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My Magickal Recipe for Banishing Salt to Vanquish Bad Vibes

March 30, 2020

Hi, my loves and welcome to WiccaNow. Recently I’ve been sharing some of my favourite spells and rituals with you, like this ritual to help with sleeplessness, an anti-anxiety spell, a home protection spell and this healing spell which works wonderfully even when performed from a distance. Today I want to share another extremely useful tool for these stressful times, namely, a recipe for banishing salt to drive away negativity and bad vibes. 

Everyone experiences bad days or feelings of discontent. I’m pretty much stuck inside at the moment, which is driving me a little stir crazy so I’ve been performing lots of healing rituals for my friends and family and I’ve also been making up little spell bundles to send to them. I’ve been including this wonderful banishing salt so that whenever they are feeling down, they can use this salt to try and banish those feelings. I’ve been using it a lot myself too if I’m completely honest. 

overwhelming negativity vanquished with banishing salt gif
Negativity can feel like this sometimes. We’re aiming to avoid this overwhelming feeling with plenty of ritual baths, self love and banishing salts.

I’ve been having baths with this salt to try and cleanse the negativity I’ve been feeling. You can also use it when you are cleaning the house by adding it to your mop water and moping away the negative energy that might have crept into your home. Another great way of using these salts is to add them to a small spray bottle with water in order to create a bad-vibe busting spray which you can use quickly and easily whenever you need it. If you’re interested in making a special cleansing spray, check out this recipe Amythest posted.

Banishing Salt Recipe

A couple of notes before we start. This recipe for a banishing salt is the one that I like to use, I’ve picked my herbs particularly for getting rid of negativity and for adding to baths or water for mopping. I use epsom salts as well as regular salt because I find epsom salt particularly relaxing in the bath which helps me feel less bummed out and means some of my bad energy dispels immediately. 

bad vibes GIF by 100% Soft
Vanquish bad vibes and negativity with my magickal banishing salt.

If you want to change the ingredients I’ve used here, pick things that call out to you and use those instead. Check out my botanical Witchipedia if you need some inspiration. There is no wrong way of making banishing salt, it’s all really down to personal preference. Just make sure that you don’t use anything toxic and if you are gifting it to friends, make sure they know how to use it so it’s not accidentally used as a seasoning salt for food. Although, as long as you’ve used edible ingredients, you could make anti bad-vibe seasoning salt (don’t add epsom salts in this case). 

As with everything, I share things that I like. While this works for me, it may not work for you and if you aren’t feeling this recipe that’s totally ok! Always do things that make you feel good and which you feel like you gain a sense of strength and confidence from, because otherwise, what’s the point?

When you bath with a banishing salt, remember to wash all of it off thoroughly. Salt absorbs negative energies around you, and combined with herbs, will draw negativity out and away from you. Watch it swirl down the drain and revel in the feeling of lightness and positivity that releasing negativity brings. If you haven’t had a ritual bath before, check out this ritual bathing guide

I always like to add ingredients that banish negativity while also drawing luck and good energy. I feel like I’m restoring balance within my life this way. 

banishing salt for bathing with pine, chilli and rose against a green and blue background

Banishing Salt Ingredients

  • Salt – I use regular sea salt.
  • Epsom salt – magnesium sulfate is wonderful to bath with so I like to add it to my banishing salt. This is all about creating a positive space for yourself, so relaxation and self-care is really important. 
  • Dried lovage – Dispels negative energy and provides purification while drawing love. 
  • Ground black pepper – a super strong protector which will banish bad vibes. You can also use garlic or onion if you want, onion is particularly good if you want healing as well as banishing properties. 
  • Dried St. John’s wort – Keeps away illness and is known to help with depression and sadness. It’s a strong banishing and protection herb which also increases courage and helps bring you vitality. 
  • Dried thyme – This herb cleanses and draws away negative energy while also drawing prosperity and abundance. Perfect for a banishing salt! 
  • Rose petals – Add a little love to your banishing salt. Introduce gentle and soft loving energy while you’re getting rid of the bad ones. 
  • Pine – Wards away ill intentions and bad energy while drawing luck and health. 
  • Mortar and pestle or just a biggish bowl to mix everything in
  • An airtight jar or bottle – salt attracts moisture, so unless you plan on using this really quickly, definitely store it somewhere sealed otherwise you’ll come back and it’ll be a clumpy, damp mess. 
angry morton salt GIF by Emma Darvick
Stay salty, my fellow Witching Queens! Don’t let anyone get you down.

Banishing Salt Method

  1. Decide how much banishing salt you want to make. I tend to make 2ish cups each time so that I can add a decent amount to my baths while not making so much that I won’t be able to use it before it draws too much moisture. I use a 50/50 mixture of regular and epsom salts.
  2. For each cup of salt you use, add 1 tsp of each ingredient.
  3. Add all of your dried herbs to the mortar and pestle. Grind them down until they are relatively small.
  4. Add your salts.
  5. Mix everything thoroughly.
  6. Take the salt mixture and add it to your jar. 
  7. Hold the jar in your hands, and focus on pouring love and light into the salt mixture. Imagine your energy infusing the salts with positivity and adding to the magical energies of the herbs you’ve used. 
  8. Say:

“Magickal herbs, I call on your powers. Imbue this salt with all of your properties to help me dispel and banish all negativity. So Mote it Be.”

  1. Your banishing salt is now ready to use! 
Good Vibes GIF by megan motown
I’m sending love, light and good vibes to everyone out there who’s struggling right now.

So my loves, use this salt as often as you need. Spray it liberally around you, bath in it, clean with it and let the good vibes flow. 

Until next time,

Blessed be,


Amaria Pollux

Amaria is a herb and nature-loving magical explorer who always tries to look on the bright side. If she's not cooking up a storm, you'll find her snuggled up on the couch with her self-satisfied cat and a magical book learning everything she can about Witchcraft.

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