone of protection. Grounding, security, balancing. Aids astral travel, helps to initiate change. Provides spiritual guidanceAir
SugiliteInstils a sense of freedom, helps to release attachments, aids with the development of psychic skills. Emotional balance and healing.Earth
Tigers-EyeWorking and communicating with animals. Empowers psychic abilities, Supports learning. Aids divination. Provides protection and security. Fosters strength and confidence. Abundance, money, the repayment of debts owed. Fire
TopazBoosts energy. Attracts luck and money. Provides protection, fosters insight and wisdom. Brings renewal and blessings. Associated with love and sex. Fire
TourmalineHelps to stir up energy. Good for ritual magick and spellwork. Helps to build inner confidence and self-reliance. Fosters acceptance, helps to fine-tune psychic skills. Earth
TurquoiseAids with spirituality on all levels. Use for guidance when seeking wisdom and truth. Dreamwork, clarity, communication. Success, compassion, empathy. Renewal, fertility.Earth
White QuartzAssociated with death and the after-life. Effective for past-life work. Aids in connecting with the spirit world. Inspiration and transformation.Earth
ZirconAids in successfully attaining goals. Inspiration. Fosters peace, harmony. Attracts love and abundance.Fire
Crystal correspondences quartz graphic
Quartz is a powerhouse of energy. Its crystal correspondences include all things to do with healing, divination, wisdom and energy.

So my loves, I hope this guide proves helpful to you. Feel free to bookmark this page and come back to it as often as you need, sort of like your digital Book of Shadows.

Keep in mind that with practice and exposure to crystals your skills will grow. Use your crystals and your knowledge wisely, with love and compassion, in all ways, for the good of all. 

With love and light, as always, Blessed Be