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Exploring the Cinnamon Broom Meaning: A Guide to Its Symbolism and Uses in Spiritual Practices

The cinnamon broom, a seemingly simple household item, is steeped in tradition and symbolism. In this exploration, we delve into the various aspects of the cinnamon broom meaning, uncovering its uses, and how it has become a cherished item in your spiritual toolkit.

What is a Cinnamon Broom?

A cinnamon broom, also known as a besom, is not just a regular broom. It’s a handmade decorative piece made from natural fibers and infused with cinnamon oil, often used for both practical and spiritual purposes. The warm, spicy scent of cinnamon that it exudes is more than just pleasant; it carries with it a multitude of symbolic significances.

Exploring the Cinnamon Broom Meaning: A Guide to Its Symbolism and Uses in Spiritual Practices 1

The Symbolic Significance

Cinnamon is revered in many cultures for its cleansing and protective properties is well-supported in various cultural and historical texts. Cinnamon has been used for centuries in traditional medicine, aromatherapy, and spiritual rituals across different cultures. For instance, in Ayurveda, cinnamon is valued for its warming and energizing properties, and in traditional Chinese medicine, it’s used for its ability to improve energy flow.

What to Do with Your Cinnamon Broom?

Spiritual and Holistic Uses

  1. Energetic Cleansing: Symbolically sweep your broom around your space to cleanse it of negative energies.
  2. Protection: Hang the broom near your entrance as a protective charm.
  3. Attraction of Good Fortune: Place it in a specific area of your home to attract prosperity and good luck.
Exploring the Cinnamon Broom Meaning: A Guide to Its Symbolism and Uses in Spiritual Practices 2

The Meaning Behind the Cinnamon Broom

Spiritual Cleansing and Protection

Many believe that hanging a cinnamon broom in the home wards off negative energy. Its scent is said to purify the air and create a protective barrier against bad vibes. This aligns with the practices in witchcraft, where brooms are used in rituals to cleanse spaces energetically.

Attraction of Prosperity

In folklore, cinnamon is often associated with attracting wealth. Hence, a cinnamon broom is not just a decorative item but a talisman believed to bring financial abundance into a household.

Exploring the Cinnamon Broom Meaning: A Guide to Its Symbolism and Uses in Spiritual Practices 3

Holistic Healing Properties

Cinnamon’s natural properties include being anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Its aroma is thought to boost mental clarity and reduce stress, making it a favored choice in aromatherapy.

Cinnamon Broom Ritual for Cleansing and Protection

Exploring the Cinnamon Broom Meaning: A Guide to Its Symbolism and Uses in Spiritual Practices 4

Unpacking the Point of a Cinnamon Broom

The point of a cinnamon broom extends beyond its pleasant aroma. As a symbol, it represents cleanliness, protection, and the welcoming of positive energies into one’s space. It’s a multifaceted tool that aligns with the principles of holistic healing and spiritual well-being.

Exploring the Cinnamon Broom Meaning: A Guide to Its Symbolism and Uses in Spiritual Practices 5

How to Make Your Own Cinnamon Broom

Making your own cinnamon broom is a delightful and straightforward project. It allows you to infuse your personal energy and intentions into the broom, enhancing its spiritual significance. Here’s a quick guide to creating your very own cinnamon broom.

Materials Needed

  1. Natural Broom: A small natural broom or a bundle of twigs tied tightly together. You can find these at craft stores or you can make one using twigs and branches from birch, willow, or another flexible wood.
  2. Cinnamon Essential Oil: Pure cinnamon essential oil for fragrance and its energetic properties.
  3. Twine or Ribbon: To secure the twigs together and for decorative purposes.
  4. Decorative Elements (optional): Crystals, dried flowers, herbs, or charms for additional spiritual properties and aesthetics.


  1. Prepare the Broom: If you’re using twigs, gather them into a bundle and trim them to the same length. Tie them tightly at one end with twine to form a handle.
  2. Anoint with Cinnamon Oil: Carefully add several drops of cinnamon essential oil throughout the bristles of the broom. You don’t need too much; just enough to imbue it with the scent and properties of cinnamon.
  3. Decorate Your Broom: Wrap the handle with ribbon or twine for a finished look. You can also attach crystals, dried flowers, or herbs that correspond with your intentions (e.g., rosemary for protection, lavender for tranquility).
  4. Set Your Intentions: While creating your broom, focus on your intentions. Whether it’s for cleansing, protection, or prosperity, imbuing your broom with a specific purpose enhances its effectiveness.
  5. Dry and Activate: Let your broom dry if you used fresh twigs. Once dry, hold your broom in your hands, envisioning it being filled with the energy and purpose you’ve chosen for it.
  6. Find a Place for Your Broom: Place or hang your cinnamon broom in an area of your home where you want to invite its properties. Common places include the front door, kitchen, or living area.


  • Reapply Oil: Over time, the scent will fade. You can periodically reapply cinnamon oil to keep the fragrance fresh.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: To preserve the quality of the broom and prevent the scent from dissipating too quickly, keep it out of direct sunlight.
  • Safety First: If you’re allergic to cinnamon or any other materials used, take appropriate precautions.
Exploring the Cinnamon Broom Meaning: A Guide to Its Symbolism and Uses in Spiritual Practices 6


In summary, the cinnamon broom is much more than a scented decoration. It’s a symbol of protection, purification, and good fortune. Its multifunctional nature makes it a valuable addition to any home, especially for those who practice holistic healing, witchcraft, or seek spiritual wellness.

Remember, the way you use and perceive your cinnamon broom can significantly impact its effectiveness. Whether it’s hanging by your door or used in a cleansing ritual, its presence serves as a reminder of the intertwining of the practical and the mystical in our daily lives.

Exploring the Cinnamon Broom Meaning: A Guide to Its Symbolism and Uses in Spiritual Practices 7

Cinnamon Broom Meaning Questions and Answers

What are Cinnamon Brooms for?

Cinnamon brooms serve multiple purposes. Traditionally, they are known for their delightful aroma, which adds a warm, inviting scent to any space. Beyond their olfactory appeal, cinnamon brooms hold significant symbolic value in various spiritual and cultural practices. They are often used for energetic cleansing, as a tool in rituals, and as a decorative item that also serves to attract prosperity and good luck.

Do Cinnamon Brooms Keep Bugs Away?

An interesting aspect of cinnamon brooms is their potential as a natural insect repellent. Cinnamon oil, which infuses these brooms, is known for its ability to deter certain types of insects, including common household pests. While they are not as effective as commercial insect repellents, their pleasant scent and non-toxic nature make them a popular, gentle alternative for keeping bugs at bay in homes.

How Long Do Cinnamon Brooms Keep Their Smell?

The longevity of the scent in a cinnamon broom can vary. Typically, a well-made cinnamon broom retains its aroma for several months. Over time, the intensity of the scent will naturally diminish. However, you can rejuvenate the scent by lightly spraying or brushing the broom with additional cinnamon oil. This not only refreshes the fragrance but can also enhance the broom’s aesthetic and energetic properties.

Where are You Supposed to Hang a Cinnamon Broom?

The placement of a cinnamon broom can be both a practical and symbolic decision. Commonly, cinnamon brooms are hung near the entrance of a home. This position is chosen for its believed ability to cleanse the energy of those entering the space, to protect the home from negative influences, and to invite prosperity. However, they can also be placed in kitchens, living areas, or any space where their fragrance and energetic benefits are desired.

What Does a Cinnamon Broom Represent?

In various cultural and spiritual contexts, a cinnamon broom represents more than just a fragrant household item. It is often seen as a symbol of protection and cleansing. The cinnamon scent is believed to purify the air and create a positive, welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, in some traditions, the broom itself is a symbol of sweeping away negative energy and obstacles, making the cinnamon broom a powerful tool for spiritual cleansing and protection.

How Long Can You Keep a Cinnamon Broom?

A cinnamon broom can last for a considerable amount of time. Even after the scent has faded, the broom can continue to serve as a decorative item or be used in rituals and spiritual practices. With proper care, such as avoiding direct sunlight and excessive moisture, a cinnamon broom can remain a part of your home décor or spiritual toolkit for several years.

Do You Open Cinnamon Brooms?

This question often arises because cinnamon brooms are sometimes sold in protective plastic packaging. It is advisable to remove the broom from its packaging to fully enjoy its aromatic and energetic benefits. Opening the broom allows the scent to disperse more effectively throughout your space and facilitates its use in cleansing rituals or as a decorative element in your home.

Reusing an Old Broom as a Cinnamon Broom

Energetic Cleansing: Before repurposing an old broom, it’s important to cleanse it energetically. This can be done through smoke cleansing with sage, using sound vibrations like bells or singing bowls, or visualizing a cleansing light enveloping the broom. This step removes any residual energies and prepares it for its new spiritual purpose.
Physical Cleaning: Clean the broom thoroughly to remove dust and debris. This ensures the cinnamon oil adheres well and the broom is physically ready for its new use.
Apply Cinnamon Oil: Once cleaned and energetically purified, apply cinnamon essential oil to the bristles. This can be done by spraying or dabbing the oil onto the fibers.
Decorative Touches (Optional): Add any decorative elements you desire, like ribbons or dried flowers, to personalize your cinnamon broom.