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Banishing Oil 101 – My Favourite Recipe Made Easy

Hi, my loves and welcome to WiccaNow. I’ve been sharing some of my top rituals recently, like this ritual to help heal a broken heart, an abundance drawing spell along with a spell to help you sleep, an anti-anxiety spell and one for home protection. Today I want to diverge slightly before I share my next spell. Today I want to talk about the best way to make a potent banishing oil. 

Why would you need a banishing oil, you ask? Well, you might want to use it for many reasons! Do you have anxiety that you’d like to get rid of? Do you feel as if negative energy has crept into your home? Banishing oils aren’t used to banish people. Please remember the Wiccan Rede and the Rule of Three here. We aren’t aiming to do anyone harm so the intention should never be to use this oil to banish a person. 

A banishing oil is used when you want to remove negative energies from your life and keep them from coming back. It will help you remove any energy that is impacting your emotional and mental wellbeing which in turn may be affecting your physical wellbeing. It also works as a protection charm, removing any malevolent hexes or jinxes that someone else may have used against you.

negative vs positive energy gif
The left is you vs negativity before using this oil, the right is you vs negativity when using this oil. Don’t let the black energy get you down!

General Advice for Making a Banishing Oil

  • I like to let my oil steep for a week. You can leave yours as long as you like but at some stage, the lemon and chilli will start looking a little funky. I prefer to strain it before this happens. 
  • Careful when handling this oil. Chilli and peppercorns can cause skin irritations so I would avoid using this oil on your skin. I once doused a hand with a potent chilli oil accidentally and it burned for what seemed like hours. Take my advice and avoid this happening! If you do notice an irritation, remember that the heat-inducing part of chilli (Capsaicin) is NOT water-soluble. If you do notice burning, rub your hand with oil or better yet with alcohol as this removes the capsaicin very quickly.
  • This oil is absolutely NOT meant to be taken internally. It’s meant for spellwork and anointing only and shouldn’t be consumed. 
  • A banishing oil doesn’t have a contain a specific amount of ingredients. You can tailor this to contain whatever you like. This is my go-to banishing oil because I feel like I’m covering all my bases with these ingredients. There are protective herbs, cleansing herbs and boosting herbs.
  • If you want to make a banishing salt, I’ve written up my favourite banishing salt recipe here.
negativity, get the hell outta here gif
This is what you’re telling the negativity in your life to do when you use a banishing oil.

Recipe for My Potent Banishing Oil

Banishing Oil Ingredients

  • 50mL olive oil. You could use any oil you like here, I just prefer olive oil.
  • Pine Oil – Draws luck and brings you back into balance. Provides protection and wards off malevolent visitors and energies. 
  • Cinnamon Oil – Boosts the magical ability of other herbs and plants. Provides protection from negative energy. 
  • Peppermint Oil – Has healing powers and calls good spirits to aid in your spellwork. Also dispels negativity and bad energy.
  • Rosemary Oil – Dispels negative energies and provides protective and transformative energies. 
  • Peppercorns – Dispels malevolent intent and helps to free the mind from envious thoughts.
  • Lemon rind – Lemon removes blockages in your path and is a wonderful cleansing herb that negates negative energy
  • Garlic clove – Provides strong protective energies while also expelling malevolent energies. 
  • Chilli or Cayenne Pepper (can be dried or powdered) – Breaks hexes and banishes unwanted energies. 
  • Small Bottle which has a big enough opening to fit the peppercorns, garlic, lemon and chilli into. I like to use a 100mL bottle just to be sure that everything will fit in. 
banishing oil ingredients illustrated and named on an orange background with "banishing oil ingredients" written in the middle with a golden watercolour brushstroke behind it
These are our favourite banishing oil ingredients.

How to Make My Banishing Oil

  1. Add the olive oil into the bottle. 
  2. Add 10x drops of each oil into the olive oil.
  3. Insert the lemon rind, peppercorns, chilli or cayenne pepper and the garlic.
  4. Say this chant over your bottle:

“Magical herbs I call on your power, imbue my oil with your magical properties. This banishment oil will be used for good. Let it cleanse and protect me while allowing me to expel negativity and discord. So Mote it Be.”

  1. Put the top on your bottle and let it sit for a week to allow the magical properties of the herbs to infuse into the oil.
  2. After a week, strain your oil through a cheesecloth or a fine sieve. 
  3. Bury or discard the remnants of the herbs away from your home.
  4. Use the oil as you need it. Just make sure you label it and keep it away from your kitchen, you wouldn’t want to accidentally cook with it!
say goodbye to negative energy with our banishing oil gif
Say goodbye to negative energy with our banishing oil!

Congratulations on making your first oil my darlings, I hope it serves you well and gives you a clean and clear slate by banishing your negative emotions and energies. 

Until next time,

Blessed Be,

Amaria xoxo