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A Beautiful Anti-Anxiety Tea Ritual To Bring Calm

Hi my loves and Welcome to WiccaNow! If you’ve landed here today, you’re looking for a way to soothe the anxiety that’s making your life more difficult. I know how you feel! As a fellow anxious person, I am well versed the brain loops of self-doubt, criticism and internal conversations that can be, quite frankly, debilitating. Today I want to share a magickal anti-anxiety tea ritual with you which can help calm those racing thoughts. 

I’ve shared a couple of posts about anxiety previously, like this wonderful spell to help fight anxiety and this post about all the best magickal anti-anxiety herbs. Amethyst also shared a post about the best crystals for helping reduce anxiety. If you are interested in learning more about why I’ve used specific ingredients in this anti-anxiety tea ritual, be sure to check out the post on herbs and crystals!

Now, to the anti-anxiety tea ritual!

I complete this ritual whenever I feel overwhelmed with anxiety and can’t function normally. I realise that my ability to work at this point is completely compromised and that I need to take the time to calm my racing brain. I try to use the 30 minutes or so that I allocate myself to complete this ritual to be mindful and kind to myself. 

anti-anxiety tea ritual ingredients on tray

Tips for this Anti-Anxiety Tea Ritual

  • Take however long you need to complete this. Dealing with anxiety is difficult enough without making yourself more anxious because you feel time pressure to complete a ritual. 
  • You could migrate the same ingredients used here into a bath for a wonderfully relaxing anti-anxiety bath. 
  • I like to light a few candles and I often add lavender oil to my diffuser. 
  • I burn some hibiscus flowers to call love to me because when I’m feeling anxious I need all the love I can get and hibiscus reminds me to love and like myself. You can omit this step completely if you want or you can use something like tonka bean to draw sweetness or rosemary to dispel negativity and anxiety. 
  • Drink this tea whenever you start feeling anxious. You don’t have to complete the whole ritual if you don’t want to, but pre-make a little of the tea and drink it whenever you feel the need! It helps that it’s super delicious 🙂
  • Stirring counter-clockwise calls decreasing energies, which you want because you want to decrease your anxiety. Stirring clockwise brings increasing energies, so good for calling love or abundance to you. 
  • The left hand is the receiving hand, you want to receive calm, gentle and loving energies. The right hand is the giving hand, you are giving yourself strength, protection and stability. 

Anti-Anxiety Tea Ritual

This is best completed sitting down comfortably, preferably with silence or something relaxing playing in the background. 

Anti-anxiety Tea Ritual Ingredients

  • Rose Quarts – to bring self-love vibrations 
  • Honey – Draws love and sweetens intentions. I’m particularly critical of myself when I’m anxious, so I like to use things that draw love to me. 
  • Chamomile – reduces the effects of anxiety
  • Star anise – instils calm and increases productivity
  • Lavender – proven to have calming effects on the brain
  • Sage – I like to use fresh but you can also use dried sage. It expels negativity and provides protection. 
  • A teaspoon
  • Hot water
  • Teapot and strainer
anti-anxiety tea ritual ingredietns on wooden tray

Anti-Anxiety Tea Ritual Method

  1. Boil kettle
  2. Add all your ingredients to your teapot
  3. Let the tea brew for 3 or 4 minutes
  4. Pour the tea into a cup
  5. Take ½ a teaspoon of honey (more or less is fine, depends how sweet you like your tea)
  6. Stir the honey into the tea counter-clockwise. 
  7. Pick up the rose quartz in your left hand and hold it gently. 
  8. Cup your teacup in your right hand. Feel the warmth in your body. 
  9. Focus on the steam rising from the cup. Visualise it as golden light. Let this golden light flow into you and visualise it filling you with gentle warmth and calm while quieting your mind and pushing away anxiety. 
  10. Swap the crystal to your right hand. 
  11. Sip the tea with your left hand then say 

“I love myself”

  1. Sip the tea again and say

“I am infinitely capable”

  1. Sip the tea and say

“The Universe supports me”

  1. Sip the tea and say

“I may not be calm today but this too shall pass”

  1. Slowly sip the tea until it’s finished. Enjoy this small moment of calm you’ve allowed yourself. Think about how wonderful you are and let yourself to relax for a minute. 
  2. If you like, you can sleep with the crystal under your pillow, it’ll bring you calm dreams and gentle sleep. Cleanse the crystal before you use it again. 

So, my lovelies, I hope this ritual gives you a small moment of calm in an anxiety-ridden day. May you feel productive and bright, may your sleep be deep and carefree and may your life be filled with love and light.

Until next time,

Blessed Be,

Amaria xx