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Citrine – The Crystal of Vision

“Citrine – The crystal that carries the power of the sun”.

Hi and welcome to Wicca Now. As you may already know, Wicca Now is a site where Amaria and I write about all things Witchcraft, Wicca and Magick. Lately, we’ve been covering a lot of crystal related topics, like this post on crystal witchcraft, this guide to crystal correspondences or this article on carnelian. Today I thought we’d focus on another beautiful crystal, namely citrine.

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About Citrine

Citrine is a rare variety of the quartz family and takes its name from the old French citrin meaning “lemon”. Its gorgeous lemony yellow colour made it a prized crystal since ancient times. The Romans worked with citrine to create beautiful intaglio work and the Greeks used it to create seal stones and fine jewellery. During the Middle Ages, it was though to ward off the plague as well as to provide protection against snake and insect bites. The colour of citrine can range from pale to dark and golden yellow. It can be translucent to transparent and has a vitreous lustre.

Tip: Much of the ‘citrine’ available today is actually heat-treated smoky quartz.

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Citrine Magickal Benefits and Meaning

Citrine is a crystal of hope, success and abundance. Its beautiful golden yellow colour symbolises the power of the sun and its solar aspect radiates the energy of change and willpower.

  • Symbol of abundance
  • Brings clarity
  • Aids those seeking to manifest change
  • Strengthens willpower
  • Aids dreamwork
  • Supports all forms of psychic work
  • Raises the energy of spell and ritual work
  • Provides protection
  • Fosters creativity
  • Brings luck
  • Helps to bring people together
  • Raises the spiritual vibration
  • Provides guidance and clarity for all aspects of life
  • A powerful cleanser and regenerator
  • Transmutes and dissipates negative energy
  • Acts as an ‘aura protector’
  • Helps to attract and manifest wealth
  • Enhances concentration and revitalises the mind
  • Promotes inner calm
Butterly resting on a crystal
Wearing jewellery made from citrine can help enhance your psychic abilities and helps to unleash your creative potential

Elemental Correspondences


Astrological Influence

Astrological influences comes from Mercury, the sun and Mars. Its zodiac correspondences are Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio and Aries.

Magickal Tips for Citrine

  • Citrine is an excellent stone for recharging and rejuvenating. Try making a crystal elixir and placing drops onto your wrists and neck to help energise and lift your mood.
  • Work with a citrine sphere during mediation. Hold the sphere in your hands as you meditate and visualise it gathering the warm healing rays of the summer sun. Allow the sphere to become infused with golden light and continue to hold it in your hands as you meditate. When you are finished with your mediation place the sphere on your desk and allow it to flood your workspace with rejuvenating vibes.
  • Place a piece of citrine in the furthest left corner of the entry to your home (the wealth corner). This will attract a flow of abundance into your life.
  • Dab four citrine crystals with lavender oil and hold the crystals in your hands as you walk through each room of your home. Imagine in the crystals moving and sweeping the energy of each room, dissipating negative vibes and removing blockages as you go. Once you have finished cleansing the energy of each room, place the four crystals into the furthest east, west, north and south corners of your house. The crystals will act as guardians, protecting the energy of your space.
  • Place a piece of citrine near your pillow at night to help ward off nightmares and to help promote a restful and rejuvenating nights sleep.
  • If you have been having trouble verbalising your thoughts and ideas, try wearing a citrine pendant. The stone will help you to activate your higher mind, thereby allowing you to speak your mind with ease.
  • Feeling low in confidence and looking for a boost? Try wearing a ring made with citrine. The stone will gently boost your confidence and provide you with a joyous golden glow of self-worth.

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Lovelies, I hope this post has inspired you to give citrine a try. As always, Blessed Be!

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